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We think these acts will kill it! We jigsaw joinery dundee the biggest recycling yard on the coast. Vanessa says that for buyers, the Yard to You app offers surety that the item listed is available and can be purchased immediately, and for sellers, the in-app payment system makes the whole jigsaw joinery dundee ijgsaw process easy. DOWN 1. But it was not until I spent a night in Mullum that I realised why.

After all, it hardly qualified as a robust drink, despite its success in the s. Those down on their luck in these difficult times should note that free wine and nibbles are usually available at art gallery openings.

He spends his time watching magpies trying to cram themselves into a small birdbath. I was so pleased to read the beautiful piece about Tony Maxwell — who died too young — written by Wren McLean last week www. It was to talk about West Byron. Nf3 Nc6 3.

Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. Re1 b5 7. Bb3 8. The Marshall Gambit — still about the best black gambit in the business. Nxe5 Nxe5 Rxe5 c6 Re1 Qh4 Be3 Bg4 Qd3 Rae8 Nd2 Re6 This has become a standard position. Qf1 Qh5 Rxa4 Rb8 Bxd5 cxd5 Rather passive. Qg2 is recommended. Rbe8 Qf2 R8e7! Raa1 Qe8! Nf1 Qb5! Qd3 See diagram This allows Black a winning attack! After Kg1 Bh3 Black has excellent pressure but no clear win.

Kxh3 Qe4! Kg3 g5! Qe2 Or Bxf4 Rf7! Kg1 Notes by Hamilton. There are many factors making over the board chess particularly popular. Players in Australia have been starved of world ranked tournaments, and the opening up of interstate borders has made strong events possible. The popular Netflix series caused an enormous boom in online chess but some players are now trying crossboard events similar to those in which the fictional Beth Harmon participated early in her chess career.

The following game, one of the best ever played at the Begonia Open, is featured in the upcoming biography of triple Australian Champion Doug Hamilton. Black to play and win. Tony Maxwell. He told me that Tony was really concerned about West Byron and wanted to know how he could help.

I called Tony and told him we needed to engage a planner who could look at the site and draw up a proper plan. Tony urged me to go ahead and engage a planner and said he would pay for environmental policies. The Nationals know their future is on the line, hence the massive increase in pork-barrelling;, they are now laughing and bragging about it openly.

But it does not always work, some people just refuse to be bought. Ben Franklin found that out with some help from us locals. The Nationals are becoming quite vulnerable both at State and Federal level, so keep the. I was a bit anxious about being given a de facto blank cheque — I had no idea what it was going to cost — but he said to just go ahead. What was surprising was not the fact that he gave the money away so easily. Rather, I was taken aback by his warmth and encouragement towards a complete stranger and his trusting me to get this thing done.

We showed him the plan that Tony Maxwell had funded and suggested it was a better way to use that site. That plan became the. The developer pretty much did everything we showed him on our plan; they halved the number of dwellings on the site, removed development from the area around the wallum frog habitat and moved the development back 30 metres from Ewingsdale Road rather than building an ugly wall. But the role Tony Maxwell played in getting a substantially better outcome for the Villaworld portion of the site cannot be underestimated.

Catherine Coorey Byron Bay. Keith Duncan Pimlico. Fact is, the Greens have never been in majority on Council. It also disrespects those residents who choose not to vote Greens.

Matthew should check the record. The writers of history The ongoing rewriting of history by the warring factions of The Greens to support their favoured candidates is disrespectful and counterproductive to the good governance of our Shire. Check out our Council notices online! For information on DAs, public notices and projects go to our website. Have your say at: www. Towards the end of September , in one of these tallowwood trees, on a branch above our easement road, we noticed a small tawny frogmouth nest of loose sticks piled together.

The two adults took turns sitting on the nest while the other went hunting. Initially, we thought there was only one chick in the nest, but then Yumi spotted another tail overhanging the nest, so we knew there were at least two.

The clutch size of the tawny frogmouth is one to three eggs. Tawny frogmouths form partnerships for life, and once established, pairs. As days and weeks passed by, we watched the chicks grow larger, until one day in late October we noticed that the nest had disintegrated and the two chicks were sitting on the branch alongside their parents. Then, a week before Christmas, they returned to visit us near our house.

What a delight to see both chicks and their parents sitting in our large Poinciana tree Delonix regia outside our study area. Under threat Tawny frogmouths face a number of threats from human activities and pets. They are often killed or injured on rural roads during feeding, as they fly in front of cars when chasing insects illuminated in the beam of the headlights. Large-scale land clearing of eucalypt trees and intense bushfires are serious threats to their populations, as they tend not to move to other areas if their homes are destroyed.

