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To solve this problem. On a radial drill press, the 'head which includes the motor, quill and pulleys is mounted on a horizontal tube, called a ram, that can move in and out and rotate in both directions. Wooden Spoons. Note Allow about n i6n of the base fine woodworking archive pdf writer extend below the box. With the yoke holding the chisel, the drill drives the auger bit. RD 3, BoxMohnton.

Show only see all. Returns Accepted. Completed Items. Sold Items. Authorized Seller. Authenticity Guarantee. More refinements More refinements Shop by Issue Type. All Auction Buy It Now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. View: Gallery View. List View. Taunton's Fine Woodworking April No. Fine Woodworking Magazine No. Fine Woodworking magazines All 11 Issues Sam Maloof. Related Articles.

Method 1 of Compress your folders when you archive them. Windows gives you the option to compress your folder at the same time you archive it. Open the folder you want to archive. Specify exactly what you want to archive.

You will be given two choices: Apply changes to this folder only, or. Re-open archived folders. If you ever want to access your archived folders, simply double-click on the folder. Windows will open it for full view, but you will have to repeat the archival steps again once you have opened it.

Method 2 of Double click on the folder to reopen it. The folder will remain compressed until you do so, which frees up disk space for you. Check in your trash folder. Perhaps you accidentally deleted it. Yes No. Not Helpful 11 Helpful 4. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Archiving folders allows you to keep your ongoing and your completed work separate. Using the archive function will also speed up your search results because there is much less data to sift through.

Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. That way, they're kept clean and organized. Rut if you're using a Door-model drill press, there isn't room to put a drawer. A tray mounted to the drill press is more convenient, but you run the risk of liaving tilings fall off.

To solve this problem. I combined the benefits of the enclosed drawer with rhe convenience of a column mounted tray the result is the shop-made Drill Press Caddy shown above.

The caddy is held securely lo the drill press column hv a simple shop-made clamp that starts as part of ihe caddy's oversized top cover. After the damp is ait from ihe cover, ihe two pieces are screwed back together with Ihe column between them. A drill press After you've glued up the trays, begin working on the lop cover H , clamp The shim box see the photo at right contains a selection of shim materials used specifically in the hanging of entry and interior doors. The front two compartments contain plywood blocking squares while the two in back hold tapered shim stock.

The comfortable carry handle is shaped from walnut, and the side compartment holds the long pneumatic nails used for setting the door jambs to the studs through the shims or blocking. Oak, a common hardwood, has broad leaves that shed In the fall, while pine, a coniferous softwood, retains its needles all winter.

Wood color Is a product of of how Its tannins, gums and resins react to exposure to the air. Often, wood will continue to darken and change color over time, developing a rich patina. Figure-the surface pattern on a board can be the result of numerous natural causes ranging from drought or freezing to prevailing winds, disease, age or Insect damage.

Grain display is dependent on the direction and regularity of the wood fibers relative to the center of the trunk as well as haw the lumber is cut from the tree. Hardwood vs. Hen I first saw the design for these storage racks sent in by Arnold Baker of Independence, Missouri, they reminded me of the old wooden packing crates farmers used for shipping fruits and vegetables.

Woodcraft Woodworkers' Store Woodworker's Supph Milwaukee's model jigsaw has all the power of a corded version, along with features designed for convenience and top performance. The new saw has 4-position orbital action and Quik-Lok toolless blade changing. The 2-amp-hr. Street price about , including charger and case. Cut grooves in the rails and stiles to hold plywood panels and splines.

The rails are very short and unsafe to hold by themselves, so push them with a shopmade jig Fig. Glue each side of the cabinet using 1 4-in.

The back and the door are built exactly the same way, although the back is narrower. The storage cabinet is basically four frame-and-panel assemblies with similar stiles and rails. They are grooved to hold plywood panels G and splines E, F. The splines join each assembly. We'll use a standard blade to cut the grooves, rather than a dado blade, because 1 4-in. Cut the plywood panels G and use leftover scraps to make splines.

Cut the subtop and subbottom H of the cabinet from 3 4-in. We covered the front edges of these parts and the shelves with l 4-in. Screw a scrap of 3 4-in. O Hickory bark must be harvested in the spring. The peeling season starts when the leaves first emerge, and lasts for about two months, until the hickory nuts start to fall.

