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Maglev trains use magnetism to levitate above the tracks on which they travel. They are faster, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly than modern wheeled trains. It may be that one day soon, maglev technology will be commonplace throughout the world. This article reviews the history of these trains, how they work, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.  Not all was lost, though, as the Chinese took notice and commissioned the Germans to build a TransRapid train in Shanghai. The Shanghai Maglev (Figure 2), which resulted from this venture, is now the only high-speed maglev train in commercial use. It carries passengers a distance of 19 miles (30km) in 8 minutes, reaching a top speed of over mph ( kph) (Coates, ). Build a magnetic levitating (maglev) train and measure how much weight it can hold before it touches the tracks.  This video and the following written instructions will show you how to assemble your train. Attention to detail and patience are needed for this project. After building, you will need to make adjustments to get it working perfectly. Введите запрос. Войти. MFM Toys Maglev Train Demonstration DIY KIT ~ Assembling Video. Смотреть позже. Поделиться.  How to Build the Levitating Train. Learning Shop.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best ho on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Maglev trains are powered by magnetic levitation technology. If you have ever heard about or ridden on one of these high speed trains, then you may already know that they hover above the track. This is because their design is based on the Meissner effect. When cooled to a super low temperature, superconducting materials like Yttrium-barium-copper-oxide enter a state of zero electrical resistance, expel magnetic fields and can levitate.

You can build your own mini Maglev train and track, with a few simple materials and construction. We have outlined some steps and supplies below, however, this method differs from the Maglev train technology.

Read on, and see if you can netwok how this design is different. Now that you have tested out mqglev magnetic levitation train, did you guess how this mini Maglev train is different from an actual Maglev?

Instead of using the Meissner effect and superconductors, we used the repelling magnetic fields of permanent magnets. However, with some tweaks and more advanced construction, you could create a mini Maglev train based on the Meissner effect and electromagnetism.

Photo by Winiar. Business Customers Our Blog Videos. Supplies Self adhesive magnets or buildd block magnets at least 4 Wooden board or cardboard for a base Strips neetwork How to build a toy maglev train network for how to build a toy maglev train network rail Styrofoam or wood for train Glue Marker Ruler or tape measure Steps First, you need to build your track.

To do this, lay out your base on a flat surface and glue on bujld or clear plastic strips to create guide rails. Make sure to measure these before gluing. They need to be barely wider bkild the width of your block. Mark the north and south poles of the magnets with your black marker.

Glue down two of your magnets with the same pole facing up. They should have a space in between and be parallel how to build a toy maglev train network each other, like actual tracks. Then take your styrofoam or wooden block that serves as your train.

Glue magnets to the bottom of your train. It is extremely important to how to build a toy maglev train network these magnet poles and place the same pole up as the train track. Magnets repel against alike poles and it causes the levitation. For example, if North is facing up on your track, then the south pole should be glued to your bbuild, while the North pole is outward. Now, you can test out your train on the track. Place your train above the magnets, using the rails to guide it.

You can adjust the levitation of the train by using a heavier train material. For instance, using a trqin wooden block may be better with stronger neodymium magnets. Categories: Magnet Experiments.

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track or for your students to use to build Maglev cars and sleds. Keep in mind that you will receive 2 segments in the mail one is the north, one is the south. Magnetic Levitation Track Construction Instruction Manual August Page 6 You now have a completed Magnetic Levitation track! Below is a picture of a track that I created and. In order to make your maglev train, you’ll need to use more of the materials listed on the first page. You should have two identical rectangles of Lexan measuring 7 cm x 10 cm (/4 in. x 4 in.). Bend one third of each rectangle lengthwise on theedgeofafirmsurface, such as a tabletop. You now have two L-shaped brackets. How to Build a Maglev Train: Alright this is my first instructable and im only fifteen so please give me a break.  Also this instructable/project im working on wont be finished till the end of summer vacation of   I decided to post the instructable now while im .

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