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Eclipse, a UK company, has imitated the Record style for their Chinese-made vises, and came up with an affordable vise with reasonable quality. Here is what Woodcraft says about the Eclipse 10 Bench Vise: This 10” Eclipse vise features a quick-action lever which disengages the vise screw and permi Read this review». Dec 11,  · It only has 2 mounting points as opposed to the 4 of the Record/Eclipse. I am building a second bench and plan to buy two 10″ Eclipse vises. One for the new bench for sure, and the second for either the new bench on the end as an end vise,cor as a . Jul 20,  · The by Olympia Tools is a quality woodworking vise that you should consider if you are working with a tight budget. With a 6½-inch jaw width, 7½-inch jaw opening, and 2½-inch throat depth, it should be able to Irwin Woodworking Vise Review Website handle most light to medium-duty jobs. The vise comes with pre-drilled holes to allow you to attach wood facings for protecting your workpieces.

Sep 01,  · An Eclipse 9″ is less than 5 pounds lighter than a 10″ Eclipse. I would still buy the 10″ Eclipse (I did) because a bigger vise can do all the work of the smaller one but Groz Woodworking Vise Review 13 not vice versus. Bob L 10″ vise lbs 9″ vise lbs. Yost’s heavy-duty ductile iron woodworker’s vises are unequaled in quality and stood the test of time since Yost’s establishment in Solid steel dogs in the front jaws, when used in conjunction with a bench stop, allows oversize work to be held securely on the bench top. Jun 14,  · The Eclipse 9″ woodworking vise installed showing me using the quick-release mechanism for speed and efficiency. In this series of steps and pictures I have used hand tools instead of say a jigsaw. Jigsaws work great too if you own a decent one like the Bosch I have had for 20 years.

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