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Use a pencil and a ruler to make marks 1 centimetre 0. Teens can easily make their own hoa frame and the kiddos can be involved by customizing the frame with sharpie and stickers. Next, turn it so that it looks like a diamond with a square-shaped crease in the middle. If you added a 4 cm 1. Patterned scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, and magazine pages are all great choices here.

Align the front and the back pieces of the frame and glue them together. The templates include a detailed tutorial and an easy-to-follow video tutorial to help you create your paper photo frames in no-time. To create this papercraft, I especially thought about this weird time we are living in right now will it ever end? This heart-shaped frame is super easy to gift! You can slide in an envelope and mail it to your loving one.

Teens can easily make their own heart frame and the kiddos can be involved by customizing the frame with sharpie and stickers. You can buy the frame templates in the shop.

I like looking at printed pictures. Do not fold the corners past the creases making up. You still need to use them as guides. Fold the corners again using the squares creases as a folding guide. Your corners are flattened because you folded the points. Do not fold these flattened corners to the middle of the paper. Instead, fold them along the square-shaped crease you made earlier. The flattened corners will not reach the middle of the paper.

Instead, they will create a frame. Turn the paper over and fold the corners down by 1 in 2. Flip the paper over so that it looks like a square and not a frame with a blank square in the middle. Take each of the 4 corners and fold them by 1 in 2. You'll end up with something that looks like an octagon. Sharpen the corners with your fingernail, then unfold them so that they are sticking out at degree angles.

These corners will make the slots for the stand. Take a second square sheet of paper and fold the side edges to the middle. Cut another square sheet of 7 in 18 cm paper. Find the center, then fold the left and right edges down. Run your nail along the edges to sharpen the creases. If your paper is patterned, you can work on the front or back. It all depends on which side you want to be visible!

Find the center by folding the paper in half, then unfolding it. You can also do it by measuring it with a ruler. Do not unfold, rotate, or flip the paper. Run your nail along the creases a few times to make them nice and sharp.

Create a crease in the middle of the rectangle, then unfold it to make a V. Fold the rectangle in half widthwise by bringing the narrow edges together and flattening the crease. Run your nail across the crease a few times, then allow the paper to unfold naturally to a V-shape. This completes your stand.

Now, you just have to secure it onto the back of the frame. Glue the tabs on the stand to the corner flaps on the back of the frame. Turn your frame over so that the back with the folded corners is facing you. Glue the top-left and top-right corners to the top tab on your stand. Next, glue the bottom-left and bottom-right corners to the bottom tab on your stand.

You can slide the corners of the stand's tabs into these slots. Slide your photo into the frame. The easiest way to do this would be to slide one corner at a time into the corners on the front of your frame.

If the frame loosens a bit, simple fold it back into place. Method 3 of Sketch a 11 by 6 cm 4. Use a ruler and pencil to draw the rectangle in the middle of your paper; this way, you'll have room to add the rest of the frame. If your paper has a patterned front and solid back, make sure that you're drawing on the solid back.

This will eventually be folded in to create a clean, inside edge. If you want an even simpler frame, just sketch a 13 by 8 cm 5. Use a pencil and a ruler to make marks 1 centimetre 0. Next, connect these marks with your pencil and ruler. You will eventually fold this 1 centimetre 0. It will give it a nicer finish. Make more marks 4 centimetres 1. Connect these marks to complete the frame. You'll be folding the outside edges in, so the frame will be only 2 centimetres 0.

If you want a simpler frame, just draw a 2 cm 0. Cut the frame out, including the 11 by 6 cm 4. Cut the 21 by 16 cm 8. Next, cut the 11 by 6 cm 4. Leave the 1 cm 0. If you made a simpler frame, cut the bigger rectangle out first, then the smaller rectangle. Next, click here to continue.

Snip the inner corners of the 1 cm 0. Use a pencil to connect the top-left inner corner to the top-left outer corner of your 1 cm 0. Cut along the line that you drew, then repeat the process for the remaining corners. Cutting these slits will allow you to fold the 1 cm 0.

Fold the edges of the 1 cm 0. This will give the inside hold of your frame a clean, folded edge. If your paper has a distinct front and back side, make sure that you are folding the edges onto the back. These will also make flaps for you to finish gluing your frame.

Fold the outside edges of the frame toward the inside edges. If you added a 4 cm 1. DIY scrap paper easy frame via repiny. DIY volume paper picture frame via blog. DIY paper picture frame via ohhappyday. DIY bold paper frames via craftymorning. DIY 3D paper frames via gatheringbeauty. DIY faux bois paper frame via radmegan. DIY paper wrapped photo frame via lisastorms. DIY wrapping paper photo frame via onelmon.

DIY paper tube photo frame via paigeandchris.

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