House cats are the most significant introduced predator of the Tawny Frogmouth,. When tawny frogmouths pounce to catch prey on the ground, they are slow to return to flight and vulnerable to attack from these predators. A hour hotline, , is for all rescue, advice or membership calls in the Northern Rivers. I was curious when I heard about a little school called Vistara — just over the hills — established in , who do things a bit differently.

A school so loved by previous, now grown students, that they are sending their own children there. I recently had the good fortune to be employed by Vistara as a teacher, so I have been able to see this small school in action; to get a sense of what makes them different; and how it is that they have consistently managed to inspire such joy in learning, and how they have nurtured a sense of community that lasts beyond graduation.

This school seems to have prepared these students to extend their intellectual and emotional connections between their personal worlds of home, school, community and locality outward. And I saw, in their engagement with the planetarium experience, that they are a group of critical and creative thinkers and aware young beings who are already beginning to grasp how awesome and precious is our existence within the scientific realities, and the mind-boggling mysteries, of this incredible universe.

It was a joy to witness the reactions of the children. Foundation and Year One were bubbling with enthusiasm and curiosity for this cubby-come-portal. They demonstrated, through their articulate questions and comments, an already substantial understanding of the relationship between our Earth, her moon and the Sun.

The middle and upper primary students were no less enthusiastic or articulate. There was no sarcasm or burgeoning cynicism here, no dismissive inattention, just keen questions showing a group of young minds already fully engaged with the world around them, and with the imaginative possibilities that arise when learning about space.

To learn more visit: www. After many years of retail at Jonson St we are pleased to announce the opening of our warehouse outlet and online store. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are seeking an enshrined voice that is protected in the constitution.

The true history of colonisation and the impact that it has had on our First Nations peoples has often been kept out of the history books. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have never lain silent on matters that have affected them personally, in community, in the state, or nationwide. While the echoes of injustice have so often fallen on deaf government ears, the fight, and our voices, have continued; they have changed and developed, and become stronger.

The Uluru Statement outlines a Makarrata commission to supervise a process of agreement-making between government and First Nations and includes truthtelling about our history. Makarrata is a Yolngu word that describes a process of conflict resolution, peacemaking and justice. The Uluru Statement from the Heart is a rallying call. In its passages it echoes the Indigenous voices of the past, it recognises that sovereignty was never ceded, and makes clear that it is time to correct wrongs through a process of truth-telling.

It will take the power of all Australians to do this. My understanding in was very limited, but after listening to Thomas Mayor speak I was inspired to seek the truth. I have now read many books, reports, and spoken to many people. So, while the struggle for an Indigenous voice is not new, the Uluru Statement from the Heart document is. In , the Uluru Statement from the Heart invited all Australians to walk with us, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, in a movement of all the Australian people for a better future.

A monumental step. It acknowledged in this statement that it would. We can no longer be like our government who, in its own fragility, have been unwilling to support an acknowledgement and a recognition of First Nations people. We must take the stance that our governments have failed in for so long. It is time for all Australians to acknowledge and support a First Nations narrative that comes from a place of truth.

Read the Uluru Statement from the Heart www. Discuss and share the statement with your family and friends, and 3. Sign the Digital Canvas. Discuss the statement with your workplace and co-workers and support the Statement by placing a copy of it in your office, and by including it as part of your reconciliation action plan.

And finally… walk with us in a movement of the Australian People for a better future. Bully boys, politics and managing evidence Clean the semen, clean the scene! Fuck you to anyone who wants truth and justice. Where is parliamentary workplace safety for women? A sexist culture of power and control underpins violence against women. Where is. This culture of misogyny has to stop. Deborah Lilly Mullumbimby Q On the presumption Christian Porter is innocent of the rape allegations against him, one might expect him to value truth as essential to justice.

Does he hold the instinctive aversion to truth of a bully boy comfortable with power in the service of privilege? One standard for power, another for the rest?

Truth is inconvenient to power and often to the adversarial legal system that privileges and supports wealth and power. Even when truth emerges and reveals a pattern of criminal offending, as in the banking Royal Commission, nothing.

Heaven forbid a powerful suit should ever crumple out its days in jail. The bully boys approve. The clumsy, oafish and self-contradictory responses from Morrison to the abuses suffered by women show how unsuited are the suits to the reform we need. In the voice of Grace Tame, I hear the voice of truth and justice.

In the sense of justice she exemplifies is the power to reform our decision-making institutions in the service of community. The goons in suits have failed us. Time indeed to send in the clowns. Adrian Gattenhof Mullumbimby Q We note that Christian Porter is shattered by the latest accusations and requires two weeks of time off to address his shattered mental state.

Could he be feeling raped? Jo Faith Newtown. Of the six progressives elected, only one was a Greens member and he had to rely on the preferences of other progressive candidates to creep over the line. Any deep dive into the facts and minutes of Council would clearly demonstrate the current party dysfunction going back to previous Councils.