During this time, you can easily peel the inner bark from the tree. The inner bark is a layer of pliable, living bark tissue between the dead, dry outer bark and the sapwood. In some eases, there may be advantages to setting the blade a little higher or lower. For example, when you're cutting stock under in. This gives a smoother cut, and helps minimize chipout on the bottom face of plywood, since the teeth are cutting forward instead of downward.

Keep in mind that lowering the blade increases the chances of kickback, since a lowered High quality woodworking supplies and tools are easy to find in the Garrett Wade Catalog.

We have everything from traditional old-style hand planes and saws to the very latest in modern power tools. Most woodworkers know that dust is a major nuisance in the shop. But how many realize that excessive exposure to wood dust poses a health risk as well Frequent exposure to large amounts of wood dust can lead to sinus and lung problems, or worse. And it's the finer dust particles-those smaller than 10 microns-that are the most hazardous. To put that size in perspective, consider that a human hair is about microns thick, while airborne dust particles smaller than about 20 microns are invisible to the naked eye.

Also, wood dust may contain allergens and toxins such as pesticides, fungi molds and chemicals which can trigger allergic reactions. Many tropical hardwoods can be especially irritating, and Western red cedar can cause allergic asthma. A dust collector fitted with highly efficient bags will be able to capture much of the dangerous dust down to 5 microns, so this is your best form of protection from the general problem of dust.

If you have particular allergies or severe Gillihan Wood Products, Quality Oregon hardwoods. Discount prices. Call Central Valley Wood Products Direct from logger. Table and Clock slabs, turning blocks. Handsaw box wood Burl Country Alva Hardwoods. Alva, PL Quality inventory, facilities, and personalized service.

Set the plug into the counterbore hole with a wood mallet For contrast, the grain in the plug should be perpendicular to the worttpiece grain. For concealment, align the patterns. Take care not to mar the surrounding wood surface. Sand the piug smooth. Buff woodwork, shellac and varnish. Smooth clear finishes. Clean delicate tools Buff woodwork, shellac and varnish. Clean delicate tools. I made my cart from oak boards, oak plywood and some left-over plywood covered with butcher block-look plastic laminate.

The cart's construction details are fairly straightforward. As shown in the Cart Construction drawing, the top and bottom of the cart fit in rabbets milled in the sides.

After cutting the rabbets, I ripped two V -in. A solid oak face frame covers the plywood edges on the front and back of the cart. The stiles and rails join with splincd miter joints.

At the back of the cart, the face frame is grooved to hold a l -in. OWhat you've cxpcricnccd is biscuit telegraphing. When you apply glue to a biscuit joint , it causcs the adjacent wood to swell in roughly the form of the biscuit. If the joint is allowed to dry for a couple of days, the moisture will equalize and the wood surface will reflatten.

If, however, you sand or plane the surface while it's still swollen, the I would like to try spline mitering a solid wood carcase for my next project, but I'm not sure how to rout the spline grooves. How do I register a router fence against a 45 miter angle And what keeps the router from tipping while it's sitting on the narrow face of the miter.

And every year, we strike gold just as summer turns to fall. Both events have miles of aisles packed with new products. Diamond Sharpener for tne Drill Press I The Versa Crinder is designed to sharpen carbide router bits and shapcr cutters using a diamond wheel chucked in a drill press. Precision adjustments for shear and hook angles are easy, and you can remove exactly the same amount of material from each cutting wing, ensuring proper geometry and balance.

Retail price Circle Amana's new Model Maker carbide-tipped router bits cut tiny profiles that are perfect for jewelry boxes, dollhouscs and other small projects. The MRS set of 12 bits Wood Artistry, www. Fine Woodworking Magazine Nov Dec 32 American Woodworker january 32 American Woodworker january American Woodworker january 33 Tell us about a dynamic woodworking school or vibrant teaching program.

What makes it work Point out notable teaching strategies and student accomplishments. Explain how the program excites students about woodworking and tell us how it helps them develop woodworking skills. Whether the program operates in a public school, community center or a private workshop, we want to near about its success.

E-mail youi story to schoolnewsiiamericanwoodworker. American Woodworker january ISBN I. Routers Tools 2. Many of us who arc concerned about worldwide deforestation feel helpless and frustrated by our inability, as individuals, to halt the destruction. Woodworkers have an additional point to ponder. Do we contribute to the problem when we buy tropical woods Some advocate a boycott of tropical woods.

