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Download a free PDF copy of this article, including illustrations and a cutlist, here. Adironsack project has been discussed, of course, but for one reason or another, it never happened. When you pare away all the myths and misinformation, Abram is just a very likeable, easy-going, hard-working, down-to-earth woodworker in a reasonably well-equipped, but not extravagantly so, woodshop.

He was very much at home there. How fancy? Working with Abram was fun, to adironack sure. But I spent years working in commercial yourube building hundreds of projects while working with others. And while Abram is a celebrity, his pleasant personality and easygoing youtubw made me feel right at home, too.

Be woodworing fine woodworking adirondack chair youtube read, understand, and follow all the safety rules that come with your power tools. Knowing how to use your power tools properly will greatly reduce the risk of personal injury. And remember this: there is no more important safety rule than to wear your safety glasses and hearing protection at all times. Now back to the project at hand: After getting acquainted at The New Yankee Workshop, Abram and I first inspected the original Adirondack he built, one based largely on a design his father had used years ago.

It had weathered well and withstood the elements for more than a decade in continuous outdoor duty. He explained it was made from cypress, an excellent choice for outdoor projects, and he had laid in a supply for our new chairs. This copy had some notes about minor modifications Abram intended as improvements. The fine woodworking adirondack chair youtube thing we did before cutting wood was review several templates he made for the original chair and saved throughout the years.

We used these patterns for the curved parts. Drawings for these are included as part of the project plans presented here. Adiromdack you begin the project by preparing the patterns and stock to the rough sizes the building will move along pretty quickly.

We completed our chairs in less than a day while working at a steady, but moderately easy, pace. Cut both chair side pieces at the same time by nailing them together in a fine woodworking adirondack chair youtube section of wood. Band saw to the template line then sand the edges smooth. Essentially, this chair is built from the ground up so the first pieces required are the two side members that slope back from the front, vertical legs.

Use the pattern to trace their shape on the stock, then cut them out using the band saw. Abram suggested we nail the two sides together at the ends in the waste material and stack cut them both to save some time. Then we drum-sanded the sawn edges to smooth the surface. Next use a gauge block and a miter saw or table saw so you can repeat the same length cut exactly for the lower rear crosspiece, the front crosspiece and the seat slats. Fine woodworking adirondack chair youtube the pattern that provides the curved shape of the lower wodworking crosspiece.

After band sawing, sand the edges smooth and be sure to set the waste piece aside for later use. Start the assembly by gluing and screwing the lower rear crosspiece to the chair sides. For lasting results, use a marine grade or waterproof glue, and stainless steel screws. The first assembly chore is joining the two sides with the front and lower rear crosspieces. The crosspieces overlap the sides and care should be taken that the ends are flush to the outside edges of the sides.

This will help keep your chair square as you build. The chair parts are assembled using mostly screws, or in a few instances, carriage bolts, nuts and washers. These are more expensive than woodwoking or plated fasteners, fine woodworking adirondack chair youtube in the end are a far better value.

We also used outdoor adhesives. Abram used 3M brand Marine Adhesive Sealant Because my chair would be shipped to the Popular Woodworking shop in Ohio, I just screwed my parts together so it could be disassembled and fine woodworking adirondack chair youtube easily shipped.

All screw holes should be pre-drilled finne a couple reasons; fine woodworking adirondack chair youtube prevent splitting by drilling a pilot xhair and to countersink sufficiently to accept a wood plug later. We used a bit that drilled the hole and counterbored for the plug in the same operation. Set up the two sides on the bench and first attach the lower rear crosspiece. Clamp the legs Fine Woodworking Modern Adirondack Chair 3d in position before drilling.

When locating the bolt holes, arrange them in a triangle as shown in the diagram below. Following the diagram carefully prevented me from placing a hole where a screw for the front crosspiece might be located. Attach the Fine Woodworking Modern Adirondack Chair With legs with the carriage bolts, heads to the outside. When tightening the nuts, prevent the head from turning by first seating the bolt head with a hammer blow, engaging the square corners underneath the head in the wood.

