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I'll show you how. To learn more about these services please see this overview or have a look at a selection of our past or current projects. Just debating if I should do it or get knottys. I hope that answers your question! Archived from the original on 13 October I have seen one of fine woodworking mallet plans youtube, and it has no gaps, the wood is like iron, and does not cut.

Then clamp tightly using clamps on the bottom as well as the top. This prevents the glued pieces from bowing, which nobody wants. I only glued half on the first night. It was getting dark and I wanted to get dinner started before my husband came back from soccer practice with the boys.

On the second night, I finished putting all of my pieces together and enlisted Jon Peters Woodworking Plans Youtube every long clamp we had in our garage to make sure those joints were tight. I let it set for 24 hours and then took it back to the wood shop and had them finish it off for me.

They cut it down to size, squared up the ends, and then sanded it smooth for me. When I got the table top back home, I used my orbital sander to round the edges and sand it completely smooth with grit sandpaper. I used butcher block conditioner on both sides of the butcher block. This is the bottom side. You can see that the conditioner really brought out the warm hues of the alder. It turned out so much better than I had imagined it would.

To be perfectly honest, I was freaking out when I was gluing it all together. I was afraid it would have a lot of gaps or that it would just fall apart on me.

The good news was that several websites I looked at said to use a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil to fill those gaps. Guess what the butcher block conditioner is made of? I just made sure to take extra care to put more of the conditioner in those little gaps. If you have leftover wood like I do, you can also make some cutting boards with it. I seriously love to hear your comments, so please let me know what you think! Also, sharing with friends, liking, pinning, and tweeting is always welcome!

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Please click to read my full disclosure policy. This looks amazing! What was the cost on this?

I love butcher blocks, and I agree they are really expensive. Yours looks great!! In the future you could always look at IKEA for their butcher block under kitchen counter tops. Great price though. Actually IKEA has both the particle board or the solid wood option. Nice job! There is one called the HAmmarp that is indeed just solid wood so it is more expensive than the particle board versions. Well you can make it into a single countertop, but you would need to seam it just like the butcher block is made above into one wide top, and then finished however you wanted it.

Totally impressed with your project! You went the best route building it yourself. This came out so Great! I am working on doing that same, but have a question. When you were gluing the boards two at a time did you glue them all before clamping?

Or did you have to clamp and adjust as you added more. I glued maybe 6 or so boards together and then clamped them and let them sit for about 30 minutes to an hour and then glued some more.

It was a bit time consuming, but my glue was Garden Bench Plans Fine Woodworking Work forming a skin over itself really fast and I was worried it would compromise the bond between the boards. Once I got the entire thing glued up, I left it for 24 hours before taking it in to be sanded. With it being my first butcher block, I was really worried;. That is my biggest worry also, I will take the precautions you did, taking a six at a time and clamping.

Thanks for post on this I am so glad I found this. It has given me the push I needed to jump in and start this project! Hopefully going to start this weekend. With all that glue, is it the type that will not affect food or cause caustic reactions on some foods? Can I ask why you took it back to the shop to have it sanded? Did the glue squeeze out of the seams? I assume you just need a more heavy duty sander than an orbital? I took it back to get a nice even surface on it.

It was faster than using my belt sander and smoothing it all out. Something you might think about for future projects, look for free wood on craigslist or other sites. Just a few ideas thrown out. My wife has asked for a Maple Butcher Block Top island.

This looks really beautiful! I can tell you worked really hard on the butcher block and it looks amazing on your custom island. Thank you! I do love how it turned out and I know my mom shows it off to anyone who will listen;. I promise it truly is actually not too bad. The biggest thing is to make sure you have a wood shop nearby that can sand your glued piece for you. This significantly cuts down on the hard dried glue that sits on the top to be removed later. That is a bad idea. I also made my own butcher block.

I made mine exactly like you did, gluing and clamping a few at a time.. I had to make mine in place, given how long it is.

I would have loved to run it through my planer, but it became just too big. And like yours, the biggest statement piece! Thanks for stopping by! What did you use to secure the top to the cabinet? Did you glue the bottom of the top to the cabinet or did you drill, screw down and then fill in the holes? I used pocket holes to secure the top to the base. I did not fill in those holes, because they are virtually invisible being that they are at the top of the cabinet base. I am trying to DIY some butcher block now.

How do you make the end pieces tight that are opposite the direction of the clamps? The end joints between the wood were just tapped together with a mallet. I would loosely clamp everything and then tap each end of the butcher block to get the joints tight together, then tighten the clamps. I hope that answers your question! It looks amazing.

I have one question…how do you finish the ends??? I finish the ends just like the top. I rubbed the butcher block conditioner on them and then buffed it when it dried. Your project came out beautiful! I never knew he could do any of the fabulous stuff we are doing to our place that we plan to retire at.

