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5 Best Forstner Drill Bit Reviews (Updated ). Mar 01,  · A Forstner bit is the best way to bore high-quality holes that are accurately sized, accurately located, and with a cleanly cut rim. Today, the bits come in a variety of designs. To find out which ones are best, I tested 18 brands judging them by several criteria: Fine Woodworking Dado Blade Review Data Size, . The big box of crayons as it were. Now I have been looking pretty seriously into the MLCS 31 piece Master Forstner Bit Set (and they ARE coming down in price) but at the list price I had first seen them at of $, I was open to options. I ran accross the Fine Woodworking article that raved Read this review».

These should work as advertised. PM by RandyMorter | 7 comments». Just so you know, this is the first and only time I’ve ever used a Forstner bit. I’m working on a toy airplane project . The Bosch line of Forstner bits produce consistent hole quality for a variety of precision applications. With maximum precision drilling ideal for fine woodworking, the bits are also well suited for off-center or . To test the effectiveness of each unit's stop, we drilled holes using a 3 ⁄ 8" Forstner bit, and then measured the depth of the first and last holes with a digital caliper, noting any variation. Threaded-rod .

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