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Contact Us Designed with 7 TPI for hand saws toolstation questions medium to thick wood ma Read more. Product code: Minotaur Hacksaw mm 12". Double ground teeth and ergonomic design for easy cutti Why choose Toolstation? For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

Makita Super Express Jigsaw Blade Set all feature progressive tooth configuration and slim body for very fast cutting. Permanently blocks damp stains and prevents them from damaging the topcoat. Can be applied directly to damp surfaces. Requires coats and dries in 10 minutes. Leaves a smooth Stops mould for up to 6 years and leaves a tough finish that can be scrubbed. Resists moisture and steam and can be recoated in 4 hours.

Use Ronseal 3 in 1 Mould Killer Spray Max weight of kg. Portable and easy to store. Integrated universal metal T-track Control heating and hot water systems via smart devices and broadband connection. In store only but worth a look if you are ready to decorate High strength adhesive that eliminates the need for nails and screws. Adheres to most building materials including wood, ceramic, metal, concrete and is paintable WRAS Approved. Tape size: 12mm x 12m Pack size: Each.

Credit to davew Easier bit removal. Product Details Allows control of connected devices from anywhere. Schedule power via touch voice commands or free App.

Connects via existing internet router, no bridge required Comes complete with carry case AC adaptor and 8m black on yellow 18mm tape Features bi-material handle for comfort and control. Durable heat-treated and triple-ground Spring assisted opening knife with carbide blades that Blades stay sharper for longer than standard blades. Over moulded handle for ergonomic grip complete with Carbon steel blades have 2 cutting positions, ideal for Over moulded handles for ergonomic grip each knife come Heavy duty professional scraper for removal of paint, g Back to Hand Tools.

Browse a selection of hand tools in our cutting tools range at Toolstation, including saws, blades and replacement saw blades. Some popular items in this range include the mitre saw, coping saw and tenon saw.

We have Spear and Jackson saws, including the best-selling Hand Saws At Walmart Rewards eclipse hacksaw, complete with hacksaw blade. For woodworking tools, we have the Spear and Jackson predator wood saws, ideal for laminate, boards and high detail work. For cutting into plasterboard and difficult areas, choose the Roughneck pad saw. Alternatively, the Irwin floorboard wood saw is ideal for all softwood, hardwood and particleboard. We also supply saws from Bahco and junior hacksaw blades. Shop our range of cutting tools including blades and knives from Toolstation.

The Stanley knife range is designed for heavy use and includes an instant blade change feature that requires no extra tools. We supply the folding knife and retractable knife. The Draper soft grip folding knife includes a safety push button, quick change blade and 2-notch trimming knife blade and guard.

Other hand tools available are knife sets and pocket knives. Replacing saw blades is easy with Toolstation; shop Eclipse saw blades such as hacksaw, bow saw, and coping Hand Saws For Cutting Trees Zip saw blades and more ranging from mm to mm. Because different hand saws perform various cuts on a multitude of materials, you want to search for the tool that matches your specific task. Are you working with wood, metal or drywall? Does your project require precision trimming or more substantial cuts? Our experts have provided detailed insights on what saws work for particular materials, and how you can implement the best sawing techniques.

Understanding the different types of hand saws and their uses is essential. You will want to consider the application and materials you have at hand, as well as the function of the saw.

Teeth variations are also a concern — larger teeth are ideal for heavy-duty projects and faster cutting while small teeth are perfect for precision cutting. When you work with us, we can help you narrow down our inventory to find a hand saw that supports your projects. There are different reasons for needing a hand saw. With each varying use, one saw may be a better fit compared to another.

For example, there are hand saws for cutting wood, metal, drywall and plastic. You can even work with specialty projects like furniture making. Some products are ideal for making quick cuts, while others allow you to finesse specific shapes and reach tight spaces. We offer a diverse range of saws for a variety of purposes, including general cutting or particular applications.

Throughout your experience as a woodworker, craftsperson, carpenter or any other work that deals with cutting material, you find a method that works best for you.

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