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Enhanced Block Entities. Disable Portals. Instead, breeding chickens produces eggs. Grind Enchantments. ChestShop for Fabric.

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Merchant Services. At Centerline we take security very seriously - you should too. The link above validates our services through Authorize. For me, Fabric is just way more stable. And there's good promise for what can be done with Fabric. I have created a more detailed table that is searchable! It includes a "Date Updated" column, as per your requests :. Let me know if you have any other suggestions for this Gist or the website! I appreciate the feedback! While its true that Forge has many more existing mods made for it, Fabric is more pleasant to develop for, in my experience.

It is also much quicker to update. I do not manually add mods to the list. You could scan for GitHub repos that have minecraft and fabricmc tags, possibly? I was gonna mention Modrinth as well, a more well-organized platform than curseforge. The problem with making a script for that is that most are on curseforge as well, so you could end up with repeats, but there's definitely some unique mods on there.

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Download ZIP. A list of almost all mods for Fabric. There are currently mods in this list. Let's fix it! Can make Paths, Strip logs and crack Stone Bricks. Port of Additional Ender Blocks by cleverpanda Now for Fabric as well! How about 3D instead. Inspired by TinkersConstruct and Tool Builder. It removes the level limit for combining Items , 1. Clientside only! By default, it will make 4 attempts after 3, 10, 30 and 60 seconds. Adds the new Battle Axe! A slow but powerful weapon that can severely damage your opponents.

Very configurable! A jar. A bee in a jar. Does not add physics gun made of berries. Reimagining of Better Sprinting built for Fabric and Forge. Can transfer items upwards and has many upgrades.

Well, this fixes everything. Now on Fabric 6, 1. Get upgradable buckets that store more fluid. A Minecraft Fabric mod to see items in big, duh 1. Chimera abominations in a box! Run, Forrest, run! Fabric This mod turns your Minecraft world into cooking field! Sharpen your knives and get ready! Client-side and Fabric-only 1. Highly inspired by Tinker's Construct's Slime Sling. Store, carry, and use thousands of items from the palm of your hands! Except I actually tried Federal Brace Hidden Shelf Support Engine Hidden Shelf Support Brackets 04 to make it be balanced.

Also put lava, milk, and potions in a cauldron! Now for Forge too! Raises in game chat by 10 pixels to improve visibility of armour hunches 2, 1. Instead, breeding chickens produces eggs. Comes in 16 different colors! Get fashionable! No more instant craft! Crashma game LOL 1. Vanilla creepers get boring after a while 4, 1.

They multiply drops from leaves and grasses and they pull mobs! A mod that adds some new, annoying curses to Minecraft. Completely configurable! Restored 1. An entry for FallFest 72, 1. Created for ModFest 1. Best used for diamond-based economies. Doors and portals that can teleport you anywhere.

Envious, malevolent eyes looking at you from the eldritch Limbo dimension. Prevents accidental dropping of items via various means. Makes you auto-jump while sprinting 1. With moderate foot protection. Like boats!

Essentially a trash can. This mod makes all Ender Dragons spawn Dragon Eggs on death. This mod knows recipes and tells you what you can craft. Great if you sell double chests of food to farmers, or sugar cane to librarians.

It works on servers and singleplayer with no setup required. Enhance equipment at a risk! Well here you go! Why not make them randomly explode! Plus Vertical Slabs and stuff! Right now, enables log coloring. Fabric only. For 1. Trident improvements, bugfixes, furnace minecart changes, note block enhancements, old lava, old logo, oh my!

This Mod adds some ores to the game that are related to the Fantasy World 1. Well now you can! Configurable through tags! Inspired by Spartan Weaponry 8, 1. Manage your leashable entities! Choose which mobs can be put on a lead [Fabric] 1, 1. If you're multicoloured, that's cool too , 1. Grow flax to get string.

Yeah, this fixes that. Fabric version 2, 1. Fabric version 3, 1. Fabric version 1. Fabric The replacement for all your ugly duct tape. Wrap your blocks and gift them to your friends! Glow Squid mob and more! On-demand crawling. Climb and descend any kind of climbable block with ease! Now with configurable speeds!

