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I had to file the miter slots at the leading edge of the table. Clear editor. I went through their endless hoops just to prove to them what the issue was. Acctivity suggestion I would make is to postpone mounting the table until you have set up the blade and blade guides. Page Volt Operation The band jet 14 inch bandsaw manual activity bandsqw comply with all local and national codes after the volt plug is installed. Oh and the neat video at the web page shows a saw that is so different from either my version or the current version that it has to be an entirely different model. It's a stupid design.

Place motor over rubber grommets and fasten to stand top with four hex cap screws, eight flat washers, washers, and four hex nuts, as shown in item C, page 7. See Figure 4. The arrangement of these fasteners is shown in Figure 5.

Page 11 To mount table, remove table insert and table pin see Figure Orient the table so that the saw blade will pass through the slot in the table and into the center opening. Continue holding up Jet 14 Inch Bandsaw Manual Key the table, and turn the With the aid of a second person, lift the saw body out of the shipping container and place onto stand top.

Screw the two small knobs Figure 17 into the threaded holes in the saw body. Slide the pulley cover down over the knobs, and tighten the knobs.

Attach trunnion support bracket to saw body Page Grounding Instructions To mount the table, remove pin and insert from the table Figure Orient the table so the saw blade will pass through the slot in the table and into the center opening. Continue holding up the table, and rotate the table so the two screws Page Volt Operation The band saw must comply with all local and national codes after the volt plug is installed. The band saw with a volt plug should only be connected to an outlet having the same configuration Figure No adapter is available or should be used with the volt plug.

Page Extension Cords Make sure the cord is in good condition, and heavy enough to carry the current your band saw will draw. An undersized cord will cause a drop in line voltage, resulting in loss of power and overheating. Page Changing Blades 90 degrees with the blade. If necessary, adjust scale pointer to zero. Changing Blades Blade teeth are sharp!

Use care when handling the saw blade. Failure to comply may cause serious injury. Disconnect machine from power source. Loosen blade tension by turning the tension knob counterclockwise Figure Page Adjusting Blade Tracking As you become more experienced with the saw, you may find it necessary to change the blade tension from the initial setting. Changes in blade width and the type of material being cut will have an effect on blade tension.

Never operate the band saw without all guards in place and in working order. Stay Connected Be the first to know about new products, events and special offers.

Roll over Image to Zoom. Stock No. Contact An Expert. Description Features Specs Warranty Accessories. Lately this became sufficiently annoying that I went at the slot with a triangular file and rifler.

Maybe this is a common problem with bandsaw tables? Maybe if the back side of the gap was lower it wouldn't have been an issue. Not sure an uneven slot in the front would be more desirable, and I don't see how it could be in the back. But I will say it would have been nice if the edges of the gap had been relieved at the factory. So that's something to look for in a saw. I can see how that would get old, nice fix. On my 16HD its in the front so at least it would never interrupt a cut but if it were off would still be an issue I suppose.

I would be inclined to have Jet replace the table on warranty. That's a pretty important defect. Well thanks for the nudge, drzaius. I had this written down in the "sucks to be me" column, but Jet is sending out another top. Turns out the center of the table is 8 thousadths higher than the leading and trailing edges on the slot side of the table 3 thousandths on the spine side.

So new top is coming. Oh boy, I can't wait to have to clean off the cosmoline. Received the replacement table top a couple of days ago, but left it to acclimate to house temperature.

Opened Jet 14 Inch Bandsaw Manual Yellow it today and cleaned off the cosmoline, which pleasantly was not slathered on. Figured I'd check the flatness before I went too far.

I sent Jet an email and will wait to hear from them tomorrow. I'm guessing that it will take awfully good luck to get one that doesn't have a difference.

Manufacturers used to leave the castings out in the weather for several years before they machined them, so stresses could equalize. Now, they may not even let them completely cool off, after being cast, before going into a CNC machine. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.

Reply to this topic Start new topic. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Mark J Posted February 4, Posted February 4, Here's some pictures: The guard is intentionally able to move a little.

But it then snags on this raised area of the rack and pinion housing. Link to post Share on other sites. Popular Post. Author Popular Post. Minnesota Steve Posted February 5, Posted February 5, Posted April 3, In the end I bought a link belt on Amazon just to get back up running. Mark J Posted April 4, Posted April 4, Well that's aggravating.

This is the belt tensioning pulley. Byrdie Posted April 4, My serial says May: It seems to me they Jet 14 Inch Bandsaw Blades Quick made some significant alterations to the machine. Coop Posted April 9, Posted April 9, Mark J Posted April 9, Thanks, Coop, but all's well for me now. Mark J Posted June 20, Jet 14 Deluxe Pro Bandsaw Manual Year Posted June 20, Mark J Posted November 9, Posted November 9, Some more observations with use.

It's better now but could use another go. Mark J Posted November 11, Posted November 11, Mark J Posted November 17, Posted November 17, Kev Posted November 17,

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