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For items sold at a Home Produdts store vs Home Depot's online offeringsthe company pledges to beat competitors' prices by 10 percent for customers who produce an ad, printout, lumbre photo for validation. So follow along as he tries to break down complex topics to make them more understandable and useful to the average investor. A place like Home Depot might switch suppliers on the weekly, which complicates your work. Tell me the justice of getting a big pile of cash home depot lumber products 32 a home depot lumber products 32 for an accident involving a plane that meets all federal requirements at the time it was manufactured, modified by the pilot, and then flow into the side of a van! A: There are skid marks leading up to the skunk. And kill dried wood does not swell and shrink like air dried wood, despite what Norm and the rest of the weekend warriors say. Availability also matters when deciding whether to rent or proucts.

If you would like to skip the in-store shopping experience altogether, both home-improvement chains have well-organized web sites, with a wider selection of goods than are available in the physical stores. You can have the items shipped to you free with a minimum order or shipped to your nearest store for free instore pickup. Many Home Depot locations offer rental options for customers who don't want to invest in tools they may use only once or twice.

Lowe's, on the other hand, doesn't rent power tools unless you count carpet cleaners. When deciding whether to rent or buy tools, consider price and availability.

The final rental price obviously depends on the length of time you'll need the tool. With our deck project in mind, we looked at the cost of buying a miter saw at Home Depot vs renting a miter saw at Lowe's. At that price, it may be more cost-effective to purchase, rather than rent, a saw if you'll need it for longer than a day or possibly for another project. Granted, the saw available for rent at Home Depot was a better-quality, higher-end model, but it was also more powerful than necessary for simple cuts.

Availability also matters when deciding whether to rent or buy. Although all the Home Depot stores near us offered tool rental, sometimes only one of a particular tool was in stock. It's worth asking about inventory ahead of time and factoring the possibility of unexpected delays into your planning.

When it comes to serving home improvement professionals, Home Depot has long been considered to have the upper hand.

Professionals of all stripes, including contractors, remodelers, and installers, make up a bigger percentage of Home Depot's customer base. There's also some evidence that pros spend much more at Home Depot vs Lowe's. The store has also rolled out a slick new Lowe's for Pros website. Both Home Depot and Lowe's offer extend lines of credit to qualifying customers who want to finance their home improvement ventures.

It also has a long roster of limited-time promotions; when we looked, they included discounts on sheds and special financing on fencing and blinds. The APR ranges from as low as For larger projects, Home Depot offers a Project Loan card with a fixed 7. Otherwise the APR is Both stores also offer financing for home improvement professionals.

Home Depot has two options from Citibank: a Commercial Revolving Charge Card, with no annual fee and a choice between regular monthly payments or paying off the balance, and a Commercial Credit Account, which lets pros track spending by buyer or itemize billing by job number. Both offer 60 days to pay with no interest and fuel discounts at participating Shell stations to cardholders who enroll.

Lowe's Business Credit accounts include the standard Lowe's Business Account, with flexible payment terms and no annual fee, and the Business Rewards Card, which lets users earn American Express points on purchases. All Lowe's Business Credit cardholders get 5 percent off purchases.

As weekend warriors know, it usually makes sense to overbuy supplies for home improvement projects. This saves multiple trips to the hardware store and ensures a uniform look with tile, flooring, and paint.

Although the stores' written return policies are relatively similar and much ultimately depends on the discretion of store managers, Lowe's seems slightly more liberal than Home Depot in this department.

Both accept Environmental Lumber Products Corp Group returns of most merchandise within 90 days of purchase, and will issue a full refund rather than a store credit in most cases, though see below , but Home Depot has more exceptions. The retailer puts a day limit on returns of generators, furniture, gas-powered equipment or tractors, mattresses, area rugs, and consumer electronics such as TVs or computers. Lowe's shortens the return window to 30 days for outdoor power equipment, major appliances, and highway trailers.

