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The Cottage Duck House The Straw and Barrel Coops Moreover, it can be used as a bench too and is easy to build. It even has a small ramp leading into the water. Drawers, a pullout waste bin, a drop leaf top, and shelves for storage are all part of this free kitchen island plan. This free woodworking plans porch swing out also eliminate ;lans need for a third chain in the back. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

The roof hatch can be opened for cleaning and feeding purposes. Over all, this product ticks all the boxes of efficiency. More details at discount-pumps. This lake house is quite a luxurious and spacious. If you cant afford to leave your ducks out unsupervised, they have enough space to run and fly around. It even has a detailed ramp leading to the lake.

It can be covered by screening nets for protection. So if you have a lot of ducks or chickens on your farm, you can definitely go for this duck house. More details at livereadynow. Pallets just seem quite handy and repurposeful for backyard projects like these. Like this duck house, which is fixed adjacent to the house. It has a small shelter for ducks, which can probably fit less than five at a time. It also has a fenced run, which can be made with pallets or pickets. More details at tacticalhousewife.

It has a slanted roof to avoid retention of rainwater and snow. The door is large enough, so it makes the cleaning job easier. More details at domesticfowltrust. This idea is brilliant for a small or medium sized duck houses.

It follows the A-Frame construction technique with some small window openings from the side or the top for sunlight and breeze. The rooftop is strong and sturdy, so the duck house is good for sheltering your ducks and their young ones.

I like the fact that the ramp can be folded in to be a door to the duck house. Using sturdy wood can keep the duck house safe from stormy winds and harsh weather. Painting the exterior in peppy colours will certainly add some charm to it. The website claims to have spent very little finances on it, but it does manage to look colorful and trendy for your backyard.

The size seems huge enough to accomodate birds easily. You can even fortify the entire duck house with nets. More details at thepoultryguide. This idea is quite clever and amazing. It has been converted into a spacious duck and chicken coop from a carport or a garage. Adding screening nets can keep your birds safe from predators.

It also has a small shelter inside the enclosure, so the birds can take shelter whenever the weather gets unfavorable.

This design seems nifty and easy to execute, so you can try it for sure. Here we have another thematic duck house for your little birds. It does add a lot to the looks of it.

The decor seems quaint and pretty from the outside. It has windows with flower boxes and a nice wind dial on the top. It actually looks like an inn from the wild, wild west. Another inexpensive duck house made out of a few wooden plywood pieces. I love how ingenious this design is. Simple in built and looks, yet safe for all the ducks. You could even say that your ducks need to duck and enter the hut. The low entry makes sure your ducks stay safe from predators, rain and snow.

The roof seems high enough for the ducks after entering. More details at fresheggsdaily. Like this modern duck coop and run was made by a beginner, and it turned out to be quite a success. You may attach a slide door for the entrance of the enclosure.

It has a wooden roof on the entire enclosure. More details at frankiemakes. Here is another idea for a floating duck house. You can build it, or buy and modify it. It is a simple house, tiny but comfortable for ducks. It has a pretty decor to the entire exterior. It even has a small ramp leading into the water. The railings on the side are too adorable to miss.

So if you have a pond in your backyard, this duck house will look really charming, floating around in it. More details at hlstudios1. The house is simply built with two entrances and a ramp from the floating platform. The roof can be detached for cleaning purposes. If you want to decorate it more to add color to your pond, you could paint it in pretty pastel colors as well.

More details at greenswoodworks. Most people reuse cable spools after their intended purpose is complete. Cables spools can be really useful in backyard and DIY projects. This duck house is made of a similar repurposed cable spool.

It has been covered with wood from all sides, and a ramp is attached to it as well. There are two doors, one for the ducks, and one to make cleaning easy.

More details at instructables. This duck tractor is quite easy to build and assemble. It has strong wooden walls, giving it more stability. The roof is made out of wood and covered with metal, so it gives extra protection from heat and rain. This duck tractor does seem efficient that way.

