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While at a barber shop, D. Bitzi has a confession to beench to Buster: she's breaking up with her boyfriend, Harry. After Mr. Francine and her older sister, Catherine, share a room and can't stand each other's tastes in decor, so Catherine moves out. Are free woodworking plans piano bench test stuck with your assignment? As it gets shorter, he is more conservative with it.

He is afraid that no one will like it after D. He begins fictionalizing the events and revising the story using advice from different people, as he tries to write a good one. They pass Pickles the Clown giving out balloons. Kate begins to cry and no one knows why, except for Pal who knows she wants one.

He runs off after Pickles to get one, but Arthur thinks he's running away from him. She leaves a can of flowers on his grave after his funeral but finds a toad in there. Arthur takes her to the pet store to buy a new pet to replace Spanky, but they don't find one. The toad reappears several more times, following her, but she hates it since it won't leave her alone.

When it doesn't reappear, she realizes that she misses it. Arthur and Buster are doing a project together, but Buster doesn't seem to have the time for it, Arthur, or anyone else. All he does is talk about his new friend, Mike. Arthur decides to return everything related to Buster.

At Buster's house they become friends again and he finds out Mike isn't just another kid to replace him. Arthur is addicted to a new computer game, Deep, Dark Sea , playing it even when he shouldn't. When he gets to a new area he's excited about, he calls up Buster. When it appears that they have broken the computer, they look for the Brain to help them fix it, but he can't find the problem. Muffy and Francine were best friends since second grade, when Muffy was a new student. They decide to study together for an upcoming math test, but Muffy continually procrastinates, claiming that she knows her addition and subtraction.

When the test day comes, she cheats off of Francine's test and claims that she would never do so, getting Francine into trouble. Arthur wants to go back to Camp Meadowcroak from "Arthur Goes to Camp" with Buster for the summer and tries to get out of the family vacation to the beach. He changes his mind with the mention of lobster and after several impediments, they finally make it there.

They lose their hotel reservation and stay in a leaky rundown hotel as it rains for days. Things eventually start to get better. Arthur and D. It has been in the family for years and he doesn't want help running it. Arthur finds an entry form for a jingle writing contest for Crunch Cereal and he's determined to win the year's supply of it.

He starts a band with some of his friends, Mrs. McGrady, and Grandma Thora , but he has nothing for them to play. Without a tune, he hears D. He feels guilty as he is about to mail it. Flips ".

She gets her way and goes to her first class. Emily is there and D. Muffy bets Francine she can't be nice to everyone for a whole week and she can't tell anyone about why she's being nice. Arthur and his friends are worried when she starts acting nice for no apparent reason and are worried she may "pop" if she continues bottling up her anger.

They try fruitlessly to diffuse her. Arthur and Buster sit at the only available table with the Tough Customers.

Buster claims that Arthur is the world's greatest "gleeper" to stop the teasing, only to find out later that "gleep" means "steal. Arthur gets the chicken pox. While he hopes he recovers in time for a family trip to the circus, D. In an attempt to regain the lost attention she fakes having chicken pox.

In the end she. Arthur feeds Pal things other than dog food, like pancakes and old gummy worms. He gets sick as a result. Arthur thinks D. Then he finds out from the vet that it's the food Pal has eaten. Rides Again ". Arthur teachers her the basics and she learns to ride by herself without training wheels in time for the bikeathon.

Arthur and his friends are trying out for the baseball team and everyone wants to be the pitcher. Arthur makes it but he's the worst player. He and Francine, who can't pitch, work together to improve their skills. Arthur and his friends are assigned to write about what they do over Saturday, but it rains and ruins plans. Without anything better to do, they help her clean out her attic and find some interesting things, including old home movies. Grandma Thora can't cook. When she decides to bake cookies for the bake sale, Arthur tries to think up ways to stop her bad cooking from ruining it.

He decides to buy all of her cookies before anyone else can. When Mr. Morris , the janitor, finds them in his closet, Arthur has to tell the truth. Rumors are circulating about the new family that has moved to Elwood City and Buster thinks that they may be aliens, even after he met Sue Ellen. When his mom invites them over for dinner, he finds out that Sue Ellen isn't an alien, but just a kid who has lived in various places around the world.

The Brain is spending the weekend with the Reads because his parents are going to an ice cream convention. Arthur thinks this will be like having a brother around, but he is neat, finishes his homework early, and reads to D. However, Arthur discovers that he is not so neat when he invites him over to his own house, and he has to be polite as he is the houseguest.