Others The Woodworkers Alliance for Rainforest Protection WARP , a new organization for woodworkers concerned about the destruction of the Earth's forests, has formed to study the problem and come up with apian for action. WARP welcomes all interested woodworkers as members. Biscuits and glue join solid-wood corner blocks to man-made panels for a strong joint.

Here, the lengthened corner block will form a cabinet leg. Make every cut far enough into the board to leave an offcut of 8 in. If the blade just kisses the board, the edge will not be square. I follow this routine with plywood as well as with particleboard and MDF. Making joints in man-made board is almost entirely machine work. Cut the tongues, grooves and miters on the table saw.

Rout the mortises and tenons. Locate the solid-wood corner blocks and lippings, or edge banding, with biscuits, and shape them by routing. Once the raw parts have been cut to size, the general routine is to edge them with a solid-wood lipping, or edge banding, plane or rout the lipping flush with the board surface, then veneer over both board and lipping.

It's important to keep control of the width of the lipping. If it's too wide, its normal We're looking for a full-time editor to join the AW staff. Challenging position requires energetic, detail-oriented individual with in-depth knowledge of woodworking techniques, job experience as an editor or writer, and strong visual skills. Some travel required. Four dimensions on the Elephant Puzzle drawing on pp. We'll send a drawing of the entire Elephant Puzzle, with corrections, to any reader that requests one.

Minor St Emmaus, PA I am a recent subscriber to AW and I have been an amateur woodworker for several years. I find your articles very helpful. Minor St. Hard maple has become the standard for North American benchtops because it is relatively inexpensive and meets all of the above requirements. Oak, ash or even moderately hard softwoods like Douglas fir Use 3 4-in. Make the pivot blocks, clamping beams and ledger strips from clear hardwood. For the base pieces, start with an in.

The fences can also start out as a single length of plywood. Cut the two grooves for the ledger strips and rabbet the bottom edge so it will fit in the base grooves. For the jig to work, the router bit must be centered on the length of the baseplate. If your router is already mounted on an aftermarket baseplate, make sure the bit is centered on the length of the plate. If not, adjust it.

Good woodworking starts with straight, square edges, but a jointer isn't the only way to get them. The Joint-A-Billi-T is a fixture that clamps to a bench or stand and teams up with your router and a straight bit to cut glue-joint perfect edges.

In addition to jointing solid stock, the portable Joint-A-Billi-T lets you cut rabbets, grooves and dadoes and square off large panels, doors and tablctops.

The fixture comes in different models to accommodate different size stock. Price in. Circle Several companies make the router bits featured in the article on page Amana Tool makes the tambour bit set It's available at Toolstoday. The straight bits for undersized plywood measuring 1 4 , 31 64 , and 23 32 and the locking miter bit were purchased from Rockier.

The Woodsmith Store sells the Amana dado clean-out bit , the T-slot cutter and the downshear flush trim bit Mitch has completed an internship at the Smithsonian Conservation Analytical Laboratory and is a member of the American Institute of Conservation.

Graduates from Mitch's program become the best professional finishers, finish restorers, spot repair artists and pre-finishers this country has to offer. For more information on his unique finishing program, visit www. Mitch also serves as a consultant to the finishing industry, and generously shares his finish knowledge with woodworkers around the country at shows and events.

MA This popular attraction shows off the work of talented woodworkers and provides cash prizes for winning pieces. See page for details on The American Woodworker Show. Online Woodworking World Search our links to hundreds of woodworking Web sites loin other woodworkers on our lively, easy-to-use message boards Order back issues of Amikk an Woodwork k magazine.

Some people chink woodworking is just a craft and not an art. Not so I've always felt that there's an artist that hides in the heart of every woodworker , waiting for that one inspiration to set it free.

But in what form di es inspiration come and where will it lead Maybe its the magic of color and grain patterns fashioned by nature in wood that moves one to imitate its grace. Or ic could be something more humble like one of those projects rhat didn't turn out quite right, but it was such a pretty piece of wood you dccidcd to save it perhaps you fixed it Band saw box art will spark your interest in woodcraft and kindle vour creative skills.

