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[Dm/C]Oooh, you make me [C]live. [Dm/C]Whatever this world can [C]give to me. It's [Dm/C]you, you're all I [C]see. [Dm/C]Oooh, you make me [C]live now honey. [Dm/C]Oooh, you make me [C]live[G] [Am]. -- Awwwe you're the [D]best friend that [F]I ever [G]had. I've [C]been with [G]you such a [Am]long time. You're my [D]sunshine and I [F]want you to [G]know. That my [E]feelings are [Am]true. I r[G]eally l[F]ove you____[Fm]Oooh. You're my [C]best friend. - [Dm/C]Ooo, you make me [C]live, Ooo [G]I've been [Am]wandering [Am7]round but [Dm]still come back to [Fm]you. Ukulele chords and tabs for "You're My Best Friend" by Queen. Free and guaranteed quality with ukulele chord charts, transposer and auto scroller.  C You're my best friend. F C Ooo, you make me live, G Am Am F Fm7 Ooo I've been wandering round but I still come back to you G E Am D7 In rain or How To Make A Frame For Jersey 70 shine you've stood by me girl G G C I'm - ha h a p p y - at home. You're my best friend. F C F C Oooh, you make me live. Whenever this world is cruel to me. F C F C I got you to help me forgive, Ooo Ooo Ooo, Ooo you make me live now honey F C G Am Oooh, you make me live. Having trouble finding a gift that's as great as your best friend? Here, cute presents they'll adore, spanning beauty, accessories, gadgets, and more.  63 Unexpectedly Amazing Gifts to Get Your Best Friend, Like, Now. Yes to absolutely ALLLL of these. By Lauren Adhav, Rachel Torgerson and Annabel Iwegbue. Dec 17, Courtesy. Now that we're in full-on Holiday Season Mode, there are tons of people you gotta shop for, but keep this fact in mind: Your best friend is great. So great, in fact, that you can't just get 'em just any Gifts I Can Make With My Cricut 10 ol' present this time of year. A gift for your BFF isn’t like any of the other kinds of things you give other regular folks—like your boss or even a family member—this is a thoughtful gesture for yo.

HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Prices and availability subject to change. Sometimes, it might be hard for you two to be away from each other. Sometimes, it might be hard for you two to be far apart, especially during important occasions like new jobs or new homesbirthdays, pregnancy announcements and more.

News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Follow Us. Terms Privacy Policy. Part of HuffPost Relationships. All rights reserved. Check gifts i can make for my best friend chord these 14 gifts for your long-distance best friend:. A mug that'll offer some emotional support. Even though you can't be with your friend IRL gifts i can make for my best friend chord mean you aren't there in spirit. This mug will give them some emotional support and then they xhord call you ASAP.

A feminist puzzle for the friend who likes a challenge. With ffiend, your friend might have to spend a couple giftd days on this one. You might even get one for gifts i can make for my best friend chord and see who finishes it first.

A candle for the homesick friend making it in gifts i can make for my best friend chord big city. Whether they landed a new job or just moved into a brand new apartmentthere's a Homesick Candle for just about anything and anywhere. And if your friend is missing their home state, there's a candle for thattoo.

A long-distance lamp that'll light up their life. A frame for the friend who has watched every episode of "Friends" twice. There's always that one friend who can knows every episode of "Friends" and they'll love this picture frame that looks like the one Monica had.

Plus, you can actually put a picture in this, too. A much more elegant version of a beaded friendship bracelet. Your friend's probably got a heart of gold and this gits will show them how much you love them. And it'll go with anything in their wardrobe. Forget about a plain postcard. This telegram art print will remind your friend that you're thinking them and then you both can do something much more modern: Facetime. A pillow for the bestie who knows they're not the worstie.

They'll have sweet dreams with this pillow. A special delivery that'll arrive hot to their door. If your friend keeps mentioning how they're craving a slice of chocolate cake from their favorite bakery but are too busy, you can use Postmates to send them something special. Their favorite cocktail, shaken or stirred.

While you might not be able to toast IRL, you can have their favorite drink delivered right to them. It'll be happy hour for just the two of you. You can use Drizly or Saucey and c heck out our guide to other alcohol delivery servicestoo.

A balloon monkey bank for your next adventure together. Girls just want to have fun ds. Now you can save up your next and much-needed trip or vacation. And it's hard to resist this take on a piggy bank. A recipe tin so you two can swap dinner chorv. If your friend can't stop asking you how you make your special one-pot chicken, you can send her the recipe so she can start her own culinary collection. A dish towel for the friend who misses your boozy brunch time.

Let's Wood Turning Tools For Sale Near Me Canada toast to this towel, which features every kind of toast you can think of. And if your friend loves avocado toast and mimosa, this gift's sure to make them smile. Remember your college days when you used to stay up together until dawn? Well, even if you don't, you can gifs cheers virtually with this peachy pint glass.

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The most awesome gift ideas for a best friend come in all shapes and sizes. This T-shirt is available in five different cuts and will look awesome on your friend. Of course, you can never wear a BFF shirt by yourself, so make sure that you get a matching one to wear together on special occasions. Aug 09,  · Album:here we go again Artist Demi Lovato Email:nicky_@www.Woodworking Air Cleaner Plz rate and/or comment Tuning: Capo on 6th Use these chords Am F C G C/F e|| B|| G|| D|| A|| E|| [Intro:] Am.F,C,G x2 [Verse] Am F C G. Mar 27,  · Title: Best Friends - Live Artist: Hillsong Young & Free Album: TBA [] Convenient: CAPO 4 and transpose chords -4 [Intro] B D#m E G#m F# B D#m E G#m F# [Verse 1] B D#m I don't want to be on my phone E But I can't be alone G#m F# Welcome to the modern way B D#m Trying to be somebody I'm not E But it's not what I want G#m F# Tell me there's.

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