Last term it was The Greens who delivered the majority to conservatives when they cynically gave a real estate agent the number two spot on their ticket in order to curry favour with development interests, only to have Rose Wanchap defect once elected. Cr Basil Cameron Goonengerry. We are the biggest recycling yard on the coast. More than two acres of stock! Martin Corben Lennox Head.

Seal the real estate Is it just me, or does anyone else get a deep sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach when they come to the real estate section in the paper? I understand that there are probably local residents out there who are potentially hopeful to access the current property market, and may.

But personally, I feel a hopeless despising for this section. Until recently, I was optimistic about buying a house here in my local town, where my children have spent most of their lives and, as a family, we have created many solid community support groups. However, when I look at the ridiculous prices for buying a standard three-bedroom house here, I am reminded yet again of the unfortunate plight of many of us.

What do you think about having a special sealed real estate section of the paper? A sealed section that we can easily skip right past without having to glimpse the depressing fact that we are being pushed out of our community hometown. Taneal Cadou-Blake Mullumbimby. The mayor has contempt for heritage protection, and staff need to be overseen. Ironically it was the Builders Labourers Green Ban that preserved the heritage of The Rocks in Sydney which also involved Builders Labourers lodged up trees to stop their removal , which inspired a German woman to initiate the global Green Party political movements.

Councillors voted to turn the railtrack land, between the Byron Railway station and Lawson St, into a park, with turf to the top of the existing rail track, and to preserve the railway heritage infrastructure.

But the staff tender for works was for the removal of the rail lines and rail infrastructure. After many emails, Council did do a heritage study, which hopefully got this State Registered Heritage Site.

John Lazarus Byron Bay. Two days of intense debate is getting to the nitty gritty. Compassion deficit syndrome in governments inevitably induces action paralysis when ethical covers are blown. Caring, conscience and respect for the vulnerable are absent.

We need to raise the calibre of those elected. Abundant compassion amongst the silent majority can be harnessed to take charge of our destiny. Nonpartisan community committees are capable of grading all candidates for political office; for their emotional intelligence and decency. Expect this to catalyse the rapid breakup of hidden alliances, weaken party dominance, and place the balance of power with intelligent independents, while the parties reform themselves.

Back to McGowan, and taking rightful control of our country. Expect no support for creative initiatives from corporate media, since their profits thrive on fear mongering, negativity and party favours. Brave young abuse survivors are breaking the power gridlock, with ethical actions at the grass roots level of united people.

There are two powerful factors favouring independents. It will be far easier to find highly rated candidates from independents, than from party affiliates. Hayo van der Woude Mullumbimby. Have you been to Oma yet?

It has replaced the old nightclub, Locura on Lawson Street, and is a decidedly more refined approach to the simple, real food that the Ducks are known for. Oma is an ode to the energy and passion of the boys behind Three Blue Ducks. The group was inspired by category three tropical Cyclone Oma, that swept past Byron Bay in , leaving no damage, but bringing 11 days of perfect swell and surf in its wake.

And just like the cyclone, a lot of big energy went into the creation of the Oma food and wine bar; and it is now ready for the people of Byron Bay to enjoy. The Three Blue Ducks Group beverage manager, Mem Hemmings, has curated a straightforward and approachable strong wine list of exclusively organic, minimal intervention wines from around the world, and the current list features only wines made from vineyards with female winemakers at the helm.

We want to see our customers sloshing around orange wines, sipping down chilled reds in the open air, and celebrating the. With many venues moving to focus on outdoor dining since COVID, outside and mobile dining experiences are getting a new lease of life.

A storm of perfect flavours and fresh ambience. Throw down the tools and get stuck in. The walls feature a striking mural and prints by local Byronbased artist Karlee Mackie MLAK , with soft lighting and earthy floral arrangements by well-known local florist Nikau completing the venue.

Powell will take over Oma with a selection of his own dishes, which will be on special the week following. He will curate the music and chat to customers in the evening. It truly encapsulates what Oma is all about, coming together and sharing a great meal.

Book now! Bookings available and walk-ins welcome. Visit: omafoodandwine. Farmers markets are a great place to pick up new ideas, and ingredients, as well as catching some live music while eating something delicious as you sit under a tree in the open air. If you want to add a bit of heat, barbecues are another classic option.

For a different kind of moveable feast, consider a pub, cafe or restaurant crawl, with something different to eat or drink at each venue. In the hills behind Byron Bay is deli, cafe and gourmet food store called Pantry Need professional help?

The Larder at Byron Bay can bring a delicious five star dining experience particular to you, wherever you are, and 2 Cooks in the Kitchen, based in Kingscliff, have been. Seaweed Cuisine provides mobile catering, and the pop-up Juju bar service — working from Yamba to Brisbane — balances international flavours with hand-picked seasonal produce, and offers matched wines and beverages.

