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Scent bottles. Football programmes 's era, 4 Wembley cup finals. Woidblock Parker pen. Decorative brass face. Three 18thC Chinese porcelain saucers with cockerel and 3 fans decoration, Zheng or Qianlong period.

Although the practice of printing written sources is part of a much older tradition in East Asia, the production of printed imagery using woodblocks was a more common phenomenon in Europe, starting in late fourteenth-century Germany and subsequently spreading to the Netherlands and south of the Swiss Alps to areas of northern Italy.

Early woodcuts often show religious subject matter. Here we see the Virgin Mary cradling her dead son, Jesus. Petrus Christus, Portrait of a female donor kneeling before a book with a print hanging on the wall behind her detail Japanese Wood Carving Tools Uk Google , c.

During the second half of the fifteenth century after Gutenberg invented his printing press, woodcuts became the most effective method of illustrating texts made with movable type. As a result, cities in Europe—namely Mainz, Germany and Venice , Italy—where printmaking initially took hold developed into important centers for book production.

The European method of making printed images on paper using a mechanical press made its way to East Asia by the sixteenth century, but it was not widely adopted for artistic purposes until a couple centuries later during the Edo period in Japan when colored woodcuts ukiyo-e prints were produced in great numbers. The earliest European loose-sheet woodcuts depict predominately Christian subjects, serving as relatively inexpensive devotional images. While museums today preserve prints in climate-controlled boxes to ensure that they last for future generations to enjoy, in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, they were folded up and carried by pilgrims on their travels, cut and pasted into the interior covers of books, or tacked up onto walls of a home.

Consequently, few early woodcuts survive because they were often destroyed through continual use. Yet, key extant woodcuts reveal the stylistic character of this early type of print. This woodcut survived a fire. It shows Mary holding the infant Jesus, surrounded by saints and scenes from the life of Mary.

These images feature minimal shading and patterning, resembling stenciled designs to which a collector often applied paint by hand to enhance the emotional appeal of the composition.

A contemporary artist uses a handheld gouger to cut a woodcut design into Japanese plywood. A type of relief process , a woodcut is produced by inking the raised surface of the matrix , which will result in a mirror impression of the composition when the block is pressed onto a sheet of paper using manual or mechanical a printing press pressure. The rubber stamp is a modern example of relief printing.

To create the design on the block of wood, an artist uses a knife or gouge to cut away sections of the wood in between the lines and shapes that are to be printed. When cutting out the areas of wood, one has to be careful not to make the raised lines too thin or else they may break when pressure is added to produce an impression, which is why early woodcuts feature designs with bold contours.

The relief process is one of the main types of printmaking. To make a woodcut, an artist inks the raised surface of the matrix, which creates a mirror impression of the composition when the block is pressed onto a sheet of paper using manual or mechanical a printing press pressure video from The Museum of Modern Art.

By carving a series of thin lines close together in his Samson and the Lion , he convincingly represented shadows on the hillside. The white areas in this print are uninked, acting as highlights in the scene. Lucas Cranach the Elder, Saint Christopher , c. In the sixteenth century, printmakers in northern Europe and Italy capitalized on that interest by making colored woodblock prints known as chiaroscuro woodcuts because they imitate the appearance of chiaroscuro drawings.

In this type of drawing, the colored paper serves as the middle tone to which an artist adds white pigment to produce light chiaro tones and renders darker scuro values by incorporating hatch marks with a pen or areas of dark wash with a brush. The same concept applies to chiaroscuro woodcuts. One woodblock, referred to as the tone block, created the orange mid-tone.

The second woodblock, called the line block, produced the black lines, that is the base design and hatching. The unprinted areas of the paper act as highlights. An example of niello plaques, with incised linear designs on a metal surface which were inlaid with a dark paste-like substance.

Devotional Diptych with the Nativity and Adoration , c. Not long after the first woodcuts were made, the intaglio process of engraving emerged in Germany in the s and was used throughout other areas of northern and southern Europe by the second half of the fifteenth century intaglio is a category of printmaking that includes engraving, drypoint and etching.

