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Bob Ierien Bob Ierien I use it on spoons, cutting boards, bowls, pretty much anything that needs to be food safe. Neat Carnauba Wax is the best. You may well be so pleased with the finish you get that you will not be inclined to add anything more on top. However it is not noted for it's durability generally and is attacked by alcohol. You might have to do this twice to ensure that subsequent application of water colours does not raise the grain further. You can burnish into the awkward corners and mouldings by using pieces of cardboard or wood covered with a layer of cloth. If the work is still on the lathe try burnishing with grit webrax.

Nov 05,  · I’ve used untreated pine sawdust from my miter saw with a little paste wax and mineral oil = very cheap and works reasonably well on the lathe. Haven’t tried it using any other methods, but packing it in a rag and holding it tight against whatever I’m turning "Lack of effort will result in failure with amazing predictability" - Me. Friction Polishis a Packard Woodturning Tools Free shellac based polish with oils, possibly waxes, and powders which prevent the "rubber" from sticking. It should be applied over shellac sanding sealer, or on bare wood if the grain is fine. Apply using a cotton wool Woodturning Tools Game Pack "rubber", preferably covered with soft Woodturning Threading Tools Tutorial cotton cloth. The wood should rotate at relatively low speed. Jul 21,  · Turning Tool Storage. Basic Pen Turning. Homemade Friction Polish. New to Woodturning? What is CBN? Ten Principles of Clean Cutting. Darryl Stephison -- Woodturning Tips and Tricks. Brian Clifford -- Introduction To Woodturning A page eBook. Rudy Lopez Woodturning Tools Pdf Quality -- ABC-XYZ of Bowl Turning. Rudy Lopez -- Bowl Gouge Grinder Setup Jig. Rudy Lopez.

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