Bolt the legs and side members together, bolt head to the outside with a nut and flat washer inside. Seat the square shank below the head with a hammer blow. The shank will prevent the bolt from turning in the hole.

Cine next parts to prepare and attach are the arms and arm brackets. Each requires use of a pattern and should be cut on the band saw. Sand the edges as before. Fine woodworking adirondack chair youtube routed only one edge, which designates it a top. So doing will create a right and left arm so choose your edges accordingly. We attached the arm brackets first.

Clamp each one in place then drill and countersink for the upper screw in each bracket. With the arm brackets in place, attach the arms to fine woodworking adirondack chair youtube front legs and bracket. Use the diagram at left to position the arm correctly before fastening. Again, be sure and use adhesive on each step of assembly as you proceed. Position and clamp the arm bracket then drill and countersink for two screws.

The top edge of the support should be flush with the top of the leg and centered in the width dimension of the leg. Use three screws to attach the arm to the leg and arm bracket. Use a spacer to help position it. Now prepare the upper rear crosspiece. Prepare the part fine woodworking adirondack chair youtube using the pattern provided on page 41 for the inside curve.

Tilt the band saw table appropriately then saw the curve. Sand the edges. The upper rear crosspiece is attached fine woodworking adirondack chair youtube the chair arms. There should be sufficient space to secure the arms and crosspiece with two carriage bolts at each end.

When done, install the four bolts. At this point, your Adirondack chair should begin to take shape. Aside from plugging the screw holes, only installation fine woodworking adirondack chair youtube the back and seat slats remain before the job is done.

The back slats are the first slats to make. Prepare the back slats by using the patterns for the top edges as shown woodwotking the diagram on page youtubee, then band saw the shapes. Fan out the back pieces in their proper order to make sure you rout the correct edges.

Now install the back slats. To get the right look, proper spacing fine woodworking adirondack chair youtube the slats is important. Start with the center slat, placing it dead center in the back. I used four screws for each back slat, inserting one in the bottom, then made sure the top was positioned properly, then I secured it with three more. Be careful drilling the screw holes and countersink for the upper crosspiece as these must be done on an angle, drilling straight into the crosspiece, but at an angle to the back slat.

Next, install the outer back slats. Secure it, then position the upper portion so that it touches the inside edge of the arm. Fasten it. Once both outside pieces are in place, the remaining two intermediate slats are merely positioned with equal spaces between their adjoining slats. Put one screw in each end and use two screws equally spaced attaching it to the front crosspiece. The final seat slat is the one with the curve, which nests into the curve of the back.

Leave space between yougube slat and the back so water can easily run off. Start installing the back slats with the center slat first, then the outer slats. The last two intermediate slats are then easily positioned with equal spacing between their neighbors. Before finishing up the chair, give in to the temptation to try it out!

Before a final sanding, I grabbed some fall-off cypress and cut about 60 plugs for filling the holes left from countersinking the screws. I used a narrow chisel to pop the plugs loose from the board. I glued the plugs in the holes, leaving them proud. A flexible, fine-tooth saw easily removed the excess plug material. When all the plugs were glued in dine trimmed, I gave my chair a good sanding grit. The relatively soft cypress sands easily.

While sanding, I made sure any sharp edges were eased. I decided to leave the cypress unfinished and allow the elements to eventually turn the light brown natural color to a silver gray.

Apr 01,  · The quality of the lumber you can get will impact how much you'll have to buy. I did a quick SketchUp model of the chair from the article as I suggested to the original poster and then used the CutList extension to create layouts for the lumber. These layouts assume all of each board is usable and that you start with nominal 8" wide boards. adirondack chair plans fine woodworkinghow to adirondack chair plans fine woodworking for NOTE: You should have the nut, trigger and lockplates ready before making the stock. You can use a variety of tools in making the stock, but the following can be considered minimum set if you don''ll benefit from having the following. Norm Abram’s Adirondack Chair Build A Comfy Spot to Find Restful Respite. By Steve Shanesy with Norm Abram. Download a free PDF copy of this article, including illustrations and a cutlist, here.. I ’ve become keenly aware throughout the years that patience allows time for opportunities to come along that might never have been possible. Such is the case with this Adirondack chair built in.

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