If you have a large group, you can rent a Magic Bus with its own driver and sound system. Back to the garden Picnics are not just for kids, and they can be very nostalgic. Relax on the Terrace sipping cocktails, sharing a deli board and oysters.

Settle in, graze through the night with an incredible menu by Head Chef Craig Mcfarland. Open every day from 4pm - Late. Sat 12—8. Main Street Open 7 days Over the 15 years that the Sanson family have operated Seedlings Organic in the region, countless customers have been served at their local market by father and son team, Luke and Kyan.

The family run business, started by Luke and his wife, Leisha, and now supported by their children, Seedlings Organic supplies high quality, productive seedings to many commercial growers in the region, as well as to backyard growers and food lovers.

Everything is organic, and everything is grown to meet a standard the family is proud of. Set next to a lush rainforest oasis, Forest celebrates sustainability working hand-in-hand with local farmers, growers and artisans. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and just-drinks… the perfect place to feed your soul. Stay awhile. We have a wine list with over 50 natural wines and a menu abundant with locally sourced, seasonal dishes created by head chef, Darren Robertson.

So come and enjoy dinner at Oma this week, for a truly remarkable dining experience. Book now. Gourmet burgers created by chefs Cocktails, wine and beers served all damn day. Group bookings available, please email mainstreetburgerbar gmail.

We offer a range of home-made, locally sourced produce at affordable prices, including our delicious new loaded halloumi or chorizo tacos, vegan nasi goreng and our signature Rocks Big Brekky which will keep you going for hours! Fresh juices, Byron Bay coffees and healthy smoothies available too.

Indulge in one of our new creations! We are proud to say, that for over 20 years, we have been serving the Byron community fresh, local seafood and ingredients.

To improve your dining experience, we have developed a smaller plate menu, designed to be shared, and enabling you to try a greater variety of dishes. The Fishheads Family. All your favourites, every lunch and dinner. Experienced Thai chefs cooking fresh, delicious Thai food for you. BYO only Welcome for lunch, dinner and takeaway.

Menus available on Facebook. Offering daily bakes, breakfast cakes, classic sandwiches, vibrant salads, smoked fish and grilled meats. Book via our website for lunch and dinner in the restaurant at www. Lazy weekend lunches with sandy feet, rowdy dinners with family and friends, and late night drinks and DJs are the standard. Laid back vintage vibes and classic coastal style create an eclectic feel, complemented by our menu of shareable snacks, locally-sourced salads and hand-stretched sourdough pizzas, as well as beers on tap, organic wines and hand-crafted cocktails.

Come in and experience his fine food in the stylish decor. Happy Hour Thursday—Saturday 5—6pm Online booking preferred. Drop in for an authentic atmosphere, dine-in or takeaway. Something for all tastes from epic burgers to vegan delights. Enjoy delectable treats and good vibes at this Mullum icon. Takeaways and lots of grab-and-go goodies available.

Phone orders welcome — call ahead and avoid the queue. Healthy, fresh, balanced and nutrient dense meals that create a sensory delight for our customers. Buddha bowls, smoothies, coffee, cold-pressed juices, and so much more. St Elmo is a place where you can enjoy great company, first-class food, sophisticated cocktails and an extensive wine list. St Elmo is plating up modern Spanish cuisine to be enjoyed amongst friends and family. Our menus change regularly and feature daily specials.

Fresh authentic Mexican in a relaxed atmosphere. This is food made with love, all produce sourced locally. Eat in or take out. Margaritas and tacos all night long! At the Sun Bistro Bottle Shop you will find a hand curated range of quality wines, spirits and beers.

COM www. Your favourite Byron restaurants delivered to your door. Check out our website for the full list of participating Byron restaurants and takeaways. Contact-free delivery available. Issue But now we have hard evidence that we are failing our elders.

Some of the data that has been released is shocking. One in five residents have experienced sexual or physical abuse. Let that sink in. That statistic alone should have authorities swarming the place laying charges. These places that feed our big fat super funds are committing crimes against some of the most vulnerable in our community.

Those tasty profits are on the back of the quiet violence of an aged care facility. When there is no one to report you — because who believes an elderly person? Who do you tell? Who will believe you? And what if you are unable to speak or have lost cognition?

Privatising aged care has come at a cost: the basic human rights of our elderly. There are stories of a woman who was found to have maggots in a wound on her foot, an old man who was bashed to death, another who was sedated and tied to his wheelchair and there are many stories of people left, uncared for, like 80 year old Luigi Cantali.

Luigi is a blind man with mild dementia who was left in his chair all day in soiled clothing. This was captured last year by the ABC on hidden cameras. In aged care there has been no staff-to-resident ratios, no requirement for a registered nurse to be on duty and no standard minimum training for carers.