Engraving remained a common method for printmaking through the end of the eighteenth century until the invention of planographic techniques like lithography.

Engraving has its roots in the tradition of gold- and silversmith workshops where niello plaques—small plates of gold or silver—were made by incising a linear design into the metal surface and inlaying those carved grooves with a dark paste-like substance to render a clear representation. Artists scratched and etched metal plates to create fine surface detail video from The Museum of Modern Art.

Unlike the relief process of woodcut, an engraving is produced by sculpting into a copper plate using a tool with a lozenge-shaped tip called a burin, which leaves behind a V-shaped groove. Once the design has been fully incised, the entire surface of the plate is inked.

Next, the plate will be wiped clean so that only the ink deposited into the incised lines will remain. Now the matrix is ready to be run through the printing press with a damp sheet of paper. The pressure from the press pushes the paper into those grooves and picks up the ink, resulting in a mirror impression of the image engraved on the copper plate.

Michelangelo even copied it. In comparison to the difficulty of carving a relief design into a woodblock, the technique of engraving allowed skilled artists to create magnificently detailed and stylistically varied compositions without the fear of producing too narrow of lines that would break under the pressure of a mechanical press.

Hallmarked silver swing handled basket on pedestal base support, pierced decoration. A Sheffield , approx gms. Set of three hallmarked solid silver salts 7 w x 2. William Comyns and Sons Ltd London , with three assorted silver condiment spoons, 2 x Birmingham and one Sheffield together weighing approx gms. Hallmarked silver hip flask with glass bottle inner, G and J.

H Sheffield , silver weighing approx gms, 14 h x 8. Hallmarked silver trinket box, wood lined inner, engine turned decoration. C and S Ltd Birmingham Hallmarked silver large bowl on pedestal base, reed column sides. Edward Hutton London Hallmarked silver topped cut glass inkwell on oval tray base, raised on four feet. Weight of tray without glass Hallmarked solid silver lidded serving dish scallop pattern corners, RP London , weighing approx Selection of silver plated ware, chamber sticks, pair of candlesticks, teapot, coffee pots, cream jugs, cutlery and a large pedestal bowl, 40cms w.

Selection of silver, small vesta with scroll cartouche, pair of salts, heart shaped pill box, 2 bangles, together with a white metal cigarette box and a gold plate cigarette box, silver weighing approx 95gms.

Hallmarked silver fob medallion with enamelled centre cricket player, also a silver comb holder. Birmingham Two hallmarked Oliver trophy's cups with base stands. Hallmarked silver pedestal bowl Hallmarked silver pedestal dish Floral, shell and pierced decoration. Birmingham , maker Adie Brothers. A pair of hallmarked silver candlesticks, 25cms h, London , Millennium mark and , maker Whitehill Silver and Plate Co. Three branch candelabra, base filled, Birmingham together with teaspoon, London and pair of pepperettes Birmingham A pair of hallmarked silver cruet, formed as acorns, Birmingham Good quality silver hallmarked pepperette with blue glass liner.

Vacant cartouche to front. Cranberry glass bowl on silver base, Birmingham , Three modern hallmarked silver photograph frames, largest 19 x 13cms, Birmingham , smaller ones 10 x 10cms. A large quantity of silver plate to include trays, candlesticks, coaster, spoons, sugar helmet, boxed fish eaters, knives, cake forks etc. A Danish silver oval basket with pierced latticed sides. A hallmarked silver pear shaped cream jug with embossed decoration.

London Maker Benjamin Sanders. Height 9. A three piece silver plated tea service, maker Walker and hall, together with a Victorian spirit kettle on stand. Mahogany canteen cutlery table, tapered legs with swag decoration. L R and Co Ltd, silver plated cutlery 83 w x 46 d x 78cms h.

Two hallmarked silver decanter labels, Birmingham Hallmarked silver teapot with ebony knop and handle with twin handled sugar bowl. Sheffield , maker Walker and Hall.

