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But thats just my opinion. Sweet pea bunk bed. The high-end uniform of the zinc plated finish proves its rust-free and corrosion-resistant covering. Arizona Ranch Style Furntiture 5 years ago. Desunia Ball Bearing Drawer Sliders. Full extension drawer slides as referred to in this tutorial are Side mount Usually silver metal in color Full extend from the cabinet so the everbilt full extension drawer slides list drawer slides out of the cabinet Smooth ball bearing glide Most common drawer everbilt full extension drawer slides list at hardware stores and online Usually come in even sizes 10", 12", 14" etc Can be "heavy duty" meaning can hold heavy loads Can be used for purposes beyond drawers extending tables, sliding furniture, pullout hook bars etc Video of Installing Drawer Slides In this video, I walk your though my method as I install a drawer in my kitchen using full extension drawer slides.

I am in Jupiter FL. I contacted the company and they said that I should not be having these issues with the drawers and that it was my cabinet maker who has installed the product incorrectly.

The company has done nothing to help correct the problem and my cabinet maker insists that people in Florida don't use soft close because they are hard to open and need to be loaded in order to work properly. I never have heard such crap before. I asked the cabinet maker to use Blumotion because it is a fabulous product I have in my other home. All drawer sizes work beautifully and have for 4 years. He said the Hardware Concept product was as good if not better so I agreed to go with the product he wanted.

Little did I know he had no idea how to install the product. They have been installed twice and still do not work properly. I am left with with drawers that do not work the way they are suppose to work. Your cabinet maker is giving you the run-around! I am in the Jupiter area also and have had soft close drawers and cabinets for 5 plus years and they work perfectly.

We just renovated our kitchen and my new Blumotion work flawlessly also. If the cabinet maker has tried to install your glides correctly twice, and they still don't work properly, I would call the manufacturer and have them recommend a competent installer to fix them for you. I just picked up a coffee table that I had made from a customer to fix this very problem- I had used self closing side mount slides due to the fact that the drawers are so small in height Blumotion wouldn't work.

It is being used by an older person and I agree that it is hard to pull the drawer open. The work great the other way. This is the first time this has happened to my in over 35 years and thousands of drawer installs.

No one should have to fight to get their drawer open. Yes and it is our responsibility as pros to communicate and do a great show and tell with the customer. Note: Although the home owner is the final customer--I did this for a designer here in Scottsdale Arizona-she being a pro has given me time to fix before the home owner sees it and moves in. That is a great designer to plan in her project management risks and small fixes in her timeline.

I have just had them installed came from Lowes and have the same issue. But I DO have a solution for you. In the very back of the mounted guide rail on each side of the drawer you will see a gray plastic mechanism. Do this on both guide rails both sides.

Now, with the gray mechanisms released, the drawers will slide smoothly and easily back and forth on the rails. BUT, do not push the drawer back hard enough to make then re-engage with the gray mechanisms - just let them come to rest at the back. If you push too hard, you will re-engage the gray mechanisms. This solves the hard pulling problem, but you lose the soft-close feature.

Try it and see! But maybe your advice will help someone else finding the thread I just got new drawers and some feel a little hard to open. How exactly should I clean the tracks?

Damp cloth? Sign In. Join as a Pro. Send a Houzz Gift Card! Outdoor Rugs. Spring Front Door Decor. Outdoor Lounge Furniture. Alfresco Dining Sale. Email Save Comment Featured Answer. Like 3 Save. Sort by: Oldest. Newest Oldest. Like 1 Save. Like Save. When I design kitchen cabinetry, our business uses 3 quality manufacturers. Blum works the best! We renovated a house and put in inset drawers, cabinets. I had no idea of the vast amount of cabinet space I would lose doing this. My cabinet workroom talked me into it, largely because this is what most magazines are showcasing.

I was totally shocked when they were installed. While I have a lot of drawers and doors, I have to puzzle piece my cookware and containers in order for the drawer to close. I wish I had known what I was giving up. Visually, it isn't worth it. I vote for function over form in this case.

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Also you need to be willing to invest considerable time in getting multiple quotes from all the different trades required to complete the project and cross check the material and labor costs with experience or data from online sources to keep them all honest. So, yes you could save a bit of money if you're an informed customer and you're not in a hurry. Definitely has it's benefits and may actually be cheaper in this case. Once you attach the slide to the cabinet, no matter how you close it, it will slide softly without making any slam or sound.

This smooth and shock-free effect is a considerable reason why you should pay for it. Also, it will benefit you to keep your cabinet corner safe. Their construction allows them to hold up to 80 lbs. This is why, no worries how much you load it. You can put all the heavy things inside your drawer without any worry. You can extend it to the full until you get full access to drawers. Each of the slides comes with a mounting screw.

