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Half Round Moulding System 1" wide. Husky Concord Island Post. This free kitchen island plan from Old Paint Design builds a rustic kitchen island with drawers and a lower shelf for storage. English Country Island Leg. Stay in Touch. Square Mission Island Leg.

Narrow Crest Corner Post. Standard Column Leg. Carved Leaf Corner Post. Traditional Corner Post. Carved Grape Corner Post. Fluted Column Leg. Countertop Height Corinthian Corbel. Crest Corner Post. Squire Island Leg. Jackson Island Leg.

Contemporary Island Leg. English Country Island Leg. Corinthian Pilaster Assembly. Kitchener Fusion Leg. Massive Wilmington Fusion Leg. House of Wood Island Post. Extended St. Simons Island Leg. Extended Harvest Island Leg. Extended Atlanta Island Leg. Extended Savannah Island Leg. Extended Portsmouth Island Leg. English Industrial Island Leg.

Weston Fusion Leg. Empire Island Leg. Contemporary Kitchen Island Leg. Massive Fluted Leg. Massive Fluted Island Leg. Massive Savannah Island Leg. Massive Atlanta Island Leg. Narrow Farm Island Leg.

Corinthian Pilaster. Manchester Island Leg. Hutchinson Island Leg. Islander with Acanthus Leaves Island Leg. Narrow Islander Island Leg. Bamboo Island Leg. Square Wilmington Island Post. Grand Island Leg. Square Islander Island Post. Manchester Hutch Island Leg. Massive Farmbrook Island Leg. Rope Island Leg. Portsmouth Island Leg.

Old World Island Leg. Abaco Island Leg. Tapered Mission Island Leg. Grand Harvest Island Leg. Massive Sapelo Island Leg. Sapelo Island Leg. Fluted Acanthus Island Leg. Narrow Fluted Acanthus Island Leg. Massive Wilmington Island Leg. Wilmington Island Leg. Carved Grape Kitchen Island Column. Classic Kitchen Island Column. Traditional Kitchen Island Column. Extended Jefferson Island Leg.

Extended Rope Island Leg. Extended Tapered Island Leg. Extended Reeded Island Leg. Extended Massive Concord Island Leg. Extended Concord Island Leg. Fluted Bar Top Leg. Extended Fluted Islander. Tall Island Hutch Island Leg. Extended Sapelo Island Leg. Extended Tybee Island Leg. Reeded Bar Top Island Leg. Extended Grand Island Leg. Fluted Islander Leg.

Extended Massive Islander Island Leg. Extended Husky Islander Island Leg. French Carved Corner Leg. Simmons Island Leg.

Eastanollee Island Leg. Atlanta Island Leg. Belleville Island Leg. Lewiston Island Leg. Peterson Island Leg. Thornton Vanity Leg. Belford Vanity Leg. Lewiston Vanity Leg. Kelso Vanity Leg. Lyndon Island Leg. Electra Fusion Leg.

Solaris Fusion Leg. Conway Fusion Leg. Walton Island Leg. Walton Vanity Leg. Marshall Island Leg. Kitchen Peninsula Pedestal. Massive Square Island Post. Extended Wilmington Island Leg. Roped Island Leg. Extended Massive Sapelo Island Leg. Wilmington Bar Top Island Leg. Extended Roman Island Height Corbel. Massive Reeded Island Leg. Plantation Buffet Island Post. Massive Richmond Island Post. Massive Savannah Island Post. Barley Twist Island Post.

The Islander. Jefferson Island Post. Massive Arlington Island Post. Husky Arlington Island Post. Atlanta Island Post. Square Leg. Square Island Leg. Concord Island Leg.

Half Round Moulding System 2" wide. Half Round Moulding System 2. Half Round Moulding System 3. Island Height Corbels. Table Pedestal Kits. Architectural Columns. Carved Wooden Medallions. Woodworking Links Resources Discover Additional Woodworking Resources we've found across the web to enhance your woodworking skills. Connect with Us! Visit Our Blog. If you want to read up on how to ensure your countertops stay in top condition look over our care and maintenance instructions we have provided on our website.

There we have step-by-step guides for maintaining the mineral oil and organic beeswax finish among other elements so that you can ensure your purchase shines beautifully for years to come. Our shop is located here in Denver, Colorado, but we can ship anywhere in the continental United States. More questions? Stop by the Armani Fine Woodworking FAQ section to learn everything you need to know about countertop care, installation, maintenance, quotes, shipping and more. We were so impressed with the delivery time, careful shipping and shipping charges were less than a local location.

The quality of our island top speaks for itself - It is beautiful. And the true craftsmanship is evident. Love it! When I received the cherry slabs they were packaged very securely.

After opening up the crate, I was amazed how beautiful they were. I couldn't install them right away, but after I did they turned out better than I expected.

The installation instructions were awesome too. It's more than apparent that Joe takes great pride in his work and I would recommend him to anyone. Joe, The table top is spectacular!

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