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In the first place the pattern shown at the left is cut out. Hot Wheels. Zinc Alloy. The Fast and the Furious. Arizona Cardinals.

Construction Vehicle. Tractor and Farm. Fire Engine. Police Car. Garbage Truck. Semi Truck. Aquatic Vehicle. Military Vehicle. Decorative Storage Bins. Search Brand. AMA Supercross Championship. American Plastic Toys Inc. Angry Birds. Animal Planet. Arizona Cardinals. As Seen on TV. Auto World. Best Ride on Cars.

Blue Panda. Bold Tones. Boom City Racers. Bullseye's Playground. Cincinnati Bengals. Cloud Island. Creative Minds. DC Comics. Denver Broncos. Detroit Lions. Dickie Toys. Disney Junior. Dream Factory. FAO Schwarz. Fly Wheels. Franklin Sports. Frozen 2. Games Alliance. Glow Racers. Cory Carson. Grave Digger. Green Toys. Hero Force. Hero Patrol. Hollywood Rides. Hot Wheels. Houston Texans. JDM Tuners. John Deere.

Kamen Rider. Kid Galaxy. Land of B. Little People. Little Tikes. Los Angeles Chargers. Los Angeles Rams. Luke's Toy Factory. Made By Design. Mario Kart. Masters Of The Universe. Max D.

Maxx Action. Mega Bloks. Mickey Mouse. Micro Machines. Mind Reader. Minnesota Vikings. Minnie Mouse. Monster Jam. National Tree Company. New England Patriots. New Orleans Saints. New York Giants. New York Jets. These will fit through bradawl holes in the wooden sides of the building, the nails turning in the holes.

Be careful to get the axles of the spools parallel to each other so the belt will not tend to run off. Fit the spools in a location allowing room enough for the buckets without their hitting at top or bottom or against the slanting board a as they pass and dump above.

Now to fix the belt and the tin buckets. The belt is a strip of ordinary tape such as your mother uses in her sewing. The buckets are of tin bent up and attached to the belt as in the separate drawing, Figure 3. In the first place the pattern shown at the left is cut out. This is made with the central part as wide as the tape belt.

Its length is a little over twice as long as the width of this central part. The top part has a little triangular piece on either side, and a little flap d is left at the outer edge of this.

On the other end of the pattern are two little flaps b and when this much is done - and you had better cut the first pattern out of paper till you make one that suits you - fold the tin piece on the dotted lines.

Where the flaps b come on the flaps d, when the lower part folds up so they meet, punch little slots I for the flaps b to stick through. Set the bucket as it is cut and folded, against the tape belt and bend the flaps d back around the belt, hammering them so they hold the bucket to the belt tightly without slipping. This fastening is shown in the sketch marked Figure 3. Stretch the belt tight on the pulleys, sewing the joint, and then put on the other side of the building.

To make the elevator more realistic, two one-inch pieces, C C, Figure 1, are fastened outside the main part of the building, extending up to within a few inches of the roof, where they are cut off slanting, as shown.

One of these is cut short to allow room for the crank pulley P, shown in Figure I. This is a round disk of wood fastened to the spool shaft tightly and having a wooden crank H with which to turn the shaft.

If you wish, you can groove the pulley P and run the elevator by your steam-engine or by water power. The whole arrangement is fastened to a baseboard to complete it.

If you have taken care to mount the spools parallel so the belt will run right, the elevator is now ready for business so far as lifting the grain to the bin is concerned. To drain this bin when full, a trough, 7, like Figures 6 and 7, is fixed slanting out to the end of the elevator, this being built of three pieces of cigar-box wood. At the end of this trough a gate E is fixed, held by side pieces t pivoted on nail b.

By lifting on the handle connecting these side pieces the gate E is lifted, and the grain flows out of the elevator bin.

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