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glaser tools keep me happy! "I have used a lot of different types of turning tools for over 20 years and once I tried Jerry's tools I have not bought any other gouges since. The consistency and the ability for the steel to take a honed edge keep me a happy turner.". Jerry was a full-time engineer and a serious woodturner. Thinking that toolmaking was a direction that others should pursue, in Jerry sent Jerry Glaser Woodturning Tools Review a sample of the M2 high-speed steel to a leading British toolmaker. The suggestion was made that they should develop woodturning tools from such steel. Jerry Glaser – the woodturner Close your eyes and imagine a bowl with a sculpted rim, a finely textured outside, and carved feet. Although this sounds contemporary, now imagine this piece featured in a major California art show in Few people know that his woodturnings appeared in major shows in the late s and early www.Small Woodworking Shop Storage Ideas g: llc.

Jerry Glaser P erhaps one of the most influential yet humble personalities in the woodturning field is a mystery to most. Few know that his woodturnings appeared in major shows in the late s and early s. Even those aware of Jerry Glaser’s name barely know of his contributions to woodturning tools, chucks, and jigs. The man. Selling an original Jerry Glaser A, 1/2" V-flute woodturning bowl gouge. The tool steel is A powdered steel that will stay sharper and resist wear or dulling up to 3 times longer than the standard M2 HSS. Jerry Glaser was the first to introduce powdered steel to the wood turning industry. His chisels are highly sought www.Small Woodworking Shop Storage Ideas : Jerry Glaser. Glaser Hitec. Calle Tesoro Camarillo, CA USA. TEL: () X

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