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Animals Wildlife Watch Wildlife seizures are down—and an illicit trade boom may be coming. Newfound meteorite could help unlock secrets of the solar system. History Magazine Buried for 4, years, this ancient culture could expand the 'Cradle of Civilization'. Still, she dreams of a different life for her son. Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission.

The many golden artifacts attributed to his reign reveal his rule to be one of wealth and affluence. Senusret effectively managed the country through establishing clear boundaries between individual regions.

While he allowed regional governors to continue their authority, he made it known that he was the ultimate authority over Egypt. This firm rule gave Egypt stability and prosperity. Records show that during his rule, he personally led several expeditions into the Libyan Desert to gain control over oases and protect the Delta region.

While it appears that he led aggressive military campaigns, the main goal of his military offensives was to secure the borders of Egypt against invasion.

Senusret I began his many building projects while still serving as co-regent by the embellishment of major temples, including those at Karnak and Heliopolis. Archaeologists credit King Senusret with over three dozen major projects. The public outcry over pollution offers the central government political cover for painful decisions it needs to make, for reasons having nothing to do with the environment. Overcapacity in the steel, cement, glass, and power sectors, fueled by dangerously high levels of debt, is widely considered an economic time bomb that leaders know they must defuse.

Pollution is one problem in China about which there is a robust public conversation. With stunning but typically Chinese speed, the government has built a nationwide network of monitors tracking levels of PM2. More surprisingly, the government has made the data from those monitors publicly available.

It has done the same with measurements taken outside thousands of factories. Anyone with a smartphone in China can now check local air quality in real time, see whether a particular facility is breaching emissions limits, and report violators to local enforcement agencies via social media.

The governance is still authoritarian, of course. Leaders in Beijing judge the performance of those in the provinces—but a rewrite of the criteria is beginning to change attitudes, Xie says. Now environmental concerns, particularly air quality, are given greater weight. Mayors who have failed to deliver on air quality can be called in to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and warned they must step up efforts.

The results are sometimes more cosmetic than real. Leaders order temporary factory closures to clear the air ahead of high-profile events like international summits. Last year, on the 40 th anniversary of the earthquake, Tangshan hosted the World Horticultural Expo. The giant flower show was held on the site of a former coal mine. Near the center of town, a steelworker with stylish glasses and spiky hair, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of angering his employer, complains that his salary has shrunk by 20 percent in five years.

He blames both falling demand for steel and the impact of environmental rules. Still, she dreams of a different life for her son. Something better than the heat and hard labor his father endures—an office job, although she worries his grades may not be good enough.

All rights reserved. A thick gray smog hangs over it all. Share Tweet Email. Read This Next First study of all Amazon greenhouse gases suggests the damaged forest is now worsening climate change. Environment First study of all Amazon greenhouse gases suggests the damaged forest is now worsening climate change The first broad look at all of the gases that affect how the Amazon works—not just CO2—reveals a system on the brink.

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