I'm being framed! Blocks with customizable textures 1. Disable the "experimental world settings" warning screen 2, 1. Port of HolographicDisplays 1. It is also a fork of Waila. A mod like InputFix! Crafting Station , 1. A client-side mod provides more details in game! A Fabric backpack mod. Supports Forge and Fabric, 1. Server Side 2, 1. And few other features. Fabric clone of TrashSlot , 1. Let them eat spuds!

It adds several filter items that let you precisely select which items to match. Request from BluKat. They can also play custom tunes or magical ones found in treasure chests. Continuation of the FabricMagnet mod by TheRealpw0rd 1. Chat, Hipchat via xmpp , Matrix and Steam. Paxels for Fabric, branded with a new name!

Simple HTML like syntax and easy to use. Primitive vanilla-esque tech without electricity or magic. Generate and use power to automate your experience! Available for Fabric. Very configurable. Can also give quick views into what mods are in a modpack. Don't stress! Make a M. Make one type of copper the only type you can get. I added like 30 paintings for more variation. Adds tons of shields, diamond, gold, plated and more! Mario, Undertale Forge 1.

Makes it so that you take damage even while sneaking on magma blocks. How is a rightful hit [under certain condition] doing no damage acceptable? A solution for players that are always adventuring. Adds the other Crafting Table variants to the game! The zoom is yours! Not a mod by Vazkii. Increases Village spawn rate to make them spawn as giant biome filling metropolises instead of small villages. For fabric 1. Successor to Worse Barrels. Also, push Block Entities!

Adds an option to choose the crafting result if more than one is available. Protect your pets from yourself and others! This mod adds a single new, Vanilla-friendly, block to the game: the "Pulverizer". Can you find them? An easy way to browse recipes. Fabric A lightweight mod to prevent strongholds from being torn up by underground caves, ravines, and structures.

Forge version also available 17, 1. Block annoying mod messages when you load into a world. Makes your server's chat simpler [Fabric] 42 1. Can be found in village chests. Why not? Dual wield weapons 1. A Fabric mod that sets the cooldown until the next music track to 0 1, 1.

That's it, that's the mod. Inspired by ExtrabiomesXL. Since this mod will be focused on world exploration and of course birdwatching we will supply you with 3 different binoculars and a wonderful bird guide. On the guard of luminosity! Adds little rocks, sticks, pinecones, seashells and starfish to your world to make it feel more natural. Oh wait II Makes it so that various keybinds can be toggled instead of being held!

With some changes from the original mod 1. And better! Adds 15 new rocks! Powered by geckolib and architectury. Fabric 1. Allow 1. Have an overview of your surroundings, or view the entire world. Create waypoints. Wall jump, double jump, speed jump, fence jump, etc. Shows you as a random entity in your inventory 1.

Adds a command to figure out who owns a pet. Also adds a gamerule: 'allowBlueWitherSkulls'. A must have tool for all map-makers, pack-makers or developers. A fork of Hwyla which is a fork of Waila. Lets you create waypoints which help you find the locations marked by you. Can work together with Xaero's Minimap. Fabric mod 68 1.

Fabric API's required. Simple mod adding few gamerules controlling taking damage by player 10 1. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Copy link Quote reply. Owner Author. Lord-Memester what if I could click a button and all of these mods would update on my computer If this is something you are interested in, I suggest checking out ModUpdater , by TheBrokenRail or ModRobot , by calloatti!

Jenssons applied energistics 2 is on fabric Unfortunately, AE2 is not in the Fabric CurseForge mod category as you can see on its CurseForge page and, thus, will not appear on this list.

Jenssons Unfortunately, AE2 is not in the Fabric CurseForge mod category as you can see on its CurseForge page and, thus, will not appear on this list. Hi, I was curious if you could share the script that auto-updates this gist. Hi there, Just a feature request. Could you possibly add a "Last updated" column? It includes a "Date Updated" column, as per your requests : Let me know if you have any other suggestions for this Gist or the website!

Doogie13 you forgot: bleachhack meteor client ares inertia all mods designed for anarchy servers before you call me out as a "hacker" or something The list automatically updates several times per week. Then that's a problem for mods that aren't on CurseForge Modrinth exists, you know. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub.