Seven various hallmarked silver napkin rings, total weight gms. Various dates and makers. Some with initials. Three piece hallmarked silver cruet set with green glass liners to salt and mustard.

A hallmarked silver mug, London , maker Henry Holland. Hallmarked silver to include Christening mug, jug, pepper, sugar tongs, tea and dessert spoons ladle and salt spoons. Three piece hallmarked silver cruet with blue glass liners and mustard spoon, Sheffield , maker Walker and Hall and a salt spoon. Weighable silver Octagonal hallmarked silver bowl on pedestal base. London , make S J Rose and Son with stand and presentation plaque to front. Hallmarked silver bowl and three cups all presented by Willerby, Kirk Ella and district Agricultural Society.

A hallmarked oval silver tray with twin handles on 4 raised feet. Sheffield , maker James Dixon and Son. Selection of silver plated ware, Dixon cut glass claret jug. Walker and hall serving dish, jugs, sugar bowl, cup etc. Hallmarked silver cigarette box, with 9ct gold handle, Padgett and Branham Ltd London Wood lined 17 w x 10cms d and 4. Gross weight Assorted Hallmarked silver, 12 Georgian silver teaspoons. Differing years and makers, a caddy spoon, one teaspoon Sheffield and a silver enamelled clover leaf brooch.

All together weighing approx Five hallmarked silver spoons A fine quality silver hallmarked cigar box, Birmingham Maker, Elkington and Co Ltd. Inscribed to top to E. Stephenson, ESQ. Hallmarked silver tea caddy of ovoid form. Sheffield , maker Aitkin Brothers. Monogram to lid. Wild Boar crest to front and inscribed Per Actum Intentio. Hallmarked silver lidded cup, London Maker Wakely and Wheeler. On an onyx plinth with inscribed presentation plaque, 'Lingdale' Ripon Champion etc.

Weight Planished with a Celtic knot handle. RMS Berengaria sifter spoon with 5 hallmarked silver coffee spoons. Coffee spoons weight. A Lincoln Cathedral Hallmarked silver commemorate goblet. Complete with original purchase receipt. Silver, glass and plate to include hallmarked silver topped glass jar, 2 hallmarked silver salt spoons, hallmarked silver triple condiment holder Birmingham , Hallmarked silver two handled tray with gadrooned edge raised on four paw feet.

Chester Hallmarked silver teapot, Sheffield , maker JR. Hallmarked silver including Dublin cream , sauce boat with broken handle, 3 teaspoons Glasgow , spoon London maker Solomon Hougham and golf trophy Birmingham Hallmarked silver to include match box holder, Birmingham , glass and silver inkwell, Chester and weighted vase Hallmarked silver including teaspoons, sugar tongs, salt spoon and butter knife, Hallmarked silver mug 7cms h London Hallmarked silver sugar sifter spoon, London Peter and Anne Bateman.

Flesher, M. A quantity of good quality silver plated items to include two candelabra, a pair of plate and glass items to include two candlesticks, pair of bases, sugar shaker, cake slice, boxed fish servers, napkin ring, muffin dish, sauce boat and a WMF tea strainer. Two Franklin Mint first national coinage of Barbados proof sets including.

Both with certificates, gloves and presentations sleaves. A set of 12 Pobjoy mint - The Churchill years silver gilt ingots for the Centenary of Sir Winston Churchill with medallion and certificate in teak case. British coins to include Crowns, 2 pound coin, 50 pence coins, H. Coins and stamps collection, first day covers, used stamps and envelopes, British and World, selection of coinage. Victorian silver coins. British pre decimal coinage. Edward and Elizabeth 's to 60's, sixpences and other silver coins, small amount of copper coinage.

Some foreign coins. John Inge, an M. Langham and F. M Langham, the Rt. Dr Robert Willis x 2, the Rt. Graeme Knowles, the Rt. Michael Perham, the Most Revd. Dr Barry Morgan and the Very Revd.

