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Tis really is an incredible Instructable, 8 yrs after first posting it's still getting 'results'. Sjall home made hold-down clamps run into the two T-tracks which are nothing more than simple curtain aluminum tracks. I got the same router as you. In Also my workshop set-up project was feature in the Tom McLaughlin shows

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Beautiful wood is precious and has to be used sparingly. Hence the art of veneering, Hence the art of veneering, in which rare woods are sliced or sawn into thin leaves and then glued onto a substructure of more common material. The allied art of Build this contemporary take on a classic design: the Adirondack lawn chair.

Tom McLaughlin shows Tom McLaughlin shows you how to cut a comfortable curve into the seat and back of this chair. The mitered joint on the arm rest is an additional This classic bookcase is an updated version of a traditional Arts and Crafts piece. A quick and approachable project, it employs floating tenons and router-cut mortises. The shelves are all removable, and Fine Woodworking's Chippendale Mirror Plan. Question 6 months ago on Step 5.

Did the riving knife come with the circular saw? I would like to build a table saw in my tiny shop but concerned with figuring out how to install a riving knife for the circular saw i'd like to use. Did you consider making your lathe that is stored beneath the work top, hinged so it is upside down in storage but can be raised onto its own table with the hinges and is then an extension of the side of the work cart itself extending the area for work and not covering anything on the original cart thous adding the lathe and the grinder to the surface design but not changing the size of the cart when stored?

Ok if all of those components are mobile and expandable, but yet they fit in that small storage shed, I'd say you're a genius mate. Reply 2 years ago. Excellent stuff, quite inspiring. I got the same router as you. Very hard springs! I made a lever but not easy to adjust. Your system is better but I will need to find a jack. Thanks for sharing! Very creative and inventive. Helped me a lot.

Thank you for sharing and inspire for more ideas and solutions. Reply 3 years ago. I used a roll around cabinet as my work bench for 3 years. Looked a lot like yours. I used magnetic bars on the back of mine to hold tools, with shelves on the inside.

I finally bought an aluminum building to house my lawn equipment and am presently using an 8X10 shed for my workshop that I put 3 windows in. I too had the same idea of putting everything on my workbench, but after I built the bench I didn't want to put holes all over it, so I ended up making a roll around table top for my table saw allowing me to butt it up to the workbench and I mounted the roll around cabinet permanently as a cabinet in the workshop.

I mounted my grinder, drill press and band saw to another roll around table top. I decided in the very beginning that almost everything in my workshop will have to be mobile for it to work out. I love your idea, it is excellent. I know that you put a lot of forethought into building this. Thanks for sharing your idea with us. This is amazing! I said should. You have some really terrific ideas and I'm not ashamed to say I'm going to copy a few!

Keep up the great ideas! Introduction: The Smallest Workshop in the World. Stavrinides Follow. More by the author:. In my case not only this was the issue but also I had no budget and space for big machines, so I came up to do the impossible for me. The woodworking accessories they sell here are very basic and everything is mostly oriented on the cabinet makers.

Everything was design by using Google Sketch-up which I believe it has been proven to be a valuable tool to woodworkers. The sketch-up general view image shows the whole idea in detail. Also I will provide detail photos of the whole project built. In that space I decided to keep my workshop and work openly in my parking area. The problem is that you can spread things around in that parking space but everything has to be stored and locked safely when you are done as well as to clean to area.

Fortunately my neighbors had no problem with me doing so, but I am also been careful running the power tools only at selected hours.

I decided to build a multi power-tool bench 59X20 inches 1. The tool bench holds 5 major tools, drill press, sander, jigsaw, circular saw, router with a lift device and the possibility for a lathe later addition. The bench sits on 5 casters with stoppers so that it can easily roll into and out of the storage room.

You will also noticed that there is an angle cut on the bench design, that was done so that it will allow me some space to pass through into my storage room even when the bench is inside it. My bench top drill press was modified a bit for better workability. I changed the old pole to a stainless Fine Woodworking Back Issues Young steel one, which is taller and allows me easier up-down movement. I have also made a drill press table from an old office shelve together with a plywood fence that pivots at one point and a stop block.

Some home made hold-down clamps run into the two T-tracks which are nothing more than simple curtain aluminum tracks. Another accessory I made for my drill press was to attach over the drill press table a piece of plywood base with two homemade knobs to hold onto the t-tracks and my drill press vice mounted on it.

The old depth-stop system with the 2 nuts was so unfriendly to use, so I came up with an easier way to work around this problem. A small piece of hardwood and a threaded iron base with a small knob, made the depth-stop now very easy to adjust and use. My very old drill was used to become my disk sander. Mounted under the table with a sanding wheel velcro attachment and a sanding table makes perfect job.

The sanding table has several functions, one is the use of a simple T-square for parallel sanding, has an angle guide for sanding miters and a circle sanding jig attachment for cutting perfect circles from very small ones up to 12 inches 30cm diameter circles. Very practical for cutting patterns near the line and finish them with your sander. Also the use of a good quality wood blade like BOSCH you can cut very straight and give precise perfect finish results. I mounted a circular saw under the bench and hold it with 4 bolts and wing nuts.

I made 4 holes on the circular saw base 3 of which are elongated for fine adjustment. The circular saw is powered by a safety stop switch and can hold a riving knife also on the blade not shown here. Left site of the fence is used for ripping with the circular saw and the right site is used as the router fence with an opening and dust hole.

A UHMW tape is used to help the 2 aluminum angles to run smoothly. Some push sticks have also found there way on my tool-bench.

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