With this woodworking style, you can liberate vourself from the sale structure of the ruler and free your imagination to be your guide. These fourteen contemporary box designs all require the same basic techniques, yet each one oilers its own personality and degree of work involved. Each project is an abstract representation of a natural form Of course, there has to be some knack and feel for what is right, and we all have it to some extent.

But more important is your knowledge of the tools you need, and the skills required to use them effectively. First, you will gain an understanding of the tools essential to successful woodworking.

Then you receive detailed, step-by-step instructions that show you techniques and tips for using those tools safely and efficiently to make beautiful projects. You could probably learn these techniques on your own through an awful lot of trial and error. But a woodworking career is too short and your personal shop time too valuable to spend too much time refining your skills. These pages get you ahead of the woodworking game. For the wood. To position the furnace filters and blower inside, I added simple frame deals D.

These cleats are W-squnre strips of hardwood thai iire screwed to Ihe inside of the case to form a n ame. There's one last set of deals thai form a frame near Ihe center of thceaserri. Many of the stories in American Woodworker are written by people just like you talented folks, passionate about the craft. We're always looking for fresh voices and new faces. Join us in sharing your love of woodworking. Big or small, tell us about your pride and joy.

Email us at stories femeri can wood-worker. Go ahead, brag about your workshop. Email your story to myshop american-wood work er. Issues of American Woodworker for future reference. Three-ring binders are the best way to do this, but aw does not arrive prepunched, and it's tough to get through 80 pages. My solution is a Vin. I hone the cutting edge sharp and smooth, then chuck the punch in the drill press with a piece of hardwood scrap underneath.

It cuts perfectly. Drill-Press Paper Punch. Fe In wood-working with a router, there arc three essential components to success. One is the router itself. Another is the woodworker you.

The last is the bit. A sawy woodworker using good bits can do a lot with a lousy router. But the best woodworker with the greatest router will be stymied by a dull, poorly balanced bit.

The thing about woodworking with a router is that the more bits you have, the more different jobs you can do with the basic machine. That's not really true of other woodworking machines. The table saw vital as it is to the Fine Woodworking Index Pdf To Png woodworker is limited to sawing. I've got a combination blade in my table saw, and I can't ravcmhcr the last time 1 changed it. I could buy a rip blade, a crosscut blade, or a plywood blade, and they'd each produce a somewhat better finish. But each is really doing the same job as the others.

Buying more blades doesn't make it a more versatile machine. At a time when schools and colleges around the country are dropping their woodworking programs, a New York City high school that's best known for its high-tech wizardry is investing heavily in the craft.

In the last two years, Stuyvesant High School, known nationwide for the top-notch science students it produces, has invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art woodworking equipment for its shop. The year-old high school's mission has always been to combine superior academics with industrial education.

So, it was natural for the school to continue its commitment to woodworking In keeping with the school's past, woodworking at Stuyvesant is part of the technology department. But course offerings enable students to get a good foundation in traditional building and design skills One advanced class is making oak clocks for a term project. Experienced woodworkers can also pursue highly individualized and experimental projects, and the school encourages them to use their skills in Yearly updates. DOS, Windows, Windows Printed Free Brochure.

Box , Lynnwood. WA E-mail Jeffrey Greene It's a big concern with many projects. As solid wood expands and contracts with seasonal changes in humidity, joints can pop and boards may warp. Since this Desk is built with a number of wide solid cherry panels, it required specialjoinery to deal with the problems of wood movement. But building a project with solid wood panels calls for some planning. Since each of the panels must be glued up from several boards, it's important to select these boards from stock that looks like it came from the same board.

The sides of the case are held together by a shelf and web frames that are built later, refer to Fig. To hold the shelf and web frames in place and also allow the Matt was sort of into the craft, but nowhere near the dedication of his uncle.

Shortly after Matt and his wife, Kerri, moved to Illinois to pursue their degrees, Fred Lively passed away and left his woodworking tools to Matt. He had a garage full of stuff, Matt relates. I didn't know what half of it was I still don't. What he also didn't know was where he'd keep it could he afford to build a shop like Uncle Fred's Also, Kerri wanted their garage to park the car during the Midwest winters.

An American Woodworker subscription is the ideal gift for your woodworking friends and neighbors. They'll enjoy a whole years worth of great projects, techniques and workshop wisdom plus the special American Woodworker Tool Buyer's Guide a must-have sourcebook for outfitting a shop.

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