I say we only because I hand him tools and hold this or that. We are almost finished redoing our kitchen. We started 2 years ago. We redid as funds and spare time allowed. We got maple hardwood flooring for free from one of the schools that was redoing the gym floor. Which put a hold on the kitchen project. We did the living room, dinning room, and kitchen with it and my husband is planning on making the end piece of the counter top out of the left overs. Thank you for sharing your project.

Woodworking tip, for the end joints or widened out running joints; Before you start glueing, mix up a paste of glue and very dry sawdust sanding dust from the wood dry on a radiator as a very fine paste, and keep handy, it should be as thick as you can make it, like wet toothpaste.

My Grandfather was a panel maker, and said, when knocking up strip tables and butchers blocks, the strips were better joined when the wood was not totally smooth plained, it gives a better bite for the glue if the wood was a bit hairy! It would swell back into the banding and be tighter than he could ever do with clamps.

I have seen one of them, and it has no gaps, the wood is like iron, and does not cut. He never mentioned it, but there was a rebate for the band, and the ends of the band just overlapped each other, with a deeper rebate, and a swan neck at that point.

Thats very neat, how long did the process take? Just debating if I should do it or get knottys. I guess there is a sense of pride doing it yourself just dont feel like buying clamps. Waiting for the glue to dry was the longest part. Ok, this is a design question as much as anything. My husband and I are remodeling our kitchen.

What I am thinking is having a section of butcher block counters flanking my range. Do you think DIY butcherblock will stand up to being next to the stove? Also, those two spaces are the only counters on that side of the kitchen, is that going to throw everything off? A DIY butcher block will hold up fine. When I was contemplating having my local wood shop build the butcherblock for me, they would have glued it the exact same way I did. If you have it butting direction up to the granite, it may look a little off.

I hope that makes sense. What size was the finished countertop? How many board feet did you need to buy? If you could, i would really appreciate that! My top will be slightly smaller, but, at least i will have a ballpark idea of how much lumber i might need. That number might be less if you are using maple or something else. Using knotty alder meant I had a bit more waste because there were a few larger knots. That is not butcher block which is by definition end grain to prevent dulling knives.

What you made is a very nice ege grain counter top. Serious wood workers cringe when they see this common misnomer. We are about to start our own kitchen reno, and have discussed to great lengths the idea of building a kitchen island. I love that it has the wooden counter top. Since it looks like this was posted just over a year ago, how has the counter held up? Does your mom cut on it and use it like a normal cutting board?

It has held up great! I need a wood counter for an island with a slide in range. Do you think that I could make the countertop in the shape I need? Or will I need to make a rectangle, then cut the opening for the stove? It would definitely be easier to cut out the opening for the range than to build it with that opening. Every six months to a year, depending on how often you use it. Obviously, the weather conditions where you live will also determine the amount of moisture the wood will retain as well.

I love this! A cabinetmaker and could not have done a better job myself. You were extremely smart taking it to a local woodworker shop to sand smith and even and to cut to size.

Simply beautiful job. You should be proud. Titebon III is pretty standard for cutting boards. Are Titebond Glues safe to use? All of our Titebond wood glues are safe to use and produce no harmful fumes.

For this reason, it is the glue that we recommend for making cutting boards. We do recommend wearing gloves when working with the Titebond Polyurethane Glue because repeated use of the product with bare hands could lead to a sensitivity to those types of products. Thank you for your comment. Can you tell me how your were reading my post? Was it on your computer or a mobile device?

Thank you. This looks great! My question is, did you do anything more to seal the wood other than condition and buff? Since wood is porous, and must be able to be cleaned, I wonder if there is more to the finish than mentioned. You can seal it with other products as well. Hopefully it helps! I guess it depends on how you want to look at it. I built one myself. You can clean it by scrubbing it with soapy water.

Wipe it down again and then wipe with a dry cloth to remove all of the moisture. If needed, you can use butcher block conditioner or mineral oil to recondition the wood, once it is dry.

You can certainly prepare dough on it for baking as long as there are no cracks or gaps in the countertop. Great tutorial.

I hope to go to my favorite wood store tomorrow and pick up a bunch of shorts to make my table top. A mixture of woods is always a great way to change things up and add some interest to the finished top. Someone mentioned that there are a lot of ads on this post but never replied with what they were viewing.

Just so your question could be answered so you could look into that if you felt the need. Also, thank you for this post. My husband and I are moving into a new house and the current counter is hunter green tile with grout in between.

I have wanted to change it and have also looked up prices for these counters. I hope this one is still as gorgeous as the day you finished it! That must be lovely! Depending on where you look, you can purchase the counters at a fairly decent price. Building this one was necessary as the dimensions of it could not be found at a reasonable price.

It does still look great, too! Nice job, and great information! Currently building a house, and thinking it would be fun to build my own butcher block countertops. I know one of my blogging friends gets tons of free cutoffs from cabinet making companies. You can research those in your area. You can also watch for sales at your local hardwood lumber store. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Pencils. This article is about the writing implement. For other uses, see Pencil disambiguation.

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