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These photos compare the different types of frame saw blades, rip, cross, wet wood, and turning saw blades more or less in their relative sizes. The saw blades for the ECE saws can, when they are the same length, be easily exchanged to match the task at hand.

The saw arms are in red beech. The beam is in a flexible, light tropical wood, and the frame is tensioned using a wing nut on the threaded end of a 5 mm steel rod. These bow saws show a very good level of fit and finish.

The length given for the ECE saw blades is the entire length of the blade, and not the distance between the mounting hole centers. Using a Japanese blade can substantially improve the quality of cut and general ease of use with frame saws. The saw teeth are laser hardened, which means they will remain sharp much longer than with conventional blades, but also means that they cannot be re-sharpened.

Depending on how they are mounted, they can cut either on the push or pull stroke. If you hear or feel a light clattering while sawing, change the angle at which the blade enters the wood, which will help you to obtain a finer cut. Experiment with different blade angles, and you will be surprised at how much improvement you can expect in the speed and accuracy of the cut.

Japanese saw blades are thinner than the normal European types, and so a little bit more demanding. So be careful for instance to keep the blade lined up exactly in the cut. This will avoid kinking the blade. The listed lengths are for the total blade length!

If you would like anyway to use the Japanese blades in a Putsch frame, you will need to alter the mounting system using two of the blade holders listed near the bottom of the page, and you will also need to extend the middle beam a few millimeters or perhaps more simply make a new one. The distance between the mounting holes in the same nominal length can be a few millimeters different. One must be aware of this when changing from a standard blade to a Japanese blade.

See chart! Aside from a saw blade you need only 2 blade holders and some recommended specially produced hemp string to build your own saw!

If you are looking into these saws, we are sure you have enough wood lying around to build something beautiful! These speed clamps are easy to position using just one hand. Ergonomic two-component handle. Fast release of tension by brief pressure on the metal lever located between the two-part handles.

T-slotted rails as components for the construction of sliding stops, milling tables and other fixtures for the workshop are becoming increasingly popular due to their universal applicability. The ideal plane for rabbeting, panel raising and trimming tenons. The plane's body is made of stress-relieved gray cast iron. The 3 mm thick high carbon steel blade is hardened to 61 - 63 HRC. Inc VAT Shipping is extra. Important: One should not leave frame saws under tension after work is finished, as this exposes the components to too much stress and can damage the saw.

Note: Western saws, like the frame saws with standard saw blades on offer here, are not ready to use, unlike Japanese saws. Even if manufacturers tell you that their saws are ready to use, you should take this with pinch of salt, and be prepared to treat your saw to a final sharpening session with a file. You could do worse than refer to our guide Sharpening of saw blades short , or even better, to the guide by Friedrich Kollenrott PDF long. ECE Universal Saw with Japanese Blade This frame saw with a high performance Japanese universal saw blade makes fast and clean cuts along and across the grain.

For rip cut, cross cut and diagonal cuts! The blade of this saw cannot be re-sharpened due to the impulse hardening process. It holds its sharpness for a long time. Japanese frame saw blades are thinner than Western blades, therefore they are more delicate. Avoid rough treatment! Code Japanese Replacement Blade mm Pitch 2 mm Blade thickness 0.

Replacement Blade mm Pitch 5 mm Blade thickness 0. Replacement Blade mm Pitch 3 mm Blade thickness 0. Triangular saw files cannot be used for sharpening these bow saws. My Account.

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