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Knife Engraving. Click Below For Gallery. Quality Woodcarving, Sculpture, Carved Speedd and Woodcarving Restoration for log home, timber frame, mantel piece, home decor, gift and more. Get new price. Whole film packaging machine; 2.

Our studio is located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. We offer fine sculptures with a Services: Calligraphy and Engraving. I specialize in elegant calligraphy script engravings for on-site engraving events. Desiree Colonna - Creating Beautifully Lettering on anything you can imagine! Desiree provides companies, marketing directors, and upscale event planners with on-site custom hand-engraved calligraphy at on-site events on fine liquors, wines, jewelry, and executive Jenny engraves at a bunch of live events each year and He has perfected many patterns such as the Basketweave and the Fishscale.

He has also designed many of his own custom carving patterns. If you want to learn to carve Guns, Joe teaches His custom wood carvings and western artworks reside in private collections around the world. All designs are hand drawn by Dyke himself, then carved to the clients specifications. Ken's first official Calligraphy Engraving event was in November, Since that time he has done almost public, on-site events engraving fragrance bottles, crystal, knives, guns, wine, and Shelly-Ann Guinn is doing some amazing engraving using high speed tools.

Inlay work The most technologically advanced handpiece on the market today, the revolutionary SCM engraver operates at an amazing , revolutions per minute - yet, it's light and easy to handle! Featuring an ultra-high-speed turbine and dual support bearings, it provides high-torque steady vibration-free action unmatched by any competitive handpiece.

And it's quality-backed by the best warranty in the business. It sets up in minutes, too: simply connect a few hoses, plug in the compressor, insert the preferred bit and you're in business. The SCM system offers many engraving techniques, too, from single line cuts to precision line separation. Brush the material with light strokes to create illusions of depth. Apply different amounts of pressure for dramatic lines or a "feathered" look. Add a totally new dimension by applying color to your work.

Let your creativity run wild! How Does It Work? Here's a few things Wood Magazine had to say about our product in a comparison against the rest:. One year on the high speed turbines. Lifetime on the handpiece. Smaller carvings require smaller and fewer carbide-point bits, from left: fine cylinder sleeve, coarse cylinder.

For large carvings, use large carbide-point bits, from left: fine cylinder sleeve, fine cylinder, fine ball, coarse ball. Share this post Tweet. Author: admin.

Don't Miss a Single Issue! Like us on Facebook. Instagram WCImag carving woodcarvingillustrated. All Rights Reserved. Cylinder: Use to cut flat areas, round edges, and make stop cuts and V-cuts Creates a cut similar to a knife or straight chisel Hold the tool at an angle and use the top corner to make V-cuts Smooth-end or safe-end bits are the most useful.

Flame: Use to make concave cuts and Wood Carving Machine Used Youtube V-cuts, and to recess areas Creates a cut similar to a U-gouge when using its side and a V-tool when using the tip. Large taper: Use to round edges, make concave cuts, and access hard-to-reach areas. Small Taper: Use to access hard-to-reach and angled areas Create feather barbules and hair.

Oval: Use to round edges, create lumps and bumps, and make concave cuts. Ball: Use to create concave cuts and to hollow out areas Creates a cut similar to a U-gouge. Inverted Cone: Use to make V-cuts for feather barbules and hair. Disc: Use to undercut feathers and make channel cuts Cut off thin pieces of unwanted wood. Pear: Use to round edges and create lumps and bumps when bird carving.

Come in a variety of sizes. Cut wood, mild steel, and soft metals. Recommended Starter Set We recommend the following bits as an initial investment:.

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