Buster, as a detective, investigates, listening to biased accounts of those present the day it did so. They argue and accuse each other but everyone, except D. Arthur, Buster, and Francine are assigned to do a group project on Ancient Rome. They discuss how they're going to do it, each coming up with their own idea and eventually decide to draw a comic book. Each has their own idea of what to draw and after a failure to communicate have a mismatched one. They argue over this and finally realize that they need to work together to finish it.

Binky has a reputation for being a bully. When he doesn't, she challenges him to a fight to settle it. He gets nervous when he finds out she knows Tae Kwon Do. He decides to beat her at music but loses, so he apologizes to her so they wouldn't have to fight. For her half-birthday, Prunella's big sister, Rubella, gives her a cootie catcher.

Rubella claims that it can tell the future and the answers it gives do come true. Arthur and his friends begin following the its advice. When it goes missing and turns up ruined by the washing machine, they realize that they don't need it to run their lives. Arthur has a loose tooth, but he is the only one in his class that hasn't lost any of his baby teeth yet. He unsuccessfully tries various ways to get it out so that Francine will stop calling him a baby.

She, later, unintentionally knocks it out. Gets Lost ". She asks her mom and dad , but they claim her ears will turn green. After her persistence, Mrs. Read takes her shopping for earrings only if she approves of them. While at the All In One Mart , she wanders off when her mom is distracted. Lost, she runs into Emily, whose ears have turned green. Emily proceeds to direct her back to her mom.

Thinks Big ". At Aunt Lucy 's wedding, Arthur is the ring bearer and their dramatic diva cousin, Cora , is the flower girl, but D. However, when the wedding ring gets lost in the pipe organ, D.

Arthur and Buster are playing Frisbee in the park when it lands in a polluted fountain. Arthur's dad overhears him and Buster talking about the park and he involuntarily becomes the leader of a cleanup crew of kids. His friends aren't pleased and don't help him. But with the help of Francine's dad and a few volunteers, they manage to clean up the park.

Ratburn's class is going on field trips to several of the students' parents at work to learn about careers. Francine is embarrassed by her dad's job as a garbage man, but her classmates don't seem to think so. Muffy is allergic to the new carpets in her house , so she decides to stay with Francine while it is being removed. She brings some of the things from her room with her including TVs, wardrobes, and sculptures. During her stay, Francine can't deal with her spoiled attitude and she can't handle the less-than-wealthy condition in which Francine's family lives.

Ratburn loses his voice and his sister, Miss Ratburn , substitutes for him. Initially, the class is excited by the easiness of the lessons, doing things such as reciting the one times table and that yellow and blue make green. They are soon bored and are excited when Mr.

Ratburn returns the next day. Fern is the only person who volunteers to enter the Poetry Competition, which is will be judged by Jack Prelutsky. When the others start making fun of her, she reveals a new side to her quiet character, and challenges them all to write poems for the competition. If they don't succeed, they will be roped into a year's membership of the School Poetry Club.

Arthur and his friends start a petition when they learn that the Scare-Your-Pants-Off books have been removed from the library. They find out that it's Muffy's parents who want them banned. Arthur and his friends create a club to stop D. When they can't agree on its rules it splits.

This leads to more disagreements and more clubs created. They eventually come back together, under D. Francine has outgrown her bike so her dad finds his old one for her, except she is embarrassed by it. She hides it and pretends it's stolen when it is accidentally taken way by a garbage truck.

They don't agree. She plays a prank on them with fake UFOs in retaliation and vice versa. Arthur has never stayed up until midnight on New Year's Eve. His friends all have their theories on what occurs when the new year comes. He tries to stay up until New Year's Eve to find out what really happens at midnight. Mister Rogers is visiting Mr.

Ratburn 's class and staying at Arthur's house. Arthur is afraid of telling anyone the latter because he doesn't want to be called a baby.

It's not so bad when they find out. When Francine makes fun of Fern , she draws a comic humiliating her, which everyone finds amusing. Other comics about her are drawn. During the school carnival, those teasing her are convinced by Mrs. MacGrady to dump green slime on her.

As they prepare to do so, they realize how much they hurt her feelings. Arthur and Buster have to work with Binky on an art report, but they believe he will make them do all the work. He wants to do it on an abstract painting he believes is hanging sideways.

To avoid embarrassment, Arthur and Buster make an agreement with him to do separate reports. Ironically, he is the only one who does any of the work and turns out to be correct. Arthur's luck begins to change after he finds a pencil right before the stop of a rainstorm. After several lucky breaks, he and his friends are convinced that it is lucky.