Keith Jones. All in good condition. All with information sheets and in good condition. All good condition. And one with a certificate of authenticity from Buckingham Covers. All in good condition and one with a certificate of authenticity from Buckingham Covers. All in good condition with information sheets to most of them. All in good condition with information sheets to some and one with a certificate of authenticity from Buckingham Covers.

A booklet is also included. All in good condition with information sheets to most. All in good condition and with information sheets. All in good condition and most with information sheets. Also 1 with a certificate of authenticity from Buckingham Covers. All in good condition and some with information sheets. Also 5 with a certificate of authenticity from Buckingham Covers. A large collection of Olympic related First Day covers in 2 albums, 74 signed and 68 unsigned.

All in good condition and all with information sheets. Also 6 with a certificate of authenticity from Buckingham Covers. All in good condition and one with an information sheet. Also 2 with a certificate of authenticity from Buckingham Covers. In good condition, some grey smudge marks to front and back.

A note hand written by the British Illustrator Harry Furniss and a sketch. The note is not dated but headed Salisbury. In fair condition, crease to centre and hole in the back of folded paper but not affecting the writing. A collection of 3 Ron Moody items to include 2 signed hand-drawn sketches, 1 on a First Day Cover stamped 26th December the other on white paper dated June together with a black and white photograph.

All in good condition and First Day Cover with information sheet. All in good condition and some with information sheets and 1 with a certificate of authenticity from Buckingham Covers. All in good condition, some with certificates of authenticity from Buckingham Covers and information sheets. Plus a booklet. A collection of 10 English Banknotes to include a white five-pound note dated 10th August , number S and signed P.

All in good condition, flat and little to no creases. All in good condition and 1 with a certificate of authenticity from Buckingham Covers and information sheets to some.

Queen Mothers Christmas card as a mark to top front and crease to the middle. Good condition, no creases. In good condition, flat with a few small smudge marks. Collection of British coinage. Commemorative Royalty and Churchill. Pre decimal mint cased coins, Silver Jubilee coin 28gms, sixpences and half crowns.

Coin collection. British pre decimal silver and copper cased mint sets. Very large collection of British pre decimal copper coinage, Penny's and half penny's, some farthings, most in protective covers.

Many uncirculated condition. Commemorative coins collection, Royalty Jubilee and birthdays, three Winston Churchill and one Pope John Paul, one coin with pendant chain, mint and cased. Coin collection, British and World coinage. Georgian, Victorian and 20th century mixture, circulated. British coin collection, sixpences, shillings and half crowns, 20thC post 's Elizabeth 2nd including 2 cased sets.

Collection of British Threepence coins. Post 's Elizabeth 2nd. Circulated with protective sleeves. Large collection of World coinage. Used circulated. Portuguese, American, Australian, French and others. Collection of world banknotes, circulated. Collection of coins and metal detecting finds, Hadrianus Roman bronze coin. British and American coinage including fifty pence Battle of Britain and metal detecting finds, bullets etc.

Collection of World and British silver and copper coinage and banknotes. British George VI and Elizabeth. Crowns and shilling. Jo Page and Somerset, Foreign coinage including USA silver dollar , half dollars and cents, other wold coinage and banknotes, some commemorative coins.

Small collection of WW II coinage. British coinage including John Wilkinson Iron Master token, cartwheel pennies, crown, crown, Roman coin, pennies, sixpences, five shilling made into a pendant, chain marked.

Albums of British issue stamps, 's pre decimal to the 's and a part filled album of British stamps. Four albums of World stamps, one album with New Zealand and Newfoundland stamps and three of various country's.

Three albums of First Day Covers and stamps Gibraltar x 2 albums and one of various countries, C's to modern. Two albums of First Day Covers, British to 's. Post Office album with 66 cards and 68 cards in the other album. Chinese decorated lacquer jewellery box with brass fittings, lift up mirrored lid, fitted drawers beneath.

Ladies dress ring set with pink stone and tiny clear stones to each side. Size N, 3. Ladies dress ring set in 9ct rose gold, 9 pink stones with clear stone to each corner. Size P. Ladies dress ring, pale blue stone in square setting surrounded by diamonds set in 9ct gold. Size P, 3. Collection of jewellery and ring boxes. One cardboard box Carmichaels of Hull.

