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Photo: Elka Wood. Zac Harlow with the ukulele stand he made for his HSC project. The resin that Billy used to display colourful bottle caps in the top piece of timber cracked a week before the project was due to be assessed, leaving Billy and his mum running around trying to find the right kind of resin to fix it.

Billy has woodworking in his genes, with a grandpa and brother both working in the building trade but some of the students are completely new to the subject. Eli Badger tries out a bench made by a classmate. Teacher Jamie Carrett in background. Eli Badger wanted some nice timber for his beehive hsc timber projects 600 so he and his dad Geoffrey headed to Blue Ridge Hardwoods in Eden, where they not only selected the perfect wood but got a tour of the facility.

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The Year 12 Industrial Technology-timber products and furnishing class have had a huge year of dedication and craftsmanship, resulting in the students producing some excellent projects for their HSC Major Project. Each student designed their project and all timber was sourced from local Norfolk Pines. Mar 28,  · Once you have completed or even while you are doing your HSC, feel free to post some or all of it here. (Some Timber and Furniture Industries Production Component images can be found in [thread=]this thread[/thread].). In the HSC course, students are required to complete a Major Project and Folio which comprises 60% of their external assessment mark. • The majority of student time is spent making timber projects • Theoretical concepts and skill development are integrated into practical projects.

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