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Next Next. Peojects will be a great door decoration for your fancy Halloween party. Follow this link to get the full tutorial. These boxes are the perfect size to fill with candy an other fun surprises! You just cut projectw the center of the door, paint it black halloween diy wood projects name then add any decorations you want. By entering your email address you agree to get an email newsletter from Wooden Pallet Projects. If you have arrived from Jessica's blog then you are on the right track.

I love these pumpkin bottles. Although this fence is made out of pine planks, you can easily use pallet boards. Make sure you have all the materials and tools required:. Add a smiley or scary face, and you can turn this Scrap Wood Pumpkin into cool Halloween decoration.

Check the tutorial on SimplyBeautifulByAngela. These Black Cat Pumpkins look amazing and spooky at the same time. Imagine them on your porch or window with glowing orange eyes. Follow the steps found on the Sunset site. All you need is quilting hoops, paper or foam bats, and some black craft paint. Find the tutorial on the TidyMom site. Why not add some Floating Head Hanging Ghosts to the floating witch hats for even more spooky atmosphere. Find out how to make them on the SimplyDesigning site.

What a fantastic way Diy Wood Projects For Her Name to decorate any space like a porch or a kitchen. Check the instructions on the FourGenerationsOneRoof site. These are super easy and look fantastic.

Watch the video above or find the full tutorial on the Instructables website. Use some scrap wooden planks or ply and carve the shape with a jigsaw or scroll saw. Distress it using a wood stain or paint. Add some raffia and perhaps swap the stars for spiders and little skulls.

Check my post on how to distress wood and make it look old and weathered. Check the tutorial on how to make them over at MeganplusFive site. I hope you liked these Halloween decor ideas and that they got you inspired to make some incredible, spooky decorations yourself.

Thanks for stopping by and happy creating! By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. I love it when you share my ideas however please keep in mind all images all text on this site are property of Wooden Pallet Projects unless otherwise stated. Feel free to use one photo exluding any tall Pinterest images for any roundup posts, provided that a link back dofollow to my original post is included. Please do not remove any watermarks, crop or edit any of my images without obtaining written permission from me.

All rights reserved. Kasia Last updated on August 5, No Comments. This post includes affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase through my link, I might get a small commission for it at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting Wooden Pallet Projects! Subscribe, it's FREE! Thank you! You have successfully joined our subscriber list. Those blocks can be anything from bed posts to furniture legs.

You could also do block ghosts, witches, Frankenstein or just about any other scary creature you can imagine. This coffin is made from old pallets and it has a certified zombie crawling out of it!

I love this Halloween fence. Oh, and you should definitely try mixing it with peanuts. Now, you also need candy corn decorations, which is why these reclaimed wood candy corn decorations are perfect. You can make these out of any wood blocks that you may have on hand. You just have to cut them to the right shape and then paint! I love how easy they are to make and they create the perfect stakes for your outdoor plants. You just take those worn out spoons — or buy a package of three or four from the Dollar Tree — and paint them to make them spooky.

Then just stick them into your plants or create a nice little decoration in your kitchen by putting them in a utensil holder. You could use a pallet or any plank type wood to make this. Or, you could just check out the one that I found on Etsy. The edges are distressed to give it a great rustic look. This pumpkin stand planter is perfect for Halloween decorating and you can keep it up through Thanksgiving! You just cut your planks to make the pumpkin shape and then connect them together, adding a box for holding all sorts of decorations, flowers or even your trick-or-treat candy.

This box shaped jack-o-lantern is great for decorating the front porch or stairs and you can make it from upcycled pallets or fence posts. I love the large box shape. You could make the lid detachable and use this for storage. You can make these adorable little mummies out of pallets, picket fence posts or just about any other wood that you want to cut down to size.

Picket fence slats work perfectly and give them a wonderful shape. Once you have your pieces, you just wrap them in cheesecloth and add any decorations that you want, as well as felt or googly eyes to finish them off.

You could totally customize these to your own family members by just adding decorations that match your unique personalities.

This DIY pumpkin hanging is made from reclaimed wood and has a lovely 3-D effect. You can use pallets, fence boards or just about any other type of wood to create it. The 3-D effect is made by cutting a pumpkin shape in a board and then assembling a pumpkin from pallets or planks to put underneath it. These trees are so gorgeous and so easy to make from reclaimed wood. You just cut your shapes and then paint them in Halloween colors.

Or, you could just grab these that I found on Etsy. You can use these to decorate a table, mantel or the front porch. You can use old stumps or blocks of stumps to create adorable little decorated pumpkins to line your steps or porch.

Just cut the stumps to size and then paint them into little Halloween treasures. Spray paint works well for the base color and then you can use acrylics, along with raffia and twine for the decorations. This great Halloween wreath can be made from an old cabinet door! If you have to purchase a door, you can get one for just a few dollars at any thrift store. You just cut out the center of the door, paint it black and then add any decorations you want. The Dollar Tree has loads of things for decorating for just a dollar each.

If you really want to decorate your yard for Halloween, these tombstones are a must. And, you can make them from reclaimed wood. These are so easy to make and so gruesome at the same time. You can use pallets, wooden fence boards or any other plank type boards that you may have on hand to create them. The older the wood, the spookier your little graveyard will be! If you have to purchase pallets, go for the oldest, dingiest looking ones.

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