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If you dig Rustic Farmhouse Style, then this X-style coffee table will be right up your alley! It means, there general finishes gray wood stain 25 a good chance for you to save money when you choose this wood stain instead of other similar products. Usually, the colors available for this product have limitation in the ones that have a resemblance to wood tones in nature, such as pecan, oak, and walnut. You can apply Java Gel Stain several ways: With a 52 for a painted effect from ABHallpainting on with a chip brush followed by pouncing with a plastic bag for a textured effect finisges Denise Wonders Beatty. First, I used a spray bottle to dampen the entire top with water.

Gray Gel Stained Console Table. Gel Stained Corn Hole Boards. When we got this I knew it would make a perfect coffee station or wine bar. Klamath Falls, Oregon to purchase your favorite GF products! Check out the smoothly planked and joined tops the hubs is able to make I stained the entire set in General Finishes Gray Gel Stain and we added some cool industrial style brackets and bolts! Gray Gel Stained Entertainment Center.

The top of this piece has been planked, stained, and sealed to protect. Gray Gel Stained Dresser Top. The top was stained using a blend of General Finishes Java and Gray Gel Stain, while the bottom was painted in Driftwood Milk Paint and then dry brushed using Winter White and brown glaze to create this beautiful finish.

And that GF Glaze Effects can be used for inking? Lori of Woodcraft transformed this tired dresser by painting it a pretty turquoise and adding a glaze of GF Gray Gel Stain and accenting the details of the doors with Pitch Black Glaze Effects. First time using this gel stain color and I love it! Gray Gel Stained Bathroom Vanity. Yep, you read THAT right. I am a BIG fan of this brand and I am not getting paid to say this! It is so easy to use, thick, not messy, great coverage, and you get such a smooth finish!!

A CU Woodshop Associate helped her pick the yellow pine boards. They were cut, glued, and sanded in our shop.

Using a foam brush, she applied a coat of General Finishes Gray Gel Stain to the bottom and sides of the table top. After applying the gel stain, Hillary used a soft cotton cloth to wipe off the excess The table and bench base were also painted in Antique White.

The table and chairs were then finished with a Satin High Performance Topcoat. Charming Midnight Blue Nightstand. General Finishes Gel Stains - top to bottom, left to right Antique Walnut, Brown Mahogany, Java Gray, Black, Candlelite The right side of each board is one coat wiped back, the left side is multiple coats for a more opaque look.

Kitchen in Driftwood Milk Paint. Headboard in Gray Gel Stain. Get all the details of this project at Restyle Junkie says, "Dear Grey Gel Stain, The other colors are getting extremely jealous of all of the attention you're commanding lately.

This is only one coat over a honey oak graham cracker cabinet. It needs another coat, but it's already pretty. Kitchen Makeover in Gray Gel Stain. I have had so many compliments so far and I am looking into doing the dining room table with the java gel here sometime soon. I bought two of the largest cans of the grey from Woodcraft, I then Donna Ginther transformed her golden oak cabinets by painting 3 coats of General Finishes Gray Gel Stain over her existing finish. What a gorgeous end result!

The color of GF's Gray Gel Stain is so light that it can only be successfully applied over raw wood with the wipe-away application method.

If you prefer the painted look, we recommend using Milk Paint instead of Gel Stain. Still, Gel Stain is an excellent finish when painted on and we are thrilled to see the success of this project! Black and Gray Gel Stained Table. Restoration StudiosOnSheridan gave this cherry coffee table a new life! Gray Gel Stained Table Top. Loving this beachy vibe from Airdrie Furniture Revival! This was a collaboration done with my friend and fellow junk addict Nicole.

She found the table and chairs for a song, I provided the materials, and we both put in the blood, sweat, and tears It is solid Walnut. Grey Gel Stain on the Sides and drawer spacers. It is beautiful!. Multi Color Contemporary Dresser. I used all General Finishes products to complete this dresser. If you've never had a chance to work with gel stains you're missing out.

I find them so much easier to work with than liquid stains. They are so easy to We love this look! The top of the table was stripped of it's previous finish before two coats of stain were applied. For the rest of the table, Gel Stain was painted on, wiped back and dry brushed over white paint. In order to achieve the right color, we generally recommend that Gray Gel Stain be applied to raw wood. Circle sawn Southern Yellow Pine. These marks are made with our historic circle sawmill in De Kalb, TX.

The stain on this wood is Graystone from General Finishes. This wood console table was first painted in General Finishes Seagull Gray followed by a dry brushing of gray stain and brown glaze. The top has been stained with a custom blend of Graystone and Walnut. Oil rubbed bronze label pulls and knobs finish off this transformation. Driftwood Milk Paint. The table top and chair seats were first painted in General Finishes Seagull Gray and then I applied Graystone water based stain.

I wiped the stain off and feathered it back on in some areas until I achieved this soft driftwood look. The legs of the table and chairs were painted in Empire gray, a beautiful gray that compliments the top perfectly! I bought this antique buffet months ago and was waiting for the perfect time to refinish it.

I selected their "Perfect Gray" for the base and "Graystone" for the top. Skip to main content. Graystone Graystone Graystone. Perfect Gray and Graystone Buffet. I removed the top and just refinished the base. The base was painted in their Perfect Gray Milk Paint. Queenstown Gray Bedroom Set.

New hardware from D. Lawless Hardware complete this beautiful transformation!!

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