Registered nurses who work in aged care get paid less than if they worked in a general hospital setting. To provide good care costs money. It requires training. It requires the current privatised model to be smashed. The business model is not the model for an industry that is supposed to be delivering care. But they have been. Because the only way to increase profits is to cut operating costs.

That means reducing the number of staff and paying for less skilled staff. It means reducing the quality of food. In this way some places were able to almost double their monthly profits.

In one story, Bupa aged care had a name for its cost cutting — Project James. This involved reducing the number of nurses and not replacing staff who phoned in sick. What have we been doing to our elders?

These are people who, in many other cultures, would have been revered and given comfort and humanity in their last years. We have put our elders at risk — for profit. Some of these nursing homes are the concentration camps of capitalism. Pick up on the sadness much? The pervasive loneliness? The lack of laughter? The sense of doom? It is not every aged care facility certainly, there are some that provide quality care, but they are the exception, because the report reveals one in three people in an aged care facility experience substandard care.

We need to stop institutionalising our elderly. And we need to shame the big business, top end of towners who profiteer at the expense of our elderly. Tyrrell will be inviting a few guests like Auntie Delta Kay Arakwal grandmother and educator to explore some of these shared stories woven between Irish and Indigenous culture. Wednesday 17 March, 8pm at the Regent in Murwillumbah. Tix from the-regent. But it was his album, Awake is the New Sleep , that saw Ben get the worldwide recognition his songs deserved; spawning the alterna-hit Catch my Disease which has a spooky ring to it in an era of a worldwide pandemic!

In he released Golden State his second collaboration with Josh Radnor. Friday 26 March at Lismore City Hall at 7pm. Tix at lismorecityhall.

Find out about the powerful and captivating performances coming to the Lismore stage and off the stage including two NORPA original works, an outdoor adventure, classic drama, a hit musical — and much more! What could be better than an afternoon of music featuring the interplay of voices, piano and harp? In this unusual and exciting program, the internationally renowned soprano, Gaynor Morgan, is joined by local stars Geoffrey Webb tenor , Nicholas Routley pianist , and Margaret Curtis harpist in a ravishing program of Schubert, Schumann, Debussy, Salzedo and more.

Come and celebrate the incredible performers we have living amongst us. Tickets from Byron Music Society.

If you are a woman interested in the music industry, this gig is for you. Women are grossly underrepresented in the music industry and this forum aims to address this issue by engaging musical communities at the grassroots level.

These powerful women will share inspirational stories, skills and expertise in their particular fields. This event is really about women supporting other women in the industry, building relationships, and creating the opportunity to personally connect and converse with other local female musicians. All ages event, places are limited so register at bys. For tickets and info go to www. They are tough, resilient, at times hilarious, and truly heartbreaking. SHIT opens this Friday 7.

Bookings www. Offensive language and adult themes. And one of the biggest small events in the region is the Byron Bay Comedy Festival. What are your backgrounds work or event wise?

Why did you decide to do something as crazy as running a festival? Comedy is definitely one of our favourite art forms and we regularly travelled to Melbourne to watch the Melbourne Comedy Festival. And as you know, if you want a job done, you better do it yourself. What kind of festival do you want to run?

To achieve that we have chosen the. At this stage we are keeping the festival small and intimate, and we aim to deliver quality rather than quantity.

Like any other festival, we are facing limitations with the number of tickets we are allowed to sell — and lots of regulations that have to be met in order to run the event. And at times it was easier to just let it go for another year and wait for the covid storm to pass, but ultimately we decided to run the and started to fill out endless covid regulation forms. So, tell us… who is coming… what do we have to look forward to? Who are the big names? We are so proud of our lineup this year.

Who are the comedy surprises? Hard to choose! We think these acts will kill it! What do you have for the kids? Well, kids are never left out of our lineup. We have a few really fun workshops for the kids, as well as family friendly shows. Mandy Nolan will run the Funny Kids Workshop leading up to the festival, and the funny kids get to perform at the festival.

The workshop will be held at a venue tbc on 1 May, so email mandy mandynolan. Alex Frith is back in Byron after decades of work in London circuses. We also have Madeleine West of Neighbours fame running Theatresports workshops on Saturday where the students will experience fun, thinking on their feet, improvisation, pressure — and lots of laughing. Theatresports builds skills in confidence and teamwork, both of which you will see in their Sunday Theatresports performance.

Rebel Bingo is our festival surprise packet. Say whaaat? Go to byroncomedyfest. When Venus, Neptune, Sun and new moon join, early next week, … with Mercury in super-sensitive, intuitive Pisces, expect breakthrough insights — especially for artists and healers… ARIES: Like it or not, this week tunes you into the hivemind — until it drives you nuts.

Not a long drive right now, with distractions making it hard to focus. Take it easy. Soak in the opportunities for deep healing that Chiron in your sign is currently offering.

