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Gifts for First Responders. Japanese fountain pen manufacturers regard the nib as the heart of the pen. This keeps intricate characters tidy and readable, even when written at a small size. Dot Grid. Lightfast Colored Pencils. Paper Sizes Explained.

Washi tape is made from translucent Japanese rice paper and comes in an endless spectrum of colors and patterns.

It features a gentle adhesive, making it easy to stick on and tear off without damaging any surfaces. Its soft, tactile texture and colorful prints are perfect for craft projects- use it to customize and decorate notebooks, letters, labels, packages, and even your walls!

In , the company received notice that three women in Tokyo had been using their utility tapes to make beautiful craft projects. Inspired by their creativity, MT invited the women to tour the factory and began developing an entirely new type of colorful, adaptable tape that could be used for creative projects.

Today, washi tape comes in thousands of colors, prints, and designs, and has a cult following among crafters and stationery aficionados throughout the world. Materials : Washi Paper Dimensions:. From sealing a lunch bag to wrapping Used Woodworking Tools Canada Promo Code a special gift, the world of washi tape is a playground for the creative mind. To add to the illusion, the exterior barrel is made from incense-cedar so it even smells like the real thing.

Each pencil comes with a sharpener to use with its smooth writing 2mm B-grade graphite lead. About Penco Penco is a stationery brand that specializes in products that capture the charm of vintage American items from years past. Designed to cultivate our inherent sense of wonder and exploration, Sola Cube features rare natural specimens captured forever in acrylic.

Hyper-polished and distortion-free, these expertly preserved curiosities make a fantastic gift for the naturalist in your life and will captivate guests of your home and office. Custom beech and walnut display stands are available here.

This specimen is the fruit of the Gettou, or "Shell Ginger" plant. This antioxidant-rich plant is native to Okinawa and is the active ingredient in our line of anti-aging products from Ruhaku. About Acrylate Resin Casting Similar to amber, insects and other curiosities can be preserved in acrylic resin for generations.

The process typically involves pouring acrylic into a mold with the dried plant on a slightly solidified gel. The specimen is then pressurized in the mold to remove bubbles before being slowly heated to stabilize the acrylic bonds. Finally, the specimen is shaped and buffed to remove any surface markings. Materials: Acrylic resin, Specimen Dimensions: L An x-brace stand designed to display a single Sola Cube.

Available in beech white and walnut brown. Materials: Beech wood, Walnut wood Dimensions: D:. Wellness Binchotan Charcoal Accessories Jewelry. Office Tools.

Add to Cart. Size Long Short. We hope that all of our customers are doing well under this lock down. As mentioned on our last email we are adding the "special bundle" category on our website.

Gyokucho is a popular brand of professional carpentry saws in Japan. They use a method called impulse hardening to increase the durability of the Vintage Woodworking Tools Canada 12 tooth tips. This is Tobisho's award winning pruner, their most well balanced product. Piston Fill. Vacuum Fill. Ballpoint Pens. Pressurized Ink. Gel Pens. Multi Pens. Rollerball Pens. Multi Surface. Brush Pens. Felt Tip. Natural Hair. Synthetic Bristle. Water Brush. Calligraphy Pens.

Glass Dip Pens. Italic Pens. Left-Handed Pens. Nib Holders. Pointed Pen Tools. Comic Markers. Dry Erase. Technical Drawing. Wet Erase. Multi Pen Components. Bottled Inks. Calligraphy Inks. Comic Inks. Dip Pen Inks. Drawing Inks. Fountain Pen Inks. Glitter Inks. India Inks. Iron Gall Inks. Waterproof Inks. Ink Cartridges. Brush Pen. Calligraphy Pen. Comic Pen.

Fountain Pen. Technical Pen. Pen Refills. Gel Ink. Brush Pen Replacement Tips. Calligraphy Nibs. Desk Pen Stands. Fountain Pen Converters. Fountain Pen Nibs. Ink Bottles. Pen Cleaners. Pen Clips. Replacement Blades. Replacement Styli. Rollerball Pen Replacement Tips. Silicone Grease. Drafting Pencils. Replacement Tips. Mechanical Pencils. Components for Multi Pens. Everyday Carry. Lead Guard. Rotating Lead.

Lead Holders. Wooden Pencils. Art Pencils. Colored Pencils. Erasable Colored Pencils. Lightfast Colored Pencils. Pencils with Erasers. Recycled Pencils. Water-Soluble Pencils. Writing Pencils. Pencil Leads. Lead Color. Lead Grade. Lead Size. Block Erasers. Eraser Refills. Ink Erasers. Novelty Erasers. Retractable Erasers. Pencil Cases. Double Pen. Extra Long. Roll Up.

Single Pen. Bag Organizers. Laptop Sleeves. Messenger Bags. Reusable Shopping Bags. Travel Bags. Other Cases. Binding Type. Paper Size. Sheet Style. Japanese Planners. Daily Planners. Weekly Planners. Monthly Planners. Undated Planners. Memo Pads. Dot Grid. Stationery Paper. Letter Sets. Note Cards. Adhesive Runners. Clear Tapes. Double-Sided Tape. Drafting Dots.

Washi Tape Organizers. Washi Tapes. Painting Supplies. Brush Cases. Brush Cleaners. Gum Arabic. Poster Colors. Water Brushes. Watercolor Palettes. Stamping Supplies. Ink Pads. Stamp Cleaners. Book Accessories. Book Bands. Book Stands. Correction Tapes. Cute Sticky Notes. Window Sticky Notes. The Best Stationery of Top Releases of JetPens Exclusive. Limited Edition. JetPens Color Bundles.

JetPens Samplers. Pen Sets.

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