As it gets shorter, he is more conservative with it. Even with an upcoming history test, he won't let anyone use it, not even himself. Buster begins keeping bad company in his eagerness to learn his new "friends'" skating tricks. Arthur realizes that they are just having Buster make a fool of himself for their own amusement. Arthur and his friends are too young to watch a James Hound movie.

They instead decide to make their own movie. Although it doesn't come out as planned, they have fun filming it. She thinks that her parents only love Arthur and Kate.

While she watches Kate for the rest of her punishment, she realizes that she has been a horrible sister. Binky rips his pants in class, revealing his underwear. Arthur can't stop laughing every time he thinks of it, but he's getting nightmares in which he doesn't have any pants.

He tells Buster about this, who tells everyone else, which embarrasses him. Inevitably, he does rip his pants and has to deal with it.

Francine goes for horseback riding lessons and her sister, Catherine , has to bring her there. Catherine is better than Francine! Feeling over shadowed by Catherine, Francine considers quitting but returns and remembers why she wanted to take horseback riding in the first place. Buster gets a cat down from a tree with his ice cream and his mother publishes a story on it. When people start calling him a hero, this goes to his head and he starts acting important and retells the story with embellished details.

Arthur, Francine, and the Brain make a fool out of him to humble him, but he ends up saving Arthur and Francine from a runaway piano. She surprises him with four tickets to " Crazy Bus Live ". He is embarrassed to be there but finds Buster enjoying the show. When the CD goes missing, she accuses him of taking it, but their parents have done so by mistake. Arthur and his friends are participating in TV-Free Week. His family also goes without TV in support of the idea.

Everyone tries to resist the temptation of TV while they go through their week. Binky has a night light. He tries to go without it when Arthur has to spend the night because his parents are stuck out of town. When Arthur finds out about it, he believes Arthur may use this against him, although Arthur isn't particularly interested.

Even so, he eventually musters the courage to tell everyone before Arthur does. The school band has a recital on Friday. Everyone except Arthur is worried and practicing. He is confident that he knows everything well enough until a nightmare makes him worry he may miss a note. In a subplot, D. Francine and the Brain have an argument over soccer practice that carries into class and through the next match.

They may not make it to the playoffs if the argument continues. Arthur uses D. After school, Arthur is supposed to take the bus to the public pool for his swimming lesson, but he falls asleep and misses his stop. Then he ends up at the edge of town but luckily, the bus driver helps him find his way home. Arthur has a to-do list for the summer, but he can't find it and summer's nearly over. He finds out everyone else had a great summer.

He finds his list and D. Goes to Washington ". The Reads go to Washington, D. They tour the popular landmarks and at the White House , D. Haney gives Arthur an envelope to give to his mom. He is worried about its contents, thinking that it's about him, so he comes up with a way of giving it to her without her opening it. It turns out to contain Mr. Haney's tax documents. When the Reads goes camping, D. She names him Walter and wants to take him home.

Buster needs to write a book report, but he has never finished a book. His friends try to find one he can finish. Arthur and Buster start writing their own adventure book based on Buster's book choice from "Buster Hits the Books", but he is leaving for a couple of months. Arthur's and Francine's friends think that they are in love, leading both of them to think the other is in love. They avoid each other afraid of getting "cooties" and finally solve the problem.

Muffy is throwing a party at Waterworld and everyone is excited except the Brain. Arthur and Binky discover that he is afraid of water and try to help him get over this fear so he can go to the party. In a letter to Buster, Arthur tells him about how he was determined to be too hopelessly unfunny to be a clown and how he discovered he can be funny playing the piano. Sue Ellen loses her diary in the library.

Muffy, Francine, Binky, and Arthur find it, wondering what's inside and whether to open it or return it unread. Arthur accidentally hurts his knee at the dump while retrieving a wheel to fix his school project. He hides the injury and makes D. She unexpectedly shows up early when her car breaks down and they must finish their last minute preparations without her noticing.

Fern's mother wants her to invite some girls over for a slumber party to which she reluctantly agrees. Everyone thinks she is boring and bring their own entertainment, but she later manages to impress them with her detective skills. The Brain and Francine use fake love notes to get revenge against Muffy after she puts them down at the science fair.

Their joke has unintended consequences and they must fix it before things get worse. Blows the Whistle ". Arthur and his friends worry she may ruin the upcoming soapbox derby. During it, she finds herself in an unsafe situation when she is stuck at the top of a large pine tree after she climbs it to get a better view.

