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Are you puzzling at using the hoe hole jig of a Kreg Jig tool? Though they may look complicated to first time crafters, using a Kreg Jig is surprisingly simple. Secure the jig to the workbench. If you are using a Kreg Jigthis chart will help you choose the correct jig setting and screw length for your joint. Edit this Article.

Take your woodworking skills to the next level by learning the 10 best ways to use a Kreg Jig system. Kreg jig allows you to clamp the wooden surfaces and joints together, which you can glue after finishing the final cuttings. The Kreg Jig tool will bring great ease in doing woodworking projects , and here you are going to get a full Kreg jig instructions guide to understand the woodworking tools and to know about all the tricks you can play in the woodworking using this smart tool.

You are just going to love the ways of using a Kreg jig that will help you in easy doing of woodworking that professionals do. By learning different jigs, you can instantly spice up your woodworking projects. These guides will make you an expert in using all types of a Kreg Jig with complete control ever jig you are using.

This not end here. The Kreg jig instructions list will also provide hacks on how to easily learn this tool and to do smart alteration that will help in easy adjustments of different jigs.

This Kreg jig is mainly used to drill pocket holes that are a smart hidden way to assemble tight wooden surfaces and slats. Next, you can easily clamp the glued wooden surfaces using this system. So, do take a trip to these ways to learn how to use a Kreg jig quickly.

The Kreg Jig is a great tool to use in the woodworking when adding precision is compulsory. Use this to make lovely pocket holes in the wood, and if you need the directions to do so, then get the free instructions from here.

The pocket holes will allow you to assemble to wooden pieces without hardware visibility. If you are new to woodworks or to a Kreg Jig tool and just start learning to operate it and use it in lots of different ways to ease yourself in woodworking projects.

Then see here the comparison of R3 and K5. Use different Jigs of Kreg Jig for different types of woodworks. If you are willing to make some quick pocket holes, then learn here how to use the pocket hole jig. It will hold a wooden surface in place and will provide the perfect holes at an angle to drill the pocket holes using a hand drill. It may be a little daunting for the beginners to operate both the K5 and R3 Kreg Jig. The step the place on the bit where it narrows to a point should be even with the notch that corresponds to the thickness of your board.

Slide the depth collar to the appropriate height and tighten it using an Allen wrench. A special pocket hole drill bit should be included with your new Kreg Jig. Change the placement of the jig. Using the same measurements, adjust the height of the jig to the appropriate position. To do this, loosen the thumbscrew on the back so that you can raise or lower guide hole piece freely. Once the jig is where you want it, tighten the thumbscrew to secure it.

Remember to reset the guide hole piece every time you drill a board of a different size. Secure the jig to the workbench. Clamp the jig down so that it will remain firmly in place. Make sure the guide holes of the jig are facing toward you on the workbench.

Part 2 of Clamp the wood into the jig. Place one end of the wooden board vertically against the clamp backing on the opposite side of the jig, then pull the lever to press the clamp tight against it. Fit the drill bit into the guide holes in the jig. The guide holes should be just large enough to comfortably accommodate the drill bit. Most standard Kreg Jig models will have at least three guide holes so that you can drill as many holes as needed to support the joint.

Should you need more pocket holes than your jig allows, you can make room for more by shifting the wood down in the clamp after drilling your first set. Drill the desired number of pocket holes. Pull back on the drill as you work to free the guide holes of loose wood chips. Drill as many holes as you need to create a strong joint that will suit the purposes of your project, then turn the board around and repeat the process on the other end.

Part 3 of Press the pieces of wood together to form a joint. Make sure the edges are evenly aligned. If you prefer, you can clamp the boards in place to make them easier to manage.

Glue the edges of the joint together for added security. Spread a thin layer of wood glue onto the edges of the boards where they connect. This will reinforce the joint even further and prevent the boards from coming apart as you fasten them. If you're using wood glue in addition to a conventional clamp, apply the glue before you align the edges of the boards.

Drill the screws into place. Drive the screws deep until they disappear inside the pocket hole. The pocket hole bit conveniently bores its own thread as Kreg Jig Setup Error it drills, so you should have no problem getting the screws to hold.

Finer threads should be reserved for hard, dense varieties of wood like Kreg Jig Setting For 2x6 Files maple and oak. Conceal the pocket holes with wood plugs or adhesive.

These can easily be filled with a glob of putty or wood glue. You could also invest in a set of Kreg wood plugs, which are specially tapered to slide right in for a smooth, seamless finish. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Take proper safety precautions by wearing eye protection while drilling.

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Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0. Use pocket holes to reinforce the joints in your favorite antique furniture pieces and increase their lifespan. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Helpful 2 Not Helpful 0. Exercise caution when working with electric drills and other power tools.

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