The chain also notes that it will only accept returns of winter seasonal items on or before Dec. Home Depot specifies that merchandise must be new and unused, and that customers who receive damaged items should contact customer support within 30 days, while Lowe's does not.

Home Depot gives cardholders an entire year to return merchandise purchased with a store card, however. While an original receipt is preferred, both stores specify that they can often retrieve receipts in their systems if customers provide the credit card, debit card, or checking account number used for the purchase.

Without a valid receipt, customers may receive only store credit based on the most recent advertised price. For most online orders, both stores provide prepaid shipping labels for returns. Lowe's specifically says original shipping charges are nonrefundable, while Home Depot says it will refund them if the return is a result of store error.

Cheapism may earn a commission if you buy through a link on our site. Sign up for our newsletter. North America Forest lands increased by , acres Europe Forest lands increased by , acres — Asia Forest lands increased by 1.

Oceania Forest lands increased by , acres — Sustainable forestry has been a passion and a strategy for Home Depot for over 25 years. Rough cut to 2 x 4, S4S to final size. Building codes have change somewhat over the year as well. Today a toilet needs 12 inches to pass inspection.

I guess we all are getting fatter.. I know next to nothing about woodworking. They are contentious and imperfect but often do deliver justice, if not in a case then because of the threat they represent. In a country where corporations can finance bigger lobbies see, e.

A bit like sharing misinformation on electrical safety. What you say matters. All the lawyers involved in this action are worthy of nothing but derision. The sizing of the lumber in these stores is bog standard and has been for my 50 years on this earth.

Only someone with no clue whatsoever could think this suit is anything but a massive waste of time and money. Many things have been going on for a long time, does not necessarily means they are right.

Slavery existed for centuries, by your argument it ahould have kept going. The boards sgould be sold by their actual measurements not by some cooked up thing. I will respect any lawyer that takes a class action lawsuit and does not become filthy rich when they win it.

AKA the payout for the lawyer is less than 10, times the payout for each of the claimants. A pilot of a Piper SuperCub had modified his aircraft to mount a camera in the front seat. He as flying from the back seat and hit a van on takeoff striking his head on the camera mount. They sued because the plane did not have adequate vision to fly from the back seat and did not have shoulder straps which were not required by the FAA untile years later in light aircraft.

FAA did instruct owners to install them but this owner did not. Soon hundreds of employees of Piper were no longer working. Lots of them had to drop out of college. You do realize that Lawyers do not care about justice. If you get a client that is a crook you do not care about justice you just care about getting them off. If you have a client that is suing you just care about getting the most money for them and by extension for you. Tell me the justice of getting a big pile of cash from a company for an accident involving a plane that meets all federal requirements at the time it was manufactured, modified by the pilot, and then flow into the side of a van!

BTW the end result of these kinds of lawsuits is that almost no light aircraft are made any longer in the US. The age of the fleet is going up and up. And many middle-class people that built those planes lost their jobs. Even if you want to take the example of the tobacco law suites as some bright and shining example of justice.

The lawyers got rich, the tobacco companies are still making money selling tobacco, people are still dying of lung cancer. Some lawyers may care about justice but overall vast majority care about getting rich and winning.

They need to stop pretending that they actually care about justice or actually care about it. My dream is some judge allows this case to go on and on and at the very end does a summary judgment for the defendants and awards all court costs to them so the lawyers filed this case have a multimillion-dollar bill to pay. It will not happen but a guy can dream. The day computers operate at the hardware level on base 10 instead of base 2 they can start talking about this nonsense, until then they can STFU.

Earlier comments imply that the lumber is not meeting the industry standard which would be a very real issue. Closer to hacker home is not so much a legal issue, more the usual misleading marketing issue.

They round up probably to make more money, but the screen size should be at least the size advertised for the description not to mislead. There are so many marketing lies because society seems to have agreed that it is OK to mislead con? Even that standard seems to have gone away lately in many places.

New prefixes had to be invented to remove the ambiguity, and it would have been utter madness to assign the new prefixes to decimal powers, when the old prefixes were used exclusively for decimal powers for centuries, and still were used exclusively in every field except computer storage.

