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Watch how to refinish hardwood floors instead of having to replace them. Find the detailed instructions on sanding and refinishing hardwood flooring, here. Hardwood Floors - A Guide to Refinishing. On May 18 A hardwood floor can last years if it's well cared for. As a professional, you know that refinishing the floor is one of the ways to keep hardwood floors looking warm and beautiful. Here's a step-by-step guide to refinishing a hardwood floor. 1. Assess the Floor.  Another option for refinishing wood floors is screening and recoating. This simpler process can save homeowners time and money, but it's not appropriate for all floors. Floors that have been waxed or pre-finished floors coated with aluminum oxide coating really can't be recoated. Think of recoating as a type of regular maintenance for a hardwood floor rather than a real refinishing. A beautiful hardwood floor can make any home feel warm and inviting. That’s why you can find wood floors in homes of every age and style across the country. Plus, hardwoods like oak, maple, cherry, and walnut are extremely durable, which means a floor made from these materials can look great for decades if it’s well cared for. But eventually most wood floors with need some work to bring them back to their former glory; that’s where this guide comes in. We’ve compiled this comprehensive list of articles from some of the most experienced hardwood floor repair experts–including Charles Peterson.

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Mar 03,  · To clean the face of the floors, Patagonia Flooring and Bona propose five different programs. The first four are for a professional application: # 1 Refreshing. Ideal to beautify, give life, and shine with totally ecological products, this service removes dirt from all surfaces, hiding small differences in tone and imperfections in the wood. Oil-based polyurethane wood finish dries more slowly, providing more time to ensure a smooth coat, but the fumes may require wearing a respirator during application. Popular wood oils include Danish oil, teak oil, tung oil, cedar oil, ipe oil and mineral oil for wood. Follow these steps when applying the www.Woodworking Air Cleaner Time: 24 hrs. Hardwood Flooring Installation & Wood Floor Refinishing Service in Dallas TX and DFW Metro Area. Dallas TX Hardwood Flooring by Top Rated Hardwood Flooring Contractors in Dallas TX. Wood floor installation, repair, replacement, staining, refinishing. Laminate flooring in Dallas TX, Luxury Vinyl flooring in Dallas TX, Call for cost, price, quote and estimates in Dallas TX.

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