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If you only need a few more exotic wood veneer plywood 91 of hardwood plywood, visit one of our trusted retailers exotic wood veneer plywood 91 browse and buy from our range of products. Our customer service staff, sales people and technical support staff are all trained to give great advice. It's the perfect solution for an exposed-edge project. Hardwood Plywood. Our myriad of dynamic species are ideal for both commercial and residential applications. Unique cores for any application At Timber Products, we offer multiple unique substrates that provide superior quality and performance for every application, including custom needs.

Flexed and sanded for easy handling, versatile paperback veneer can be laminated to curves for a beautiful effect. Other backings are available: wood back, 5 or 20 mil paper, and Polyflex. With over 40 exotic species, and countless composite veneers, Brookside offers you a palette filled with options — from Carpathian Elm Burl to Figured Anegre — that can enhance any project. A Brookside Masterpiece: Let your imagination run wild with wood.

Anything is possible when you have Brookside on your side. Our veneer is backed by unmatched customer service, knowledgeable technical support, and a professional sales staff with the expertise to guide you to the veneer that will have just the right effect. Our seminars, product literature, newsletter, and website are full of ideas and pointers for you. If you need more help, give us a call. Our customer service staff, sales people and technical support staff are all trained to give great advice.

Architects, interior designers, furniture designers, and woodworkers are all getting back to nature. Figured Sycamore. White Sapele. Figured Ash. Figured Maple. Birdseye Maple. Figured Anegre. Mappa Burl. Block Mottle Anegre. Anegre, Plain Quartered. Figured Korina, Quartered. Figured Citrona. White Ash Burl. Eucalyptus Pommele. Figured Eucalyptus.

Figured Iroko. Figured Movingui. Olive Ash Burl. Figured Cedar. Figured Mozambique. Redwood Burl. Types of cuts include:. RhinoCoat prefinished panels can help you improve throughput, reduce factory emissions, enhance quality and boost overall manufacturing efficiency.

Common applications of hardwood plywood include kitchen cabinets, store fixtures, architectural woodworking, paneling, ceiling tiles, furniture, closets, and more. Hardwood plywood offers multiple benefits:.

Decorative hardwood panels are not intended for structural purposes; they are designed for interior use. Our medium-density fiberboard core can be machined to the finest tolerances without chipping.

It provides an exceptional laminating surface that is smooth, hard and consistent throughout the panel. The MDF face and back offer the best laminating surface, and the veneer core delivers the best physical properties and lighter weight.

Our specially engineered particle board core provides the perfect density on the face and back to accept laminates of all kinds, and a core that delivers physical properties to make it a workhorse for many applications. The quality of our softwood veneer yields a core that is consistent in thickness and a wood veneer laminating surface that is second to none.

Premium-quality veneer core panel containing alternating bands of long-grain and short-grain birch, providing a unique panel edge not found in typical veneer core Exotic Wood Veneer Plywood 11 products.

It's the perfect solution for an exposed-edge project. Made from renewable, small-diameter, fast-growing trees, giving a reliable source of quality panels at a very reasonable price. Optimal for applications where weight is crucial, this core is also easy machinable, adding life to your tools. At Timber Products, we offer multiple unique substrates that provide superior quality and performance for every application, including custom needs. We also offer fire-retardant, water- resistant, no-added-urea formaldehyde, and poplar and lauan blank cores.

These products meet the following certifications:. Olsson Industrial Electric chose to panel their new office spaces in plank-matched alder from Timber Products for a refined, elegant look. Our manufacturing facilities in Medford , Grants Pass and Corinth produce a full line of sustainable hardwood plywood, using the highest-quality core material to enhance both the stability and appearance of the finished panels. In addition to expansive hardwood plywood options, we manufacture panels with decorative laminates.

From cost-effective paper and vinyl overlays to specialty laminates and thermal-fused melamine, we can produce a near-infinite combination of colors, grain patterns, and substrates. High-quality veneer plywood and custom wood veneer panels for beautiful interiors. Environmentally conscious products engineered to meet the strictest emissions requirements. Top quality maple, oak, birch and cherry veneers made from the finest hardwood logs. Home Products Panels Hardwood Plywood.

Hardwood Plywood. Where to Buy. Talk to an Expert. Carefully engineered for beauty and quality Print Email. Jump to:. Jump to: Section: Link Dropdown ». Aromatic Cedar. European Chestnut. Natural Birch. Red Alder. Red Oak.

Spanish Cedar.

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