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Hence, another advantage is that you need not get any joints in a workbench top made of plywood. However, for someone who uses a lot of roughing machinery, ash can be a sturdy option though. So do check out these factors in the workbench you Woodcraft Workbench Top Speed are considering buying. However, to get better performance, you may have to use thick pieces. If any workbench has a Good Woodworking Projects For Gifts Price thickness lesser than this, they lack the appropriate strength and may also give a shock while doing electrical work.

Jan 28,  · You can pretty much use any hard wood. I've seen some great benches made from 'non-standard' bench hardwoods. Oak, ash, soft maple the list goes on. As the previous poster stated, when you go to softer hardwoods the tops gets scratch and dinged a little more. Best Types of Wood for a Workbench Top (Durable. If the top of your bench will finish flush with the frame, a good, low-cost option is to use plywood for your workbench top. The surface will be relatively durable against damage caused by tools and materials and it can be either sanded down or replaced as Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa ted Reading Time: 3 mins.

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