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Question Does anyone have any drawings or ro for a great western or British rail lantern? Make a V-cradle to hold round parts if you already did not have how to build a toy train track reddit from the sailboat mast you made previously. I wish the ideology were more supportive, but kids have so much pressure to have toys that buzz and guild. Though as a general tip I would advise uploading videos as webm rather than as gifs. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

CC0 textures and additional contents and services to support blender. Animation Toy Train Tracks i. That's a nice cheeky engine you have there, it'd be a shame if someone were to Yeah, though about that, but was unsure of how to do it with reddit, so chose the easier route this time.

Seen this in a different sub. Thought it would be fun to make in blender. You already have most of the modeling done. Edit: And very nice by the way. Those track textures look exactly like the ones I had growing up.

Got them from textures. The only thing ruining my immersion for this scene is the train would get jostled around on the track, having owned this set I remember how bumpy the ride would be for the little train haha I love this design!

Great work! This looks really great. Nice texture work on those rail pieces. Agree it could probably use a bit more light. Is the floor purely normal or displaced? In center at pilot hole made bny space bit, drill a hole for the size peg you chose to secure smoke stack.

Set parts aside for later. Keep a steel or plastic dish around to keep your parts safe. I am indeed in nearly complete control of this Instructable. Soon I will have total management over it, and it will, finally, submit to my will. Anyway, some holes can be drilled whenever, although not all parts can be attached any time we damn well please; that's the important part; at times, the universe's time-line does rule our actions.

NOTE -- This step has 4 photographs, so be sure to click on them all; I am trying to reduce the stepifying a little so that stepification overload will not plague even a patient reader. Make a V-cradle to hold round parts if you already did not have one from the sailboat mast you made previously. A V as shown will hold a variety of round parts for working on the bench hang the holders from wall on cords when not in use , but you may want a few sizes for your various round projects.

For long pieces such as masts to be planed round, you will want two or three of these V-holders. Scribe all around the flat bottom edge to set the sawing depth. Cut out the cab area with a saw of your choice cross cut. You can then rip down the center for the final cut or make many cross-cuts and carve out the cab area with a wood chisel. It is not "scrap" but will rather form the roof of your cab, since you already put so much time into rounding it.

Yes, a flat cab roof would be OK, but I like a rounded roof; it looks cooler. In fact, I now think that is better: easier, stronger, more pretty. If you think otherwise, let me know and i will change my mind back to my first impression. Do a little cross-grain planing to smooth the cab floor, with a block plane, but a rabbet plane will be better to get up right to the bulkhead must get me a rabbet plane. I also use a wood rasp. Use a wide forstener drill bit on the drill press as a "hasy milling machine" to flatten down the cab floor out the central pilit-spike of the bit will leave many little holes on the surface.

A special planer blade for the drill press is even better gotta get me one of those. Get yourself a drill press vice endlessly useful when using drill press as a "hasty milling machine". Clamp the engine in being sure to protect it with pads and drill out the center of the scrap after marking the thickness of the roof with the compass.

The smaller hole helps clear the waste from the larger drill size since the waste has somewhere to go, besides easing the drilling process with two passes. NOTE -- 3 photographs. Many ways to do this: choose what you like. It just makes you think. I drilled down with drill press, then 2. More will follow, but first I test-fit the cab parts. Therefore, 4. I made the side walls on which the roof will be glued extend a little last the back of the roof looked cool and rounded off those edges on the belt sander.

Roughen all surfaces that will be glued with a rasp or 40 grit sandpaper. NOTE -- 2 photos. Select places to put in some levers and things so that the imaginary people or stuffed animals can control the train. Clamp engine down and use a wide spade-bit to drill a shallow hole for the firebox paint it a sooty black later. You can even drill small holes in bulkhead to simulate steam gauges. Now that we near completion, you can attach the smokestack and headlamp.

Before you do, do any edge-rounding and sanding second to final sanding while the areas are free of clutter. Mark out locations for drilling from previously marked centers. Drill peg-hole through center-spike-pilot-hole artifact left by any forstner bit at the bottom of its hole, and also drill a peg hole in the bottom center How To Build A Toy Kitchen Set 77 of the candle-holder. Drill a peg hole for the headlamp option: inset the headlamp into another wide diameter hole drilled by the forstner bit but I just cut down the headlamp and attached with the wooden peg.

I cut the one for the headlamp to reduce its height. I drilled peg holes through their bottoms for wooden pegs which will provide the greatest fastening strength along with a dab of glue. Eventually you will also How To Build A Toy Roller Coaster Coasters be putting glue in the cradle hole of the smokestack, too. Glue it all. Don't put too much glue in the peg holes because you can get a hydraulic effect as you push the pegs in; either you won't be able to push the pegs in all the way, or your Conan the Barbarian strength could use the hydraulic effect to force hiogh-pressure glue through the wood, splitting it in a worst-case scenario.

My method: dab pegs with glue, and turn them as you insert them to insure you are spreading the glue over the peg surface. Make sure to wipe any excess glue because these areas will be left clear-finished to exposed woodgrain, and carpenter's glue dries hard, and you can mar the wood getting it off after it dries.

If I forget to tell you later: paint the sinside and top of the smokestack black to simulate soot stains. Pain the headlamp whatever: Ipainted it red to match the other paint, but if I had had yellow, I would have painted the peg-head yellow to simulate a lamp light. Relief valves? Whistles too, no doubt. Some of the final carving inside the cab can be done after the glue dries besides, things slip while gluing, and some fairing might be needful.

I admit to being nervous about splitting the cab roof, so I ceased the carving pretty soon after this. This is a good time to change your mind about anything else concerning the cab. Since I "design as I go" I never know where a project is heading; here that method bit me: I really wanted a window in the cab, but I forget it at this stage, and the next, and I became lazy when I remembered after I painted the whole thing.

On the other hand, designing-as-you-go introduces contingencies and new ideas. This happens when I write novels, too. Unexpected joys may arise. If not could anyone point me to a forum that might be able to help? Should I be wearing cotton gloves? Help Needed How do I change a broken coupler on this reddit. I inherited some trains. I'm not a model train guy Yet! Can always use a new hobby. Piko Junior HO scale Steam set i. Question Amtrak 50th anniversary locomotives.

EXP Member. Question Does anyone hear have any particular ho rolling stock they absolutely love self. Locomotives Something new came in the mail today Locomotives As requested, the contents of the cabinets reddit. Making a new scene for my American engines v. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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