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Attach 1×6 slats to the top frame of the shooting bench. Leave no gaps between the slats, align them at both ends, drill pilot holes and insert 1 1/4″ screws. Fitting the seat slats. Use 2×14 lumber for the seat. Fit the pieces of lumber to the support beams and . - Pressure treated wood is highly recommended. It will greatly increase the life of your shooting bench. (1) 6x6x8’ (6) 2x6x8’ (4) 5/4 x 6x8’ decking boards 2 pounds 3” deck screws. Torx (star) or square head are recommended. 1 Pound 2” deck screws. Torx (star) or square head are recommended. Aug 08,  · You’ll find a wide assortment of home-built shooting bench designs (both portable and fixed) on the internet. Renovation Headquarters has links to FREE Plans and building instructions for fourteen Free Wooden Toy Box Bench Plans Guide (14) different shooting benches. There are all-wood shooting bench designs as well as benches that combine a wood top with a metal sub-frame or legs.

The first Free Wooden Shooting Bench Plans Google step of the project is to build the frame for the shooting bench. Cut all the components from 2×6 lumber, at the dimensions shown in the diagram. Drill pilot holes through the side beams and insert 3 1/2″ screws into the perpendicular components. Align the edges and make sure the corners are right-angled. This step by step woodworking project is about free shooting bench plans. I have designed these plans for a simple shooting bench, so that any person with basic skills and tools can build this in one weekend. You don’t have to be an expert and you don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars to build your own shooting bench. A shooting bench is a great accessory for any hunter or sport-shooting hobbyist. Whether zeroing your rifle before a hunting trip or using a bench rest for accurate, long-range shooting, a solid shooting table is essential. By constructing it yourself with one of these DIY building plans, you can incorporate the custom features you want and need.

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