Francine and her older sister, Catherine, share a room and can't stand each other's tastes in decor, so Catherine moves out. Francine finds her room to be empty without her sister in it. Arthur keeps losing at the new " No Guessing! His friends are annoyed by his "sore winner" attitude and use Binky to make him lose, because Binky has no qualms about cheating.

They try to figure out ways to circumvent crossing the intersection before they realize his true intent. Arthur and Francine try to find out why D. She later has a strange dream with him, Walter from "D. Arthur, Binky, and the Brain find a key in the grass while looking for a baseball.

They each think it's for something they would like and argue over who gets to keep it before they find out what its real use is. Muffy is having trouble coming up with a recipe so her friends make a joke one, which turns out to taste good and she takes all the credit. Sue Ellen feels lonely not having a sibling, so she opts for one of her friends, but they each have their flaws. Buster is coming home and Arthur is excited.

He is also afraid that Buster will have changed too much, so he reads up on all the places Buster had visited. His fears worsen when Buster doesn't call back or come over. Buster has returned to Elwood City. He's surprised by how much has changed and feels left out because of the things he didn't get to experience while he was away. Arthur decides to throw a party for him. All Fired Up ". When Arthur and Muffy are assigned to work on a project together, he begins to act more and more like her.

His friends try to turn him back into Arthur before it's too late. Sue Ellen and the Brain are assigned to work on a project together same assignment as "Arthur Goes Crosswire". Francine and Buster say it will be easy as the Brain does almost all of the work by himself. Sue Ellen wants to help, but he doesn't let her. This turns into a struggle that nearly ruins their project. Ratburn 's class is asked to research their ancestors. Muffy and Francine try to one-up each other with who theirs were, even after each find nothing interesting.

Even though Muffy is eventually caught lying about hers, Francine continues with her lie. The Magic Toolbox is coming to Mr. Ratburn's class to put the kids on TV! The kids prepare for stardom, all practicing their various talents. The Brain is the only one not interested in appearing on the show, but when it turns out that the segment is not what the others expect it to be, they need his help.

Arthur and Buster are sorting potato chips and find a big green one. Binky eats one, too, and they both make the best out the last days of their lives.

Throughout the day, all of the kids and adults tease her about the green chip incident. She is furious that this went public, and blames Arthur but finds out it was her mom who told other people. She apologizes, but D.

When graffiti stating "Binky Rules" mysteriously appears on the walls of the school, everyone thinks that Binky wrote it. Buster and Fern , who are well known for being good detectives, attempt to prove that he didn't do it.

After more investigating, they realize that it was done by an unknown band called Binky to promote themselves. Binky, the unknown band from "Binky Rules", has their first concert. Arthur gets to visit them backstage and struggles with whether or not he should bring his friends along and decides to do so at the last minute.

They get to meet Binky backstage because Arthur's father is catering for them. When they meet them, they realize that they are actually holograms. Arthur doesn't like the new Woogle fad, but when everyone else has one, he tries to get one. Frustrated after several failed attempts, he starts playing with a bottle cap and starts a new fad. Arthur brings a cake his dad made to a party in his class celebrating Galileo 's birthday. Everyone likes the cake so he asks his dad to make another one, but this makes him run behind on his other orders.

He realizes this after the Brain's mom starts bringing ice cream to the school. A subplot has Mr. Ratburn attempting to get Mr. Read's cake by pretending to try to give anyone who is having one a schedule of Spring Reading, but his final attempt doesn't work when it turns out that Arthur and his dad aren't having cake; they're making ones for other people. Francine accidentally takes her sister Catherine 's backpack to school and discovers a magazine called " Popular Girl ".

Reading it convinces Sue Ellen and Fern to change their personality to become more likable. Buster has never been mad at anyone for long, but he holds a grudge against Binky for telling the joke he was going to tell. This culminates to an onstage rant during a school talent show and Arthur has to set things right. After Buster finds an arrowhead in his backyard, Arthur wants to dig around his house to see what he can find. When he gets too involved, he starts digging where he's not allowed to do so.

Ratburn's class is at a medieval fair competing for a trophy against a class from Glenbrook Academy led by Mr. Ratburn's former teacher, Mr. During the competitions, Arthur is sidetracked by the sword in the stone and his classmates fear that Mr. Pryce-Jones may replace Mr. Ratburn if they lose. They play roughly while pretending to fight crime and end up hurting D.