This bird coop is made out of repurposed wooden pallets and boxes too. You can add splashes of colors, colourful doors and decorative ramps for some extra charm. This duck house is inexpensive and can be built easily with visual and verbal instructions.

More details at homegrown. This is a simple outdoor duck house, easy to build and charming in looks. It seems like a place ducks will feel comfortable to nest in, or sleep peacefully. You can build it on the ground or elevate it on a platform.

Although if you choose to build it on a platform, you may consider adding a ramp for proper entry of the ducks. There is no tutorial available for this duck house, but if you have enough experience, you can build it according to the picture.

We often wonder what to do with a playhouse when kids grow out of it. Do you have such a playhouse sitting in your backyard?

You can easily convert it into a spacious duck coop. It has a human sized door, modified to keep ducks safe. And it also makes the cleaning easier. It has enough space for a storage and nesting too. So your flock can live in this shelter comfortably. More details at projectzenstead. This duck house can be built as well as purchased from this site. The shelter uses logs for construction, so it gives a cabin look to house.

It is also portable since it has wheels attached to it. If you plan on keeping it stationary, you can modify it that way. Shanty 2 Chic. This free kitchen island plan from Shanty 2 Chic builds a kitchen island that will even fit in small spaces.

The design includes a large workspace, lower open shelf, wheels to make it portable, and a towel bar. This free downloadable plan includes a supply list, cut list, written instructions, diagrams, and photos. Shades of Blue Interiors. Make your kitchen island dreams come true with this beautiful build that includes open storage plus a pull-out bin for your trash can. This would also be an excellent island to use in an outdoor kitchen.

These free plans include a tools list, shopping list, cut list, building directions, and photos. This rustic but modern kitchen island includes two shelves, large drawers, and a wood countertop. It could be stained or painted to match just about any style of kitchen. You can use this kitchen island plan with its diagrams, materials and tools list, cut list, and step-by-step directions to start building today.

Michaela's Kitchen Island from Ana White. Our Vintage Home Love. Our Vintage Home Love has a free kitchen island plan which uses aged wood to give it a nice rustic look. Color photos and clear written instructions will walk you through building this beautiful and functional kitchen island.

Cherished Bliss. Cherished Bliss has designed a small but mighty kitchen island that has two cabinets, four drawers, a butcher block countertop.

This free plan includes a supply list, lumber shopping list, cut list, building directions, diagrams, and photos to help you build it. Mama Sarahs.

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn't mean you can't have a kitchen island. Tons of color photos, a supply list, and written instructions are included in this free kitchen island plan. This is a fairly simple-to-complete porch swing plan that is perfect for the beginner. The final product will certainly hide the fact of just how easy it was to build.

A hardware list, cut list, directions, photos, and user comments will help you complete this project with ease. Jaime Costiglio. Jamie Costiglio has designed this DIY porch swing plan that's a hanging bench built out of cedar. There's a free PDF of this plan that includes a supply list, cut list, diagrams, and building instructions. Cedar Swinging Bench from Jaime Costiglio. My Outdoor Plans. You'll be able to use this porch swing plan to make your family a swing in a single weekend.

Use cedar, redwood, or pine to create this weather-resistant piece of art. You'll find a materials list, tools list, diagrams, written instructions, and tips on staining all in this free porch swing plan.

Jay's Custom Creations. Now that's a nice trade-off. This is an excellent free porch swing plan that includes a PDF file with step-by-step directions and diagrams. There's also a video that will take you through the whole building process. Sunset Magazine. This high-back porch swing plan from Sunset Magazine connects to a porch or branch from rope or hemp that is tied into the arms.

Download this free porch swing plan and you'll get a materials list, color photos, diagrams, written instructions, and valuable building tips. Here's a free plan from DIY Network that will show you how to build a custom porch swing, just the length you want.

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