Fortunately, they are packed finely for a perfect delivery. In case this is your first-time slide installation project, follow some simple steps included in the manual the set comes with. Why do among all the other drawer slides I am recommending you Lontan metal drawer slides. What is so special about it? Give me a moment to justify. They are providing you with 5 pairs of 22in metal drawer slides, mounting screws to fix it well. In that case, the wrap and package them individually to prevent rust.

Though these are stainless steels and there is a very low chance of rusting. But for extra caution, they provide this service. Lontan Drawers Slides are constructed out of cold-rolled high-grade, high-duty, robust stainless-steel.

Loading heavy things on your drawer? No problem, these sliders will not let your drawer get detached from your cabinet even if you put heavy-stuffs on it.

To take the durability to its peak, the sliders come are coated with zinc-plate. This works great as an anti-corrosion and anti-rust feature.

For which, your sliders stay durable for years. Thanks to the soft-close ball bearing, whenever you close or open the drawers, you do it smoothly like a breeze. And then again, for more conveniently mounting or extracting drawer slides Lontan drawer slides are equipped with nylon detachable snaps. You just have to click the buckle softly, which is comfortable and labor-saving.

The Lontan drawer slides are silent by hydraulic capacitance when pushed and pulled. If the drawing is closed to some degree, it closes quietly, too. This way, the drawer life can be extended. And, this is the most vital part.

Want to get a set of full extension drawer slides? Lontan SLS is a model you can rely on for heavy and top-notch hardware pieces.

These game-changers are built for delivering a superior feel. They are perfect for giving your wardrobes an applicable upgrade. The high-end uniform of the zinc plated finish proves its rust-free and corrosion-resistant covering.

So, you can expect continual service for a decent number of years from this product. On the bright side, installing this slider is like a walk in the park. Setting it up to the cabinet is stress-free. By simply following the included detailed guide, you can win it.

Another addition that renders to easy-installation is the multi-point reserved fixing holes. The screw fixing force is also powerful in order to keep them strongly attached. They have lbs of weight lifting capability. Hence, while constructing heavy drawers with loaded stuff they worth trying. A fact that cannot go without mentioning is that it includes a hydraulic aulic damper to prevent drawers from banging when you shut them.

Additionally, to achieve a soft opening and closing experience, the slider is designed with double spring. You must, therefore, affirm that your slider will provide you a soft and silent environment. However, this technique also has added benefits of making it smooth and labor-saving.

In order to maximize the room inside the drawer, it is designed with three-section slides. Luckily, you can easily remove them because of the snap-on design. So, you can keep them clean and neat whenever you need.

Know that, they always come in a wrapped fine package for safe delivery. But do you know what features you should look for before buying them? Make sure the size of the drawer slide matches the size of your drawer. To take the measurement, you need to measure the length and width of your drawer first.

The material a product is made of talks about its durability. Typical drawer slides are made of low-end alloys or other materials. What worse, some are even made of plastics. If you want the perfect combination of strength and durability, you better go for the sliders that are made of cold-rolled stainless-steel material. These sliders will make sure your drawers stay suspended rather than falling off as you keep a lot of weighty things in it.

Talking about weights. As you put a lot of things inside your drawer, your sliders should be able to handle the pressure. So, before you purchase a set of sliders, make sure they can handle the amount of weight you prefer. You can go for sliders that can hold from 70 to LBS of weight. With this thing in the rig, you will have a smooth experience as you push or pull the drawers.

To find what are the best drawer slides , you have to find out the top brands out there. There are many great drawer slides brands that you can put your faith in. Out of them, Lontan stands out with its head held high by offering superior durability, performance, and functionality. When purchasing the best cabinet drawer slides, you can safely purchase their models as high-quality is quaranteed. Our drawer slides reviews should give you an idea of their overall quality.

Lontan engineers their drawer slides with modern technologies to make sure their products provide the best performance. They carefully select the sturdiest components and put them together with the help of both advanced machines and skilled craftsmen. As a result, each of their units are heavy-duty. They can easily handle lots of weight. So, you would never have to put up with those annoying noises each time you pull the drawer.

All of these sliders set comes with durability and functionality you need. Avante Antique Brass 2. Bayview Brass. Bedford Brass. Bedford Nickel. Black And Stainless. Black Nickel.

Black Stainless. Bronze Antique. Bronze With Copper Highlights. Bronzed Antique. Brushed Aluminum. Brushed Bronze. Brushed Nickel Plate. Brushed Satin Pewter. Burnished Antique Brass. Champagne Bronze. Cocoa Bronze. Dark Oil Rubbed Bronze. Dark Teal. Distressed Oil Rubbed Bronze. Flat Black. Flat Black and Stainless Steel.

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