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Panorama Tweaker [Fabric]. Too Realistic Inventory. Adds Mob A, the "monster of the ocean depths" as it was called from the original Minecraft live mob vote. AC Hay bales. Accurate Block Placement. Accurate Nether Portals. Actually Unbreaking [Fabric]. A multitool which combines pickaxe, axe and shovel. Addendum Fabric. Advanced Bow System.

Advanced NBT Tooltips. Advanced XRay Fabric Edition. A simple but advanced XRay mod that allows you to find all of your most loved blocks. Advancements Debug. Advancements Enlarger. Aerial Affinity Fabric. AFK Attack [Fabric]. AFKTape Clientside. Age of Exile. Alaska Native Craft. All Dimension Height Increase. All Stackable. A highly customizable Fabric Mod that makes items stackable and allows you to change the stack size of them.

All Stone to Tools. All The Blocks You Want. All The Creepers. All The Mods Fabric Helper. Alloy Forgery. Alloys - Fabric. Altcraft Tools. Adds tool handles to modify base tool properties. Always Drop Loot Fabric. Amecs Fabric. Amethyst Mod Fabric. Amethyst Mod for Fabric. Ancient Gateways. Angerable Patch. Animal Feeding Trough. Anti Auto Jump. Anti X-ray Fabric. Antique Atlas. Anvil Crushing Recipes. Anvil Fix.

Anvil Recipe. Anvil Repair. AOF:Skyblock Custom. Apple Grind. Arcadia Mod. Architectury API Fabric. Armor Disguise. Armor Hotswap. Armor Stand Utils. Armor Visibility. Armored Elytra. Shows the chestplate and elytra at the same when using the Armored Elytra datapack by Vanilla Tweaks. Ars Theurgia. A Fabric mod that adds all kinds of ancient magic, with many paths you can take and choose along the way. Art of Alchemy. Art of Alchemy: Memoriam.

Artifacts Fabric. Asbestos Removal. Ash Clay. Ash to Ash. Assembly Fabric. Asset Validator. Astromine: Complete. Astromine: Core. The API module of a space-themed technological modification with exploration, weapons and progression in mind, adding our APIs and libraries.

Astromine: Discoveries. The exploration content module of a space-themed technological modification with exploration, weapons and progression in mind, adding ores, tools, planets and space. Astromine: Foundations. The basic content module of a space-themed technological modification with exploration, weapons and progression in mind, adding ores, tools and materials.

Astromine: Technologies. The technologic content module of a space-themed technological modification with exploration, weapons and progression in mind, adding machines, power tools and fun toys. Astromine: Transportations. The transport content module of a space-themed technological modification with exploration, weapons and progression in mind, adding conveyor belts, pipes and cables. Attach leads to logs. Attack On Titan for Fabric. AttackSpeedPlus [Fabric].

Audio Output. Auth Me. Auto Attack Fabric. Auto Backup. Auto Clicker Fabric. Auto Third Person. Automatically put yourself in third-person mode when you perform certain actions. Auto Torch AutoTorch. Small library Hidden Gun Shelf Hardware Wallpaper that will load external textures and auto generate item, block and sound json files. Automated Crafting. This mod will automatically try to reconnect you back to a server if you got disconnected.

AutoSwitch [Fabric]. Axes Are Weapons. AzureDooms Angel Ring [Fabric]. AzureDooms Jar Jar [Fabric]. B0N's Space Race Mod. Bad Anvil. Bag of Feathers. Balance of Exile.

Bamboo Everything Fabric. Bamboo Expanded. Bamboo Ladders Fabric. Bamboo Tweaks: Fabric. Banner Capes. Battle Axes! BattleMod: Fabric [Discontinued]. Beach Slimes Fabric. Beacon apples. Beacon Overhaul. Beacons For All Fabric. Bed Stability [Fabric]. Bedrock Breaking. A Fabric mod for Minecraft that allows you to break bedrock, and optionally adds a bedrock pickaxe.

Bedspreads Fabric. Bee Angry-est. Bee Better. Bee Fixed [Temporarily Abandoned]. Bee Productive. Bee Resourceful. Bee-in-a-Jar: Fabric [Discontinued]. Beholder's Variations Fabric. Belly Button Fabric. Berry's Mod. Better Barrels. Better Beacon. Better Bedrock Generator [Fabric]. Better Beds. Better Biome Blend.

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