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Additionally we will post links to current eBay auctions for woodworing tools should you be ready to join the club. Pootatuck has got to be the silliest name for a tool company ever, but this company has been making the Original Lion Woosworking Trimmer or Mitre Trimmer since visr Welcome to my Emmert Vise web site known as The Emmert Patternmaker's Vise is by far the most versatile woodworking vise ever made! As I type this there are no less than emmert woodworking vise usa of them at auction, so if you act now you might even have your vise before I get mine! Highland Item Norton Publishing Wall Lenk Emmert woodworking vise usa. Front and center is a Dosch miter trimer, which was patented in ; but around it are a few of the most modern tools in the woodshop.

Infinitely adjustable is their attraction to woodworkers. At least one company is now making reproductions. The range of adjustment is illustrated below I'm content with standard bench metalworking vises in a traditional pattern, or my Craftsman knockoff of a Wilton for board work.

Joe in NH. Billyum liked this post. Originally Posted by Rock Crusher. Here is a great site with more info. Jake Other Emmerts. Jake, Yes I did get it at Steam up last summer in Brooks. About the only thing I picked up there but I was pretty happy to find it. I had been hoping to find one for quite a while and there it was Rock Crusher beat me to it. Most often, "Emmert" refers to their lineage of extremely versatile woodworking vises. Those are desirable for the cool factor, for the utility thousands were sold to patternmaking shops , and because they are somewhat fragile when abused for the collectable rarity.

The Emmert 4A and 6A metalworking vises appear to be much rarer today than the woodworking vises, although I have no idea what the original numbers were. I'd guess a greater proportion of 4As and 6As were melted down or turned into doorstops 60 to 70 years ago.

I certainly wouldn't mind a 4A in my shop! Here is another cut from showing sizes and vintage pricing. I have a hard time justifying a lot of the tools in my shop on a need basis The metalworking vise is rarer than the woodworkign vises. They are cool vises. I use a clone woodworking vise on my woodworking bench, I adapted a handwheel to it.

The originals are big and heavy, and tend to crack the casting easily, so you see them brazed quite often. These metalworking models are more useful than a parrot vise, IMO. Those Iron hand versions are quite rare these days. I grew up just over the hill from Waynesboro, and used to ride my bike up sometimes. Never passed the factory on my bike, but drove by with parents at times when it was still operational. It was in that period that I finished my first straight edge patterns, Cheap Woodworking Vise 01 though.

Emmerts are sort of like the woodworker's version of a welding positioner. Some welders will never need or use one Koike Aronson, e. Some will use one most every day. Never used it for welding. I do not have an Emmert. Universal Balance Positioners My C is on a 1" thick full steel base, with the casters under that. So it is quite stable.

Rarity of Emmert Machinist Bench Vises? It was for sale at the C. The price was far too high for me to consider it - after all, I already had a nice Parker and an old Wilton. It is my belief that these are quite rare - I would like to learn how many forum members actually own one. Complete and in good condition, an example would sell for big bucks. Sign there's always the hope that one might turn up at an estate sale or yard sale John Ruth I wonder if the late Antiquemack had one of these.

Originally Posted by SouthBendModel I picked up two for free a few years ago in exchange for helping a shop owner sell some machinery at higher prices than they were asking. One was in good shape, one was disassembled. It was an attention getter; lots of people stopped to take a look.

I sold the parts vise at Cabin Fever two years ago. Only one person noticed it on the floor of my booth. I said "you have a very Craftright 175mm Woodworking Vise Android good eye to notice that". Wouldn't you know that right after buying my new Emmert vise another fine looking specimen drops into my lap! Well, not exactly MY lap, but the lap of a reader of this blog who isn't comfortable with selling on eBay.

Drop me an email and I'll put you in touch. Labels: Emmert T2 patternmakers Vise for sale. We've just added some cool Emmert Vise caps, coffee mugs and stuff to a new Zazzle store.

Check it out and drop some hints for Fathers Day! Click on the Pic to Biggie-Size it If you don't know this my bride has been operating a web site for almost 10 years welling restored US Patent Art Prints, and we are slowly betting around to adding some of the best of them to shirts, mugs, shop aprons and more. Spring is starting to look like a great time to find an Emmert Vise!

