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Инструкция и руководство для Jet Tools JWBS на русском. 7 страниц подробных инструкций и пользовательских руководств по эксплуатации. ИНСТРУКЦИЯ ПО ЭКСПЛУАТАЦИИ ЛЕНТОЧНАЯ ПИЛА JWBS 1 КОМПЛЕКТ ПОСТАВКИ 2 При работе с длинными заготовками применяйте подходящее удл 3 Уровень шума Значения определяют согласно стандарту EN 4 Установите направляющий профиль 5 РАБОТЫ ПО НАЛАДКЕ И РЕГУЛИРОВКЕ Общие указания Перед работ 6 Полотна пил: Уход за полотнами пилы должен быть поручен тол 7. inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw. JET K Use and Care Manual. Operating Instructions and Parts Manual Delta Instruction Manual. JET JWBSOS Bandsaw Owner Manual. Woodworking Band Saws. Manual - JET Tools. Use and Care Manual. Inch Woodworking Band Saw. From Jet comes the JWBSDXPRO 14" Deluxe Bandsaw, this machine will provide years of solid, heavy duty use. Woodworkers demanded a machine with solid cast frame designed to meet resaw expectations head-on. Providing incredible features like a new high tension spring design and many more amazing features you will have a bandsaw that will last for years to come. Shown with optional fence. Specifications.

Table Of Contents. Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. M Ph. Page 3: Table Of Contents Troubleshooting Page 4 5. Do not use this band saw for other than its intended use. If used for other purposes, JET disclaims any real or implied warranty and holds itself harmless from any injury that may result from that use. Page 5 Use the right tool at the correct speed and feed rate. Do not force a tool or attachment Jet 14 Bandsaw Pro Uk to do a job for which it was not designed. The right tool will do the job better and safer.

Use recommended accessories; improper accessories may be hazardous. Page 6 Shipping Weight approx. The specifications in this manual are given as general information and are not binding. JET reserves the right to effect, at any time and without prior notice, alterations to parts, fittings, and accessory equipment deemed Page 8: Assembly 3.

With jet 14 deluxe pro bandsaw manual year aid of a second person, lift the saw body out of the shipping container and place Figure 1 onto stand top. Line up holes in saw body with holes in the top of the Jet Jwbs 14dxpro 14 Deluxe Pro Bandsaw Kit Ii stand. Attach trunnion support to saw body with two M8 x 40 hex cap screws and two M8 lock washers. See Figure 2. Thread nut on to table stop bolt Fig. Page Grounding Instructions 21, if a properly grounded outlet is not available.

The Grounding Instructions temporary adapter should only be used until a properly grounded outlet can be installed by a This Band must qualified electrician. This adapter is not applicable in grounded while in use to protect the operator Canada. Page Extension Cords V operation, as shown in Figure The smaller the gauge number, the heavier the cord. Contact your local authorized JET service center or Repair or replace a damaged or worn cord qualified electrician for proper procedures to install immediately.

Page Adjustments Adjustments Tilting the Table Unplug the machine from the power source before making any repair or adjustment! Failure to comply may cause serious injury! Loosen two lock knobs Fig. Tilt table up to 45 degrees to the right or down 10 degrees to the left, using the scale mounted to the trunnion. Use care when handling the saw blade. Disconnect machine from power source. Loosen blade tension jet 14 deluxe pro bandsaw manual year pushing up on the release lever Fig.

Remove the table insert and the table pin. Make sure the blade is tensioned with the release lever in the down position as seen in Fig. Turn Jet 14 Deluxe Pro Bandsaw Fence Error blade tension knob Fig. The jet 14 deluxe pro bandsaw manual year width gauge D, Fig. Never adjust blade tracking with the machine running! The blade should track in the center of both wheels. Never operate the bandsaw without all guards in place and in working order! Disconnect machine from the power source.

Verify guide post is parallel to blade by checking position of bearings with respect to blade when the guide post is raised all the way up and again in the lowest position. If the bearings have shifted throughout the travel of the guide post then it needs to be adjusted. Page Optional Accessories Non-proprietary parts, such as fasteners, can be found at local hardware stores, or may be ordered from JET.

Some parts are shown for reference only, and may not be available individually. Upper Arm Frame Table Pin Locking Knob Table Insert Spring Pin Button Head Socket Screw Motor Cord Power Cord Self Tapping Screw Flat Washer Lock Washer Wheel Brush Phillips Pan Head Machine Screw Stand Support, Left JET Logo Print page 1 Print document 28 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from Jet 14 deluxe pro bandsaw manual year.

This manual is provided by JET covering the safe operation and maintenance procedures for a Model JWBSCS Band Saw. This manual contains instructions on installation, safety precautions, general operating procedures, maintenance instructions and parts breakdown. This machine has been designed. From Jet comes the JWBSDXPRO 14" Deluxe Bandsaw, this machine will provide years of solid, heavy duty use. Woodworkers demanded a machine with solid cast frame designed to meet resaw expectations head-on/5(10). View and Download Jet JWBSDXPRO operating instructions and parts manual online. inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw. JWBSDXPRO saw pdf manual download.

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