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Then, place them lengthwise along the pipe. After making up your mind and contacting a brand that you think is the best in the business, you will have to choose a model followed by aesthetics, such as panel color, accent color, graphic how to build a toy pontoon boat version fence design and many more to choose from. The galvanized strap provides bracing to your DIY pontoon boat. The wraparound windshield will broaden your vision as it will solve the issue of water splashing or bus hitting you in the face. Remember the fact that the better you maintain your pontoon boat engine, the longer your boat will be rivaling with other vessels with its high performance. A to HP engine will typically churn out 55 to 60 mph, counting on load. This is a valid question as there are ready-made pontoon boats out there.

Your next option is American Pontoon Co. They sell a range of kits, including for deck boats, house boats, work platforms, tour boats, pleasure crafts, and pontoons.

All kits get built in American Pontoon Co. You can even request a tour to see how it gets done. For some of the boats, you can even get a third tube included with your order, making the boat you build a tritoon.

They have kits for electricity-powered pontoons, transport platforms, work boats, houseboats, and recreational pontoons.

You can even request pontoon tubes from them. Okay, so you went ahead and ordered your DIY pontoon boat kit. It takes a while, but one day, it finally arrives on your doorstep. Do keep in mind that, while kits are very helpful, the assembly is all on you.

Only some of the companies we covered above offer partially finished boat kits. Even those require some installation. We recommend following the instructions that came with your kit. You can also make a pontoon boat following this method without having ordered a kit. Those who are building their boat from literal scratch will have to design their boat from scratch as well. Remember, you have to lug this boat into and out of the water each time you want to use it.

If doing that becomes too much of a pain, then your boat will sit and collect dust. All this time, effort, and money would have been for naught.

Another consideration for size: you need to make sure your pontoon boat fits in a commercially available trailer. Now you have to pick a place to get building. More than likely, you cannot build a pontoon in your garage unless this space is very big. Your backyard might suffice, but you do want to keep the homemade pontoon boat safeguarded from the elements. You would hate for parts to rust out before you even get the pontoon boat assembled.

We recommend starting with a scrapyard if you need your own pontoon tubes. There, you could potentially find plastic drums or PVC water pipes.

In some rare instances, you might even come upon military drop tanks. The aerodynamic qualities, strong honeycombed baffling, and anti-rust design makes drop tanks a pretty phenomenal choice for pontoon tubes if you can get your hands on them. One plus to making your own DIY pontoon boat from the ground up is you can decide if you want How To Build A Toy Generator Version your boat to have two pontoon tubes or even three.

With the pontoon tubes selected, you need to keep finding materials for the rest of your boat. Next, you want to focus on the pontoon frames.

PVC water pipe not only has buoyancy, but this material is readily available and fairly inexpensive as well.

They should be parallel to one another. Also, each tube should have a diameter of 12 inches. For a budget option, take some wood, whittle it down to a plug shape, and then attach it in the pipes with screws and epoxy. Again, make sure you treat the wood. Next, you want to take the pine boards, which should be two-by-fours that are about eight feet.

Then, place them lengthwise along the pipe. These will become your joists. This is now your support band. Do this for the other sides of the framework as well. Get a drill with a coarse thread hex-head screw. Make sure the screw is two and a half inches long at least.

Use the drill to connect a two-by-four block between every joist. Attach two screws for each block. But this enormous horsepower is required for those boaters who plan on participating in a tournament, racing, fishing, or any other water sports. Do not under power your pontoon and keep your focus on finding the one that guarantees good performance, even with massive loads.

If you are planning to go for towing sports then choose one with good torque because you need immense power for getting those wakeboarders up. Since you know at what pace you want to navigate the waters, now you can think about its design.

The hull of the boat must suit its pontoon size and your usage. Below we discuss the four main hulls for fast boats:. Water is brushed aside when this kind of hull cuts through the water. This type of hull allows minimal propulsion and momentum. When you are done with choosing your hull, now it is time for you to think about the other materials of the boat.

Many boaters prefer aluminum construction to extract more power from their vessel. Aluminum is also lightweight and will be proved long-lasting. Many boaters choose fiberglass for recreational pontoon boats. Ferro-cement is also a very good option, it is a concrete mixture applied to steel wire mesh. It is chemical resistant too.

And lastly, composite wood panels will give a speedboat a classy appearance that will increase its aesthetic appeal as well. Grab rails, drink holders and comfortable seats will come into play if the prime focus is on the entertainment value of the boat. Though, the surface finish must not be too rough, as the boat will drag because of it.

The wraparound windshield will broaden your vision as it will solve the issue of water splashing or bus hitting you in the face. This helps you to have a better vision of your surroundings and you can have a better look at where you are heading.

Many build your pontoon boat kits provides the buyer with the following interior and exterior design options:. You might be feeling swamped by the fact that you have so many customization options available. But you should also go through the pontoon package options offered by the brand which you chose.

These packages will also save your money and you will find them more convenient as they include only necessary interior and exterior features. With almost all said and done, now it is time for you to test your creation. Keep your excitement aside and observe everything keenly, so you can have a better idea if your boat is perfect for you or if there is still some room for improvement.

Seek advice from a professional, whether it is the seller from whom you bought the build your pontoon boat kit or a boat repair specialist. They will help you with the little tweaking your boat needs. Always wash the salt residue off your boat with a soft-bristle brush after cutting through the water.

Keep looking for the damages and leaks near the fuel line from time to time to reduce the risk of fuel leakage or decomposition. Remember the fact that the better you maintain your pontoon boat engine, the longer your boat will be rivaling with other vessels with its high performance. So always take good care of your vessel to keep it functioning for a longer period.

It gives you the more creative freedom to make your imagination a reality. You can also buy a boat and then customize it according to your needs. Choosing the best brand which provides you the materials of the highest quality will make sure you end up building a high-end machine.

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