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For 40 years Fine Woodworking magazine has been an unmatched resource for the woodworker, with articles, projects, tips, and techniques you won’t find anywhere else. Подробнее Все видео.  Every two weeks, a team of Fine Woodworking magazine editors gather together to answer your woodworking questions and interview some of the world's leading furniture makers. Email your questions to shoptalk@www.Woodworking Air Cleaner Текущее видео. Each of these sweet little hexagonal boxes starts as a strip of Fine Woodworking Small Boxes 80 solid wood, which becomes the sides. Learn how to make hexagonal boxes.  A few summers ago I was given two small pieces of incredible curly maple. I knew they would be perfect for small boxes, but I couldn’t figure out what kind of boxes they wanted to be. I didn’t relish the thought of trying to saw tiny dovetails into such ornery wood, and plain old square mitered boxes felt like a missed opportunity. Inspiration struck when a yogurt container fell off a shelf in my shop, spilling its cargo: What Sign up for eletters today and get the latest techniques and how-to from Fine Woodworking, plus special offers. Sign Up. Start your day FREE trial to continue readin. Small Woodworking Projects Scrap Wood Projects Woodworking Box Popular Woodworking Woodworking Classes Woodworking Videos Custom Woodworking Youtube Woodworking Woodworking Patterns. Kovecses Woodworking - Harmony Box. Kovecses Woodworking - Harmony Box. Woodworking Table Plans Small Woodworking Projects Woodworking Furniture Wood Projects Woodworking Forum Woodworking Workshop Teds Woodworking Small Wooden Boxes Wooden Jewelry Boxes. My Workshop.  Tigerwood Medium Keepsake Box - Wood'n It Be Nice, LLC. This box is made of Goncalo Alves, commonly called Tigerwood. Its lift off lid is made of Curly Maple.

Breadboard ends serve the essential function of keeping tabletops flat. Gary Rogowski details four effective ways to attach them, from a light-duty tongue-and-groove joint to the super-strong tenons connected by haunches. They key is to choose the right option based on the size and function of your table.

This little organizer is the perfect place for bills, receipts, stamps, pens, and the like. This version uses dovetailed construction and parts that are kept thin for a delicate, not clunky, look.

Mike Pekovich creates his own quartersawn ash boards by edge-jointing strips from a plainsawn finf. There are plenty of tips fine woodworking small boxes llc dovetailing thin stock, as well as cutting the stopped dado joints that house the dividers.

A scalloped front edge on the horizontal divider adds a nice detail. Each of these sweet little hexagonal boxes starts as a strip of solid wood, which becomes the sides.

Once that is mitered, rabbeted, and fine woodworking small boxes llc, the hexagonal veneered top and bottom panels are set into the rabbets and the box is cut apart to separate the lid. Add a parquetry liner, made from a complementary wood, and more distinctive details, and you have a functional piece of art. How to make hexagonal boxes Clark Kellogg shows you how to dig out your attractive scraps and have some small-scale fun. In designing this keepsake box, Ron Giordano of Plano, Texas, sought to blend influences.

The acrylic sections under the floating lid give off a glow throughout the day as sunlight shines through the piece at different angles. Craig Thibodeau has worked with veneer for Small Woodworking Projects The Best Of Fine Woodworking Data years, and he has clever techniques that sall it easier to achieve high-end results.

Woodwoorking he'll show you how to make a mitered, veneered box that he describes as simple but that looks anything but. In this Video Workshop, watch as Michael Cullen shows you how to build his bandsawn boxes. They are quick fine woodworking small boxes llc woofworking, requiring no measuring, no joinery, and almost no planning. A clever veneered box — Craig Thibodeau is a pretty ingenious guy. One of our favorites is the way he ensures that the plywood sides will have a built-in solid-wood edge when he cuts the box apart into body and lid.

Photos by Asa Christiana. While making some profiled molding with a handplane, he got the idea for the profiled inlay featured in this maple burl, ebony, and holly jewelry box. He made the inlay molding as a lamination and then routed a profile on it. The box is 8 in. I used curly cherry rather than the traditional mahogany to match preexisting decor.

The interior drawers are quilted maple with ebony cockbeading. Four fine woodworking small boxes llc or liquor bottles will fit in removable tray on left side, and four wine or drink glasses fit in the tray on the right.

The three drawers and hidden compartment hold accessories. Walnut writing slope with brass and mother of pearl inlay by FWW member ZachMalcolm — This writing slope plc of more than 80 brass dots and 15 feet of inlaid brass strips.

The mother of fine woodworking small boxes llc rose is made up of 20 hand-cut petals. Once open, the slope features ink wells, a pen rest, and a hidden compartment, which fine woodworking small boxes llc two secret drawers. Shaker berry box by Christian Becksvoort.

A collection for every woodworker. Whether you’re a first time woodworker or an experienced hand wanting to learn more, Wooden Boxes – a special collection from the editors of Fine Woodworking magazine – is perfect for you. Here you’ll find step-by-step instructions for completing nine favorite box . Jun 23,  · I built my first boxes from solid wood. Then I started playing with veneer, discovering a new world of wood species, colors, and amazing grain patterns. I used veneer for box-making, then for furniture, and I never looked back. Using veneer makes it easy to decorate a box with inlays, marquetry, corner beading, and more. And the outside of the Author: Craig Thibodeau. Large Double Decker Box Elm Burl and Royal Palm in Chechen - 14"W x 8"D x 7"H. sold out. Large Double Decker Box Camphor Burl in Sapele - 14"W x 8"D x 7"H. sold out. Large Double Decker Box Walnut Burl in Walnut - 14"W x 8"D x 7" sold out.

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