I received a phone call from one of my friends this morning and have been giddy all day. The call started very somber. He reminded me about his life-long friend who passed away earlier this year, and how we talked about his responsibility to his buddy to help his widow get top dollar for his shop tools.

Well, what I didn't count on was that his friend remembered him in his will; and my Eclipse Woodworking Vise Review Validation buddy remembered me as he loaded my new T2 Emmert vise into his truck! Yes, it's going to cost me, but the cause is noble and the vise sounds sweet. I'll let you know more when it arrives. Another interesting development is there seems to be a non-stop supply of Emmerts on eBay this season.

As I type this there are no less than 5 of them at auction, so if you act now you might even have your vise before I get mine! Rather than ship it we used a network of friends and coworkers to pass the vise from Texas to Alabama, to Atlanta, to Greensboro and finally to High Point! I was in no rush because I've been traveling a lot for work and I also don't have a bench that will support it!

The one dissapointing thing is that it has a chunk of cast iron missing from the mounting plate. I'll have to look for a replacement, or perhaps find someone who can repair it without warping it. We'll see. Labels: Emmert T2 patternmakers Vise. Lion Miter Trimmer Clone for Sale. Auction ends April 15th. Somehow I missed the final value on this one. Emmert No. Here's what greed will get ya. Now a bunch of folks who could have been watching this item will not. It's a shame.

Now it may not even sell, or if it does, it won't be for much more than the opening price. Watch and learn. Emmert Paternmakers Vise for Sale. The owner of this vise claims that it is in very good condition. This vise has been used on a home workbench for the past 40 years. It also tilts up 90 degrees and the jaws are adjustable to clamp pieces that are not parallel.

The measurements are 18" by 7" and it weighs about 65 pounds. There are no cracks or problems with this vise. Paypal accepted for payment. Shipping may be in two packages to keep weight under UPS maximum of 70 lbs. OR pick up near Roanoke, VA and save the shipping charges. Bridgeport Universal Miter Trimer No. Emmert Type T3. Here's an Emmert Type T3. The cover has a crack in it, but this is a part which often comes up for sale on eBay.

Note: It looks like it might be missing the tilt adjuster bar, so before you bid ask the seller if this part exists. If not it's not the end of the world, but you won't be able to use your new vise until you get one. It looks like it's had some rust, so you might want to study the close-up photos before you bid. Auction ends Jan 30th. Dosh miter trimmers were made from the early 's until the early 's and were a close copy to the Lion Trimmer.

How about a brand new Lior Trimmer? Dosch Manufacturing Co. Wilton Patternmakers Vise For Sale. Here's a Wilton Pattern Makers Vise for sale. Emmert Patternmakers Vise For Sale. There's been a bit of a dry spell on eBay, but it has ended with the listing of this Emmert Patternmakers Vise. Item ends Jan 23rd. Turtleback Emmert Patternmakers Vise for Sale.

This Emmert vise belonged to a patternmaker since He inherited it from his father. It was patented on August 11, According to the seller it is in excellent condition and has two coats of paint. The jaws are 18" by 7" and open to a width Woodworking Vise Menards Question of 14". After the item closed with no bids it was put back at auction with a min. Emmert 6A Universal Vise for Sale. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am at the sight of this Oliver Universal N0.

Oliver Machinery Early History shows that this trimmer is incredibly rare and was likely produced between the years of by American Machinery Co. Unlike all of the other miter trimmers on this blog to date the 3 uses a large "Ships Wheel" rather than a lever.

This trimmer has been beautiful restored and I suggest you keep an eye on this one, because it will sell for a tremendous price! Auction ends Jan 12th The trimmer is in the Chestertown, MD area.

Nice Oliver 0 Miter Trimmer for Sale. Note that this is not an auction, so the first buyer to enter the opening price will take this tool home! This tool has been placed at auction, but it received no bids. Next it was in the seller's eBay Store at a higher price; still no bites.

Heck, contact the seller and make them an offer. It can't hurt! Pootatuck lLon Miter Trimmer for Sale. Lion Trimmer for sale on eBay until Jan 4th.

Rough looking Lion Trimmer for Sale. A rough looking Lion Miter Trimmer that might clean up nicely. For sale on eBay until Jan 6th. Woodtek Miter Trimmer for Sale. Woodtek is a private label brand of Woodworkers Supply. Pootatuck Lion Miter Trimmer for Sale. Auction ends Dec 20th.

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