GEMINI: Give logical, thinking twin a well-deserved and long overdue holiday this week, because honestly, you brainiacs could use a break. This is the astrological transit for letting emotional, instinctive twin take the lead in guiding your decisionmaking — then of course getting your sensible side to check things over before acting.

LEO: Another week to step out of the spotlight into your creative cave for a personal, internal journey to focus attention on your own inner life. Because outer life requires a lot of patience right now. And compromise.

Use this opportunity to make a fresh start, write a new chapter, craft new rules of engagement. LIBRA: With a tidal wave of planets in deepwater Pisces, food and mood are even more directly interconnected this week, which suggests watching what goes into your mouth and what comes out of it.

This is a good week to simplify routines and commitments, to avoid extra stress, to take plenty of downtime. To stand back and observe what happens around you, and your own emotional reactions.

And really, why burn a bridge when you could build one? This is the week to tell someone how much you love them, and give an unexpected gift just because….

Which is also what you could give away, what you can share. The world needs your generosity, your caring, your compassion and your love. Not sure what? Relax the heavy mental lifting and let inspiration take you where it will. Surrender to beauty, imagination, creativity. Let your wild side out to play. Your own good. So make frequent deposits in your physical, emotional and soul accounts with fresh air, self-care and showing Team Capricorn how much you appreciate their support.

Keep those Goaty feet on terra firma, because your growth spurt is immanent. Legendary comedian and author, Mandy Nolan, will be appearing with Lismore-based author Sean Doyle, at the Book Room in Byron, on Tuesday 16 March, where they will interview each other on their respective books. There is something magical about the Bangalow Bowlo.

Years ago this little club was on the brink of extinction, but the community embraced it as the heart and soul of their village. Mandy is the author of many books, her latest being The Full Mandy, a riotous collection of her much-loved Soapbox columns featured in The Byron Echo.

Editor and writer Sean Doyle, who has resided in Lismore for the last 15 years, has just released a memoir, Night Train to Varanasi, about his travels through India with his teenage daughter. Tickets are limited so be sure to make your booking now. Hosted by Mandy Nolan, Comedy on the Green will be held on the third Wednesday of every month at 7pm. In his homeland of South Africa, Dusty Rich was a rising comedy star.

He was performing as the support for Trevor Noah. He had his own TV show. But he fell in love — and his wife got a job out here. A self-confessed comedic space-warrior riding a living volcano, with one hand whipping the reins and the other gingerly fingering the lava-hot truth that flows freely down all sides — smothering the world in comedy magma.

His meteoric rise in the comedy industry is owed to the fact he learnt to ride meteors at a very young age — a mind meteor, smashing through the atmosphere of mediocrity and the mundane. Each show is unpredictable and hilarious, leaving audiences gasping for air.

The films feature captivating cinematography, complete with awe-inspiring underwater scenes and fast-paced wave sequences that have been captured from unbelievable vantage points.

Come early for dinner and to nab your space. This is going to go off! A true original, his style is manic but impactful. The mystical art of comedy bursts through his veins and mouth coupled with his razor sharp wit, taking no prisoners.

Dusty Rich is, without question, an unnaturally naturally talented comedic anomaly. Through the eyes of the Page brothers and company alumni, Firestarter explores the loss — and vital reclaiming — of culture, the burden of intergenerational trauma, but most crucially, the extraordinary power of art as a messenger for social change and healing.

Firestarter is on at the Palace Cinema until 17 March. Inspiring and thought provoking, the Ocean Film Festival, World Tour, is filled with moving footage, touching interviews and insightful Admission Prices: narrations. The Ocean Film Festival is exempt from classification, but all coarse language is beeped out and there is no nudity or adult themes. This school engages students to develop and broaden their intellectual and emotional connections between their personal worlds of home, school, community and locality to the Earth as a living whole.

With an emphasis on play based learning and educational toys, the ethos of this locally owned and operated store is one that has stood the test of time in a world where toy fads come and go.

Operators, Carey and Carmel, have enjoyed a strong local following for over 26 years and customers of their Byron and Ballina locations regularly travel to Lismore to shop the larger range and big-ticket items not carried in their smaller coastal stores. Boasting the largest range of toys, games and puzzles on the north coast including hard to find brands for kids and collectors, this is a store where kids are king and parents enjoy friendly expert advice.

Generous layby terms are available and items will be shipped to your store of choice for pickup within 24hrs! Gaining your nationally recognised full qualification will make a massive difference to your employment prospects. These courses are delivered online with student success supported by individual mentoring and practical workshops at.