Mid century vanity cosmetics case, fitted interior with two compacts and a comb. Hallmarked silver, blue enamelled cigarette case, A. A hallmarked silver and enamel medal, presented by the Central Currant office London awarded to G. Nine carat gold to include Beverley and E.

Golf Club Centenary medal , signet ring, one tallar coin set as a ring, two chain necklaces and a 19thC seed pearl and gold pendant. A quantity of costume jewellery including a brooch and matching earrings, terrier brooch, dress clips, beads etc.

Three mother of pearl and hallmarked silver fruit knives, double bladed, mother of pearl penknife and a mother of pearl and silver button hook, Sheffield , Sheffield , Sheffield , button hook Sheffield A large quantity of costume jewellery to include bead necklaces, brooches, jewellery box, bracelets etc.

Three 9ct gold cased ladies wristwatches, one with elasticated bracelet marked 9ct with white enamel face and red A single stone diamond ring set in 18ct gold with black enamel decoration, maker J. Size J. Nine carat gold to include bangle, ring set with purple stone, medal, masonic medal, nil desperandum Lodge 38 shield metal and two chainlinks, 33gms total weight.

A Mikimoto circular pearl and white metal brooch and a hallmarked silver ballerina brooch. Heavy hallmarked silver watch chain with T bar, hallmarked silver bracelet with padlock, charm bracelet, fine chain and a Siam sterling pendant. Miscellany to include pocketwatch, Guinness pen knives, agate set brooch, locket, The Acme Guide whistle, yellow metal locket, rolled gold mounted leather wallet, hallmarked silver Shorthand medal, tie pin in fitted box.

Selection of gents costume jewellery. Gold plated tie pins, studs and cufflinks. Ronson cigarette lighter, cigar cutters and five wrist watches,. Costume jewellery, selection of necklaces, earrings, brooches, hair combs, pin badges, bracelets, scent bottle etc.

A 9ct gold bar brooch set with eight seed pearls and a central red stone in original silk lined box. A 15ct gold bar brooch set with central diamond flanked by red stones to each side in original fitted box. A 9ct gold bar brooch set with central amethyst and one diamond. In original fitted case. Various mainly white metal jewellery to include pickle fork, brooch, filigree brooch set with 5 red stones, thistle brooch and boot, a pair of sterling silver and marcasite shell shaped earrings and a vintage diamante necklace.

A 9ct gold art nouveau drop pendant and brooch set with seed pearls and red stones. With vintage silk lined box. Four early 20thC tie pins to include one set with pale blue stone marked 9ct, one with green stone marked indistinctly 9ct, one unmarked metal set with 4 small diamonds and one unmarked yellow metal set with seed pearls and diamonds.

A 9ct gold Smiths gentleman's gold wristwatch with subsidiary second dial on expanding metal bracelet awarded for 35 years service to London Electricity Board, together with a gold coloured ladies Smiths wristwatch on a leather strap.

A 9ct gold cased ladies Vertex Revue wristwatch on black leather strap. Awarded for service to BTR in for 30 years service. A 9ct gold ladies wristwatch, dial on guilloche enamel with 9ct fine gold bracelet. Bracelet 7. A ladies Rotary Maximus 9ct gold wristwatch on 9ct gold strap in original box with paper. Total weight 13gms. Ladies 9ct gold cased ladies wristwatch on an expanding bracelet, marked 9ct ACC. A pair of 9ct gold earrings 1.

An 18ct gold cased pocket watch. Collection of gents cufflinks, commemorative coins and gas fuelled lighters to include Colibri etc. One pair silver set with red stone and a Gents chrome Rotary Diademe wristwatch, working order. A 9ct gold signet ring size O, clear cartouche and a ladies 9ct gold cameo ring size K together weigh approx Hallmarked 9ct gold ring and matching set of three stud earrings set with opal surrounded by diamonds and green stones, size J, gross weight approx 6.