In the first paragraph, you claim president. I love it. But now they know they can sell 3. And once that is established even more can be gained by aiming for 3. But your president just raised the taxes on canadian woods. Actually it could even cost you more…. When I flew to Alaska private my flight plan was over Canada, and I gotta say, Damn do they have trees..

Let the free market win. The price goes up, and the demand goes down. If they win, they will get a cash amount for the difference in the amount of lumber and the industry lie might be ended in a somewhat inconvenient manner, most likely by going to metric rather than fractional inches, such as 38mm X 90mm along with a note that the tolerance may be 2mm.

As an aside, and of course my Googlefu is failing, there was an early statistician who was buying bread and got the notion to weigh it. While there was some variation, the average was well under the advertised weight.

He took his data and method before the Court and they agreed and ordered the math guy to be paid and the bakery to stop shorting the customers.

Then the statistician kept weighing the loaves he bought and noted they were just slightly over the advertised weight. He suspected the baker was carefully weighed the loaves and setting aside just for him, but was still shorting the rest of the customers, based on the knowledge that the produced loaves could not be as exactly made as the ones he was getting.

The baker lost that case as well. Here in Australia the timber I buy from my local hardware store is dressed to the dimensions it states. So 90mm x 35mm timber is that. What will be next, technical items on a website called lawsuit. Hackaday, please keep it technical, please keep it fun, please keep it informative so I could learn something useful from it.

I would argue that this article is relatively technical, but the writers preposition is untenable. I fully support calling a spade, a spade. We have a careful mix here, and intentionally cover a small percentage of these kinds of stories. The medical-research industry is considering using lawyers instead of white rats for research. ANY other decent country would tell you that things have to be sold by their actual sizes. Its weighed before its cooked. Just sayin.

I work as an industrial electrician in the German woodworking industry, we have microcontroller-controlled processes for 30 years so that the wood fits the millimeter precisely after the controlled drying. As it should be, sir! In America, we justify organized theft under bullshit pretext. Sad, but true. In some cases it is Rasp Tool Home Depot Login also smaller as in America.. There are also price differences in qualities such as timber, planed and raw squared timber. Yes, it would.

The industry would just make up a plausible excuse for the shortage, as they are currently doing. The truth is, even accounting for usual defects, they are much more rigid than commercial lumber.

In my opinion, this industry-sponsored bullshit must stop. This has always been peeve for me. If you are selling a dimensional product, it should actually be the dimensions specified. Please be kind and respectful to help make the comments section excellent. Comment Policy.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. Learn more. Report comment. Frivolous lawsuits are their equivalent of code golf on Stackoverflow. Of course.. Bastards are ripping me off. Also baby oil is a good example….

Except for the fact that it is an industry standard defined by a committee in Hey, my industry has a committee setup to rip people off. Funny how the Justice System has turned into the Legal System.. Not in the Robin Hood sense either, more like Blackbeard methinks.

We have a hardware shop nearby that still sells nails and screws by the PINT. Oh yeah, I can just google that. Proper house design tools take dimension of lumber and other materials into account. You cannot scale safely. A smaller house will have different dimension ratios necessary.

Home designer here. Feel free to ask me any other design questions. This is sort of like the sizes of hard disks except completely in reverse. From your HD link…. Twin Peaks predicted it 27 years ago:. The exception is pressure treated lumber. No one knows where that water soaked junk comes from. The reason I composed my post at all is because the article stated: [This renders it into the workable lumber you expect to use, but causes a shrinkage of the wood that since it depends on variables such as moisture can not be accurately quantified.

Or was it planed? The end result is that a 5 megapixel webcam has only a 0. Now you will get wet wood from the store… Try building something from that. No sir. No contractor, and few stupid homeowners, will buy uncured, wet wood. I look forward to the future medical breakthroughs!

In Germany we give 4mm for sawing, so it is perfect after drying,. Ohh, no… There going to start measuring them diagonally too!

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