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It seems that this type of cutting is more efficient and it also leads to a thinner cut width. The replacement blade is reasonably priced as well. The blade is sharp and thin, whereas the kerf is narrow. This article contains incorrect information. The ingenious design of the GunFighter's progressive teeth makes for easier starts to each stroke, while still taking advantage of larger, faster cutting Silky teeth. The manufacturing location and process and quality has remained unchanged.

Grobet's triangular saw sharpening files are designed for sharpening 60° teeth. The single-cut file teeth produce a smooth surface and a sharp edge on saw teeth. Files come without handles. We recommend the No. 1 Handles for all of the taper files we carry: Lutz Long Ferrule Wooden File Handle or the Wire Bound Wooden File Handle. Saw Pitch. Japanese saws cut materials via pulling and thus are called “pull saws.” It requires less power, realizes exceedingly smooth and accurate cut, and as a result, the cutting-section is clean. And particularly, this saw’s blade is sharper and thinner ( inch), and has a greater number of teeth per inch (30 TPI) than saws of similar size. The Tsurugi Curve makes a great smaller hand saw for fine cuts in narrow confines. This shorter version (” / mm) with Silky's medium teeth is an excellent choice for fine pruning, fruit trees, ornamentals, and other places where leaving a smoother finish is more important than a faster cut. Review this item Read reviews.

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