A 9ct gold and freshwater pearls necklace, bracelet and earrings set in Sarelle presentation case, necklace length 40cms, bracelet 18cms, together with a Stratton Wedgwood compact. Selection of costume jewellery.

Necklace and bracelet set with clear and red stones, two other necklaces, a ladies Shiva quartz wristwatch and four school enamel badges, Captain and Vice Captain, Prefect and head girl. Hat pin cushion stand with a collection of 39 various hat pins including inlaid tortoiseshell, needle worked, enamel, mother of pearl and others. Hallmarked silver and tortoiseshell pique trinket box with velvet lining.

London , maker William Comyns. Silver cased pocket watch with subsidiary seconds dial, Chester , Thomas Stockdale, Driffield marked to face and works. Nine carat gold including two charms, coral and gold bracelet, coral and gold ring, earring back and signet ring. Jewellery to include chains, pendants, etc, some marked.

Waltham silver cased pocket watch, Am Watch Co, hallmarked A. D Birmingham Fattorini and Sons, Bradford. With Key, Working. Hallmarked silver pocket watch, W. H Wightman, Notts, hallmarked Chester Three silver cased pocket watches, one Harris Stone of Leeds, hallmarked London , 5cms w. One marked fine silver, case weight 53gms and one stamped silver case front, brass backplate 5.

With Keys. Collection of six chrome cased pocket watches, keyless hand wind, all in a working order, 5cms w. All working with keys. Collection of four chrome cased pocket watches, keyless wind. Everite 5cms w, Limit Number 2, 5cms w, Phenix and Woodford. All working. Three brass cased pocket watches. Collection of fourteen silver fob pendants and one silver pocket watch chain A. S Birmingham , 35cms l, gms total. Thirteen silver plate and brass pocket watch chains with claws and some T bars, longest 38cms l.

Four various silver and enamel medals. F league , , and a single one. Various vintage silver jewellery to include brooches, earrings, necklaces and a necklace and matching drop earrings with opals.

A quantity of white metal Best Japanese Wood Carving Tools Shop jewellery mostly marked. A leather jewellery box and contents of costume jewellery, rings, beaded necklaces, bracelets, earrings. Full list in the condition report. Framed autograph and photo print Orson Welles. Autograph on paper 8 x 7cms and photo print 26 h x 20cms w. A very large collection of photographs, Hull Corporation, Transport buses, trolleys and coaches, mostly Hull related, some other West Yorkshire areas, Leeds, Bradford 's era.

Most with written info to back. Very large collection of Rugby League programmes and magazines. Leeds RLFC home and away, many other clubs. Rugby League dinner programme signed Billy Boston. Local amateurs West Hull and Beverley. Collection of cricket programmes and magazines, signed photos, MCC South Africa , signed paper with programme South Africa tour in England with programme 's to 's era, together with Olympic Games programme and Mixed ephemera collection. Football programmes 's era, 4 Wembley cup finals.

Autograph books, four books. Many autograph famous and friends. Collection of eight Bamforth series postcards. Just for the sake of Society x 4 and May I come Home x 4. WW II group of four medals. Defence, Africa, France and Germany and Burma star medals with ribbons.

Militaria collection. Royal Engineers Ubique collar badge. Royal Arm Education Core badges and buttons. Jones RA. Carved horn handled riding crop with silver collar and rope twist leather shaft. Initialled S. Birmingham together with a silver tipped walking cane, 88cms l. World War II German Military belt, 86cms l with winged eagle patch, shrapnel including half of a hand grenade. Military 8 round clips belt. RAF sports medal and a selection of British coinage.

Chester, PA. Mixed lot, Books. Clifford Saber Desert Rat Sketch book. Selection of local history books. Yorkshire Wit, Corporation of Hull. Book, T. E Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Jonathan Cape printer fourth impression August Large gilt decorated book. Spain by The Baron Ch. Davillier, illustrated by Gustav Dore A Leicestershire Sketch Book Framed Theatre posters for Theatre Royal Hull, each poster measuring 13 w x 20cms h, C and Good condition but with some browning to edges and fold to the middle on both.