Tricks the Tooth Fairy ". When her plan doesn't work, she tries to trick the tooth fairy with a fake one. December 28, [1]. Tommy Tibble is sad and less active because Timmy is sick.

Although D. Arthur and Buster have an imaginary music festival featuring the whole cast in songs based on their lives, themselves, and the library. Sue Ellen is hard to scare and is frightened by a mysterious howl in the woods. She enlists the help of Arthur, Buster, and Binky to investigate the noise.

Arthur gets the help of Mr. Ratburn to try to fix her. George becomes more popular with his ventriloquist dummy, Wally , and starts a short-lived ventriloquism fad at school. He starts acting less rationally as Wally starts falling apart, because before Wally, nobody noticed him. Francine's family gets a new cat that Francine renames Nemo after her sister, Catherine, named him Rose Petal. Arthur is a dog person and doesn't like him, thinking he is trying to kill Pal.

He dislikes him so much that it may end his friendship with Francine. Arthur goes over past events from previous episodes with her to cheer her up.

This works and she goes on to her birthday party to make a wish. Clean Up ". However, they each are picky about what stays and goes and how it all goes together. Arthur and his friends are feeling different, but can't put a finger on it. They eventually realize that they haven't had a holiday in a while, so they embark on making a new one.

Arthur refuses to get a book for D. Luckily, she figures out how to get a library card and check it out. But the Tibble Twins make her worried. Having had enough of D. Worse, when the Tough Customers hear about this, they dare Binky to hit him the next time he sees him. Arthur and his friends find a snake and decide to keep it in a box in his room without telling his parents.

It escapes and he and his friends are worried when they can't remember if it was a venomous coral snake Micrurus or the similarly-colored, but harmless king snake Lampropeltis Triangulum. Muffy and Francine are best friends, but Muffy does not like practicing soccer and Francine does not like shopping.

Since Francine and Jenna like soccer, Muffy searches for a new best friend who likes what she does. When D. When he learns he has it, his friends start treating him differently, thinking that he needs special attention. He educates them about it. Muffy and Francine play several pranks on Arthur, Buster, Binky, and the Brain and invite them to a party at a haunted house. The boys decide to retaliate at it and Muffy and Francine are ready with another prank.

They call off all pranks when they discover a real ghost. Five years later, they are 13 and watch for the winning episode only to find out a girl named Holly Holland from Canadian, Oklahoma has won. When Arthur won't take her along to the Exploratorium , she makes her own museum with false explanations of real-life occurrences, such as why the sky is blue or what the formula for water stands for.

She challenges Arthur and the Brain to "prove it" when they say she is wrong, only to have to take her to the Exploratorium. A blizzard hits Elwood City , leaving Mr. Ratburn , Mr. Haney , and Mr. Morris trapped in the school , the Brain at Prunella's house , and several families at the Reads' house. Francine has to write a report on pioneers and bases it on her experience with the people who came over to the Reads' house and pooled their resources.

After his roof caves in from snow, Mr. Ratburn stays at Arthur's house. Arthur is afraid that it will be non-stop homework and teaching, only to find out Mr. Ratburn is more fun than he thought.

However, at school, his friends start calling him a teacher's pet. Tale Spins ". She retells The Odyssey to prove him wrong. Note: "Vegemorphs" is a parody of the Animorphs book series.

Also, there is such thing as the Vegemorphs spoof series in the real world; it is published by Troll. Prunella gets two Polly Locket dolls and dismisses the second one, which was from Francine.

Later, she thinks that Francine spoiled the party by not joining in on the festivities. Binky is doing a project on butterflies and becomes obsessed with catching "Big Blue", a rare blue one. He eventually manages to catch it but lets every butterfly go when he is horrified by how they are kept in collections. When Francine enters the talent show, her friends try to tell her she is horrible when she sings and drums at the same time, even though she is a good drummer.

After she hears a recording of herself, she realizes her friends had been right, but at the talent show, she surprises them without her drum set as she sings very well. Father's Day is approaching and Arthur and his friends come up with an idea to find a substitute for Buster's dad who is a pilot and often away.

Prunella wants Flash Pants and thinks she is getting them for her birthday, only to be disappointed by a watch instead. Arthur is afraid of being teased when wearing his dad 's old Mr. Puffy jacket because he has outgrown his old winter coat. Together, they realize that they don't have to hide because of what they wear. Arthur and his friends separately find the same metal bobbin but do not know what it is.

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