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This software woodworkung not be compatible with your operating system, but you can download it for installation on a different machine. I have tried to use SketchUp in the past and even took a 4 hour intro course, but I have always found it very frustrating to use. This instructable will describe a method for making wood inlays that i have found to work well. Tags: Introduction. I spent two years fumbling around, creating various 2D drawings of simple objects. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply.

Was Woodworking Plans Urns 95 pretty good with sketchup, but switched to fusion for CNC support. Learning a different UI is the worst of it. Frankly, Sketchup is probably better for intuitive casework design, but the integrated CAM in fusion more than makes up for Wood Workshop Layout Pdf Not Working it if you ever use a CNC. Going back and forth between the two would be a nightmare. Completely agree on the 3DConnexion — simplifies life which ever way you go.

I love it! The best part for me is the rendering engine. I can see what my project will really look like with photo realistic and customizable! I have tried to use SketchUp in the past and even took a 4 hour intro course, but I have always found it very frustrating to use. Specifically, I found it nearly impossible to undo things once I made a mistake. My son introduced me to Fusion and I found the software much more user friendly and enjoyable to work with.

When mated with a 3D mouse e. For those who find SketchUp lacking, I highly recommend giving Fusion a try. Have you checked out Onshape? I would recommend giving it a try as well.

By David Lyell. Both are former Sketchup users who have made transition and occasionally mention the similarities and differences. The videos are a nice overview as to its capabilities and power.

Given you are new to Fusion , however, I would start with a good beginner's video course. There are tons of introduction tutorials on YouTube and it's difficult to wade through them all and find the best one.

Many of them are related to specific topics, but leave out the "big picture. Fusion is a lot easier to use and far more productive than Sketchup, but unless you get it works conceptually, it will be difficult to make the transition seamlessly. Sketchup approaches modeling intuitively, but requires lots of small sequential operations that are difficult to modify.

Fusion , on the other hand, requires fewer operations that are easier to change, but it's not as intuitive unless Coffee Table Woodworking Plans 90 you firmly grasp how these operations work together. Regardless, the amount of effort you Woodworking Plans Murphy Bed Key put in Fusion will quickly pay divends.

A intermediate Fusion user can model a reasonably complex table in a matter of minutes and change its length and within a a few seconds. You also can generate precise cutlists and drawings in a few minutes, which requires quite a bit of effort in Sketchup. Fusion Support. Share Fusion issues here and get support from the community as well as the Fusion team.

Turn on suggestions. Lesson 2: Simple Drawer. As the lessons progress, new operations and features are shown and then reinforced in following lessons. The lessons are well presented showing a couple ways to accomplish the task.

The best way is pointed out plus how to find and correct errors. The couple times I had questions they were answered in detail. I previously tried several times to learn Fusion but gave up in frustration. Stuart Johnson. As someone who is relatively new to woodworking and furniture design, I have been really interested in learning more about computer-aided design.

Being able to create models and figure out some of the joinery before even stepping into the shop is something I've been looking for.

I had heard of Fusion in the past but it seemed a little overwhelming to me. When I found Ben's course I was immediately excited about diving in and learning all about Fusion

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