Both in good condition with age spot to the postcard and slight browning to edge. Good condition with line mark to top left corner and glue marks to back. Black wax Royal seal to back with a Castle starting with 'Ab' embossed to the back of the seal flap. Good condition for age as browning, black edge to envelope coming off and seal flap ripped. Black wax seal to back. Condition fair due to 2 creases to the top front and many rips to seal flap to back and a few marks.

A collection of 3 items relating to William. Gladstone , Prime Minister 4 Terms. Included is a letter to William Foster to congratulate him on his election win dated 22nd December on Hawarden Castle, Chester; a folded sealed letter seal missing to Charles C Scott Esq, Greenock dated From Edinburgh December and a section of a possible letter or envelope to William Lovell Esq, Charles Street, B Disraeli Benjamin Disraeli signature , James with a small red wax seal of a castle turret together with another paper section with William Gladstone signature.

Good condition to all, browning has occurred. All in good condition for age, some creasing but all flat and majority yellowing due to age. Good condition. Vintage movie memorabilia to include scrap book and contents, mainly Katherine Hepburn, theatre programmes, studio photographs, some with signatures. Display cased taxidermy Barn Owl with taxidermist label to the back.

Edward Allen of York. Large Antler horns with Skull, wall mounted on an oak shield back, antler and skull length approx 68 w x 72cms. Pair of small black forest horns with skulls, wall mounted on oak shield backs, length of skull and horns approx 30cms.

Two small antler horns with skulls mounted on oak and pine shield backs. Horn and skull length 32 and 27cms. Composite head and body of a black doll 29cm tall and a selection of children's vinyl records Goldenstone, Disney, Thomas the Tank Engine, together with a pre 's Mickey Mouse scarf with makers label; Sammy Scarf.

Airfix 00 Inter City Train set, boxed. International dress dolls x 11, Palitoy Action Man figure, Diddy men, small felt toys, dolls clothing and a small Gordon Murray Puppet. A large collection of Meccano magazines from the 's and 40's era.

Large composition black doll, blue eyes and crying sound box, makers mark FP 23, approx 58cms h, some clothing.

Schuco Elektro Phanomenal, battery operated car in original box together with a Chinese tinplate Happy Bunny drummer, wind up toy with box. Collection of nine Star Wars action figures L. L 's, playworn, together with a Wills Bulwark cut plug tobacco tin.

Corgi diecast vehicles collection of Eddie Stobart Road Haulage truck and vans boxed together with a framed watercolour painting Eddie Stobart Truck by S Haldenby 39cms w x 27cms h. Dinky and Corgi diecast vehicles, rare Dinky Chrysler Airflow and Daimler with open chassis, smooth hut and white tyres together with 3 Corgi vans 2 x Commer and 1 x VW. Dinky and Corgi mixed collection of diecast vehicles x 19, playworn. Buses, Fire Engines and commercial vehicles. Collection of Dinky diecast vehicles, 's's including Formula racing cars together with a pamphlet and small Dinky Toys poster.

Large collection of playworn Dinky, Corgi, Lesney and some others makes, diecast vehicles including a bag of tyres and roadsign stickers. Pre war German composition zoo animals, big cats together with a selection of rare Elastolin cage wire. German Elastolin Giraffes and Giraffe house 32 w x 23cms h, seven giraffes, tallest 17cms h with 2 fence sections. Diecast lead figures, soldiers. En este debate caben tanto argumentos a favor del libro digital como argumentos a favor del libro de papel:.

Sin embargo otras editoriales como O'Reilly ofrecen sus libros sin DRM, respetando los deseos y derechos de sus lectores. Los sistemas DRM incluyen restricciones a la libertad de leer los libros en dispositivos distintos de los que se especificaron o incluso limitaciones por fecha e incluso pueden llevar al borrado de libros ya comprados, como en el caso de Amazon con la novela de George Orwell , que incluso dio lugar a demandas.

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