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If you started with Hardwoods 20 years ago and are still on the team, congratulations you are probably making pretty sweet money. People are nice. Lenny'S Produce Seattle Retail trade. Can get busy and will always have job security specialy you do your job right. Review this company. Buy a Company list. Greater Seattle Floors Seattle Retail trade.

Banchero does an absolutely beautiful job, at a very reasonable price. Nick is knowledgeable, detail-oriented and easy to work with. We consider…. I want to commend McClincy's on providing outstanding service to my family when my water pipe busted. We were referred to them by our plumber. Washington Water Damage are the contractors that need to be called if you have a disaster.

We had a pipe break while we were on vacation and our…. I recently purchased carpet from CR Floors in Fed Way and the customer service we received was amazing!! They made the whole process so easy and…. Hardwoods Specialty Products. Forklift Operator. Steady work and all the staff is easy to get along with. Can get busy and will always have job security if you do your job right. Not a lot of overtime. Good group to work with, great staff.

Hard to move up. Would you recommend working at your company? Help people considering your employer make a good choice. So-so job. Not the worst job I have ever had and not the best job I have ever had. It is close to home. People are nice. Pay is just okay. Benefits are okay. Work is overwhelming at times. Yes 2 No. Its a great place to work and very friendly people to work with they try to help you with what ever you need help with they do great work and never leave you hangging.

Great company, bad branch manager. Branch manager cares more about work relationships than work productivity. If you are his friend rather than a great worker you have a better chance to succeed. Yes No 1. Great People, Bad Compensation Structure. If you started with Hardwoods 20 Hardwood Specialty Products Renton Wa It years ago and are still on the team, congratulations you are probably Products To Clean Hardwood Floors Github making pretty sweet money. If you are working in the warehouse or inside sales you get squat. Need to initiate profit sharing and get into the 21st century with the training and compensation of new employees.

Great Culture. Poor Starting Pay. Yes 4 No 1. Loved the work and the customers. Didn't like the drama or lack of work from co-workers. Enjoyed the upper management and managers.

Always willing to help out whether personal or business. Yes 2 No 1. Help us improve! Good company on a National level. While over all a good company, you can get a not great experience at the division level because of some loose controls on Management.

Yes 3 No 4. Great Place to work. Worth waking up everyday knowing you are working for the leading hardwood lumber and plywood distribution company in North America. Benefits are great. Pay could be a little better. Yes 3 No 1.

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