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Quick View Item Truly one-of-a-kind! Figured Movingui. Anything is possible when you have Brookside on your side. A modern twist on eamples ammonia fuming infuses our eucalyptus throughout its thickness with a dark, rich brown color. Sign Up. Architects, interior designers, furniture designers, and woodworkers are all getting back to nature.

Its tighter and smoother than most with a nice luster. Dark and exotic yet bright and alluring-the premium level of a luxury species.

The stark contrast offered in this veneer will make a brilliant accent to your next project. Dark streaks over a reddish-brown background; pale yellow sapwood; straight grain; curly figure. Butterscotch color, straight grain with strong bee's wing figure. A modern twist on traditional ammonia fuming infuses our eucalyptus throughout its thickness with a dark, rich brown color.

On the surface, choose from no figure, curl or mottled. GOGO aka Curupixa. Very unusual dapples and "chicken scratch" figure. Olive, brown and gold color with lively quilting and pommele figure.

European; like yellow pine with bolder orange and cream striping. Golden yellow color. Known as white wenge because of the similarity of its grain pattern to that of true wenge. Khaya - reddish brown and a bit coarser than South American mahogany.

Swietenia - exaggerated curl figure Exotic Wood Veneers Near Me Today that looks like folds in fabric. One of true mahogany's most prized revelations. Bold and uniform mottle figure, classic bright reddish-brown color.

Leathery shades of brown and tan with flake. The deep brown color of this European oak is due to an infection by the fungus Fistulina hepatica.

European white oak that has been fumed or "aged" to look like lustrous bog oak. European white oak is generally lighter in color and has a tighter "comb" grain than domestic white oak. The special color of this European white oak is the result of a manufacturing technique that is similar to the natural process that creates bog oaks. This technique accelerates the veneer's natural change of color and stains the wood completely. One of a kind! Curly figure on a bright brown background with grey and black veins.

This is black or royal palm that is black with brown quills. It is both exotic and elegant at the same time. Curly figured pearwood that has been fumed giving it a darker, richer color than traditional pearwood. A blend of brick red, brown and orange colors with conspicuous black lines, often very irregular and beautiful. Shipped only to a United States address. Golden red tones and less contrasty grain for a brighter effect. Light white to yellow color, flat cut and quartered.

One of the lightest and brightest plain woods. Occasional minor pin knots are common, although we select Exotic Wood Veneer Samples Kitchen flitches with as few as possible. Japanese quilted brown ash - light tan with "peanut shell" figure. Truly one-of-a-kind! Grey, puffy clouds with a brown-orange lining float above an orange sky. Bold pink stripes on a cream colored background, smaller sizes. Dark brown with coarse texture. Sauers - Mahogany 8" x 8" 7 pc Pack Wood Veneer.

Find a Store. My Account. My Cart. Go to Home Page. Mobile Navigation. Same Day Shipping Find a Store. Search Go. Brand Sauers. Woodcraft Woodshop. Featured Clearance. Product Veneer. Species Maple. Oak Red. Oak White. Maple Birds Eye. Ash Burl. Walnut Burl. Cedar Spanish. Maple Burl. Mappa Burl. Cedar Aromatic. Douglas Fir. Elm Burl.

Madrone Burl. Myrtle Burl. Knotty Pine. Ebony Macassar. Redwood Burl. Rosewood East Indian.

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