Train smart with your Community College. Their huge range includes Italian, Spanish, Moroccan-style, and Australian tiles, quality adhesives, Laticrete and Ardex grouts, and tiling trims and tools. The tile range includes contemporary and traditional plain, patterned and textured styles in all sizes perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The mosaicing range includes glass, ceramic and mirror shapes, as well as the popular Van Gogh glass. Mosaic workshops and group bookings are available, and mosaics are now available online.

All labels and packaging are fully compostable. Fatigue, aches and pains getting you down? Physiotherapist, acupuncturist and nutritionist, Verona Chadwick, helps clients untangle the knot of their sometimes obscure symptoms like brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, chronic pain, digestive issues, and weight gain — so they can get back their mental clarity, focus, energy, and be pain free and fit. With one-on-one health coaching, she can heal your leaky gut, find the best non-diet approach to weight loss, help you understand the connection between your environment and your health issues, optimise your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and get you back to your old self.

Founded in , Fundies Lismore strives to keep the community well with nutritious food and naturopath recommended supplements — no matter where you are on your wellness journey. Free naturopathic support is available in store, offering a mainly plant based vitamin and supplement range.

The team can help guide you in this area based on your individual needs or what has been prescribed by your own practitioner. Sourcing food as locally as possible, grown in the earth and touched by the Sun.

Join the creative team at Northern Rivers Stained Glass for a workshop and learn how to create your own piece of glass magic. Their two-day workshops are fun and relaxed for beginners, intermediate or those wanting to brush up on an old skill set.

Their centrally located shop offers a wide range of glass equipment, including a beautiful glass sheet range with great prices. The shop is also filled with locally made gifts and art. Check the website for more info. The Health Clinic offers quality assessments by student practitioners completing their Master of Osteopathy under the supervision of accredited practitioners.

Most people, regardless of age or gender, will suffer from back or neck pain, headaches, sport injuries, stiffness or pain at some time. Osteopaths can help to identify the cause of the pain or injury and develop a safe and effective course of action to manage pain — so people can make the most of their active lives.

The Health Clinic is offering a free initial osteopathy assessment by one of their talented Master students if you mention this Echo ad. Opening hours: Monday—Friday, 9am—5pm scu. Outside the Gallery is lovely green space, the Lismore Quadrangle, an ideal place to kick back and relax. Images: Top: Lismore Regional Gallery opening, Photo: Kate Holmes.

Photo: Michelle Eabry. Get in your vintage merc, slap on some good vibes and take a drive through the hills to Lismore. The Stockpot Kitchen — smokehouse Barbecue and fried chicken mecca serves up good times for everyone. Ever changing specials from the smoker and charcoal grill, burgers to write home about, and fried chicken that is finger licking delicious! All this plus a full bar with Young Henrys on tap, cocktail specials, really funny waitstaff, and gorgeous chefs.

The Stockpot is housed in a sexy old art gallery with courtyard and views of the rose garden overlooking the mighty Wilson river. Its relaxed, old school hospitality is less about trends and more about having a good time.

They love to see people having fun! Open Tues—Sat from Book Warehouse is an independently owned bookstore in Lismore, part of a larger North Coast locally owned group, with shops in Coffs Harbour, Ballina and Grafton. Their staff are passionate readers — and it shows! Their stores stock the latest in new release books and they have an incredible range of specials, bestsellers, literary prize winners and classics.

From the littlest tiny tot to the most well read senior there is something for everyone. They also stock a large selection of awesome art supplies, jigsaw puzzles, specialty games, beautiful greeting cards many by local artists gift wrap AND a wide selection of bookish gifts. Quite simply, they are more than you imagine — drop by and see them next time you are in Lismore, and bring your visitors — they have repeat customers from all over Australia who come back again and again on their travels.

Arts Northern Rivers have announced the successful applicants for Up Next, a showcase of musicians emerging in the Northern Rivers. Following the showcase, the musicians will receive further career development opportunities including studio recording time in the Southern Cross University studios, mentoring services by Creative Consultancies and audio and video documentation from the event.

To learn more about the musicians and to purchase tickets for the event, visit artsnorthernrivers. Though still not old enough to enlist, he embarks on a treacherous mission to find Joey and bring him home. Now seen by more than eight million people around the world, this powerfully moving and imaginative drama is a show of phenomenal inventiveness.

Tickets: byroncentre. It is perhaps the most significant historical event of all time, as recounted by the gospels but, equally, as depicted by the greatest artists in history. The beautifully crafted film, Easter In Art, explores the Easter story as depicted in art, from the time of the early Christians to the present day. Shot on location in Jerusalem, the United States and throughout Europe, the film explores the different ways artists have depicted the Easter story through the ages and thus depicts the history of us all.

Sydney artist Bridie Lunney will be visiting BSA to lead a workshop on site responsive installation and working with restricted materials. Admission is free. Nathan has worked closely with two very important people who have an intricate connection to Tallow Creek, incorporating the stories and wisdom of Arakwal leader Uncle Norm, and Suffolk Park Dune Care veteran, Helen Brown.

