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If I have kids I am hoping my assets will generate enough passive income not to need insurance, but will probably go for it while they are young. I love it and so do they! Cara Gardenview Cottage says:. David Nolen says:. Pingback: Thank Blog. Great job.

Teepee Party Upcountry Camp. The pillar panel system provides an easy-to-install solution that will give you the look of stacked stone from the box to the wall in minutes. The installed cost is about half that of traditional masonry. There is now no need for a mason or the hassle of wire mesh and grout since our pillar panels simply screw to the post. The pillar panel system has an 8 in. I made some tents like this for my daughters twelfth birthday sleepover and the youngsters LOVED them!!

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For a whole month , she has a whole bunch of tutorials and patterns from talented people from all over the blogosphere.

I am honored that she has asked me to be one of them. So for you and her readers , I made this tutorial of a fun little hideaway see guest post here for your little ones or maybe for you. I was going to use the twine to make sure the mouldings stayed in place, but I no longer needed to because the hole already had such a tight grip on the dowel. Try to center the hole on your moulding. Place 2 mouldings on top of each other, make sure the holes are lined up.

Push dowel through the holes of the two mouldings. The hole should have a pretty tight grip and keep the dowel in place. Repeat step 4 and put together the other side with the two remaining mouldings.

Fold elastic over and pin in place at each corner of the tent cover. Sew elastic onto the corner of the tent cover. Repeat with the remaining 3 corners. Drape cover over the A-frame and loop elastic to the bottom of wooden tent leg. Arrange and straighten fabric cover. Then, spread frame to desired height and width of tent opening.

Call your kids over and enjoy!!! This tent can easily be taken apart and stored, since there are no screws or nails involved. In addition, the tent cover is easy enough to recreate in different patterns.

The sizing is similar to a twin bed sheet, so if you get one of those to use I used a vintage twin sheet , the project just got a whole lot easier! It is a great place for reading, napping, and pretending, but most importantly making memories!

I am already thinking this will be my go-to birthday gift as I am sure this would be loved very much. Thank you Kathleen for allowing me to take part in your celebration!

I love making little things for my girls to play in and now I am already thinking of another one! There is no such thing as too many hideouts for a little kid! Newest Post Older Post. May 11, at am. Linda Park says:. Kelsey says:. Annetta-B Photography says:. Mamzelle Titoo says:. Natalie says:. Elissa says:.

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Pingback: Un cort simplu, dar de mare efect — pentru cei mici! Pingback: In which there is almost no knitting and definitely no bees. A Motley Yarn. Chanda says:. February 2, at pm. Lily says:. July 14, at pm. Pingback: DIY telt og tipi » Lippanoa. Pingback: DIY : sous la tente. May 2, at pm. Definitely Doing 14! Cool Amazing Stuff. Cornwall Holiday Guide. Pingback: 32 Clever Do-it-Yourself Backyard ideas are amazing. Viral First. Pingback: Anchor Tent How-To.

Pingback: Make your summer — 13 summer craft makes thisisknockout. Pingback: 31 idee fai-da-te per rendere il tuo giardino fantastico questa estate Incredibilia.

Pingback: Beautiful Backyards — 38 ideas to give your boring backyards a new look. Megan says:. Tape off the top of the mouldings just above the drill holes. Paint with your accent color to create a dipped effect and let dry completely before removing the tape. Group dowels into pairs and line up the top holes. The hole should have a pretty tight grip and keep the dowel in place. Repeat with the mouldings for the opposite end. Drape your tent cover on top.

Take the remaining dowels and push through the holes on the bottom of the mouldings. Apply hot glue to the bottom dowel on one side and roll fabric around the dowel until secure. Repeat with second dowel on the opposite side. Participated in the Wood Contest View Contest. Did you make this project? Share it with us!

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