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Convenient tool tray included. Bearings being a precision component can be destroyed if not stored properly, and can also be damaged during assembly if they are not assembled in a manner that is suitable for the design of the bearing. You can get your hands dirty by working on your machine Jet Lathe 1221vs Chuck Render to determine the problem, or you can sit on the phone waiting for the next available attendant to read off of a script to maybe identify the problem. He ran the lathe at about RPM and I could barely hear any sound. Mobile Navigation. Quick View.

Mar 29,  · Built my own stand for Jet and gave it to guy buying the lathe. Over the years have seen many versions of homemade stand & cabinet style lathe stands which normally better than what can buy. Most people buying a lathe stand normally buy one for that lathe and keep it or sell it with lathe . Sep 29,  · I'm a relatively new wood turner. I started on Jet 1221vs Stand Height To an old grizzly mini lathe handed down to me, and recently upgraded to a JET vs. Out of the box, the headstock and tail stock of the JET are not perfectly aligned horizontally (please see attached pic). I've reached out to JET . Product description This sturdy stand, with a convenient storage basket, Jet Mini Lathe Stand 90 takes the Jet Lathe 1221vs Parts You JET VS lathe from a benchtop lathe to a stand-alone lathe/5(40).

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