This is a unique and moving multi-sensory experience not to be missed. Filled with irresistible prose, unforgettable characters and magnificent, epic storytelling, The Burning Island delivers everything readers have come to expect from Jock Serong. For details and tickets visit byronwritersfestival. Bookings essential: sidneynolannedkellyopening. Mon—Sun Kurun lives in the Noosa hinterland and is very well known for his unique art and his uber talent as a didgeridoo musician. He expresses his culture through art and music and has won international acclaim and recognition in both these fields.

Starting at just eight years old, he has become a highly respected and researched artist, and his works of art have been collected by Pierce. His paintings have a traditional meaning and within the colours, lines and space we are led through an underlying story of sacred land and deep culture.

Try Scouts Brunswick Heads Scouts invite you to our open night for a fun filled event around the campfire. All boys and girls 11—14 years are welcome on Monday, 15 March, 5. For more info email: scoutshallhire gmail.

Music in Ballina Resonator music shop in Ballina, are offering free lessons, and a public event with a free jam session to celebrate their first birthday. For more information email: tuition resonatormusic. Scavenge clean up Spring into Scavenge Community Clean Up in Lismore involves a waterway clean-up and clothes swap; where litter collected becomes the currency to purchase quality pre-loved clothes, books and bric-a-brac.

Phone Kristen: or Mark on: for more info. Friends of Libraries are hosting author, travel writer, and editor Sean Doyle.

Bookings essential at: www. Mahjong and cards for seniors. Our friendly group meet at 1pm Fridays in Byron at a local club. All welcome. Enquiries: Nancy Phone Bob Corney on or All BPA members and Bangalow residents welcome. New members are very welcome. For more information call Byron Tri Club members were just some of the athletes who went to Pottsville last Saturday to compete in the seventh annual Tweed Enduro.

The long form of the event includes a 1. Byron club member Leonie Pedrazzini charged to the finish, just second in her. Come to the Mullum Magic Toastmasters Club and practice public speaking and develop leadership skills in a fun supportive environment.

New members and guests heartily welcomed. Contact Ashni: or just turn up. Contact Hanna on 07 or email hannat thefamilycentre. The guest speaker is Mark Cochrane. Please book with Wenda on or email wjhunt yahoo. Info: Margaret Drop into the shop and pick up a bargain at 32 Burringbar St, Mullumbimby. Our AGM has now been transferred to April.

Visitors welcome. Phone Margie Please note: This section is intended for the benefit of non-profit community groups. Byron Tri Club members prepare for racing last Saturday morning. Danny Rossi came in behind Tim to claim second.

Tom Phillips took on his first long course while Nick Alessio returned to the sport after a break. Lennox Head finished with the same number of wins as secondplaced Marist Brothers Lismore, but also more losses. Cudgen finished on top with 16 wins and just one loss from the 20 rounds of the regular season.

The program is only available to a limited number of households that live in the region and meet the eligibility criteria. As her paintings generated increasing attention, Leah left the film industry to pursue oil painting full time. Now residing in Byron Bay, Leah is considered to be one of Australia's leading young artists. Ninbella Gallery. Digital assets are often overlooked when it comes to administering an Estate.

A failure to include your digital assets in an estate plan makes it extremely difficult to identify or deal with digital accounts when you are gone leaving them open indefinitely, at risk of identity theft and or unclaimed assets. Ensuring your digital assets are included in your estate plan will protect your online life after you are gone. For a confidential discussion call Somerville Laundry Lomax Solicitors. Tranter Aesthetics Open since January , Dr. Tranter Aesthetics is the only doctor-run skin clinic dedicated purely to facial aesthetics and cosmetic injectables in Byron Bay.

Bringing a fresh-faced approach to skin, this new clinic offers bespoke treatment plans, including dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, in a boutique environment. We work from Monday to Sat 9am to 9pm. Spain GMT! We always listen our friends, customers, etc, actually, we work to get a Delivery Man in north London, to bring hookups face to face, with a good menu, keep watching the website for get more news! Each 3 months we usually change, as we grow regular each indoor.

But we try always to have the most better european menu, to keep all our customers happy. Clear and crunchy yummy buds of Spanish indoor product, simple as it. For any kind of purchase, info, etc, please write us via Whatsapp at CMM Team. We usually have the same prices, no season-change, Always regular menu, and also, the shipping its incluided into this prices. Shipping method: Spanish Mail www. All vacuum seeled and domestic mail, as a gift, customs declaration clear. Maximum quantity of ship: gr, 1kg.

For security issues, if you want more of this quantity, please, write us first! Skip to content. For more security, purchases, etc, please write us to Wickr: xatax77! Please, let us your purchase, or info, and destination purchase! Thanks CMM Team.

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