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It should be designed to have a secondary function Junior Cert Woodwork Project Portfolio Object specific to the area in which it is to be used. Find More Posts by ocon It'd be a divil Junior Cert Woodwork Project Portfolio Ltd to have to get up everytime you wanted to change a CD! Students will make a range of projects which will incorporate the use of the various tools, machines, materials and jointing techniques available to them. Adverts Friends.

Third year – Junior Cert exam preparation, coursework and revision Theory Practical Assessment Term 1: Sept – Oct Revision questions from exam papers Written Exam % Term 2: Oct – Dec Junior Cert Task-work Portfolio preparation Project analysis Generation of ideas Design and manufacture of chosen task Revision questions from exam papers. Your cover page should containthe title of your project, a picture of your project and your exam number. Contents Page. This should give the main headings of your portfolio and the pages they can be found upon. Brief ( sentences). The design brief of the project you selected. For example if you had chosen aFile Size: 30KB. Aug 11,  · Made this thread so we can ask questions and share ideas on the Woodwork Project Junior Cert 2021 Word Wood Work Junior Cert project what brief did you choose, what are your ideas, were did you find good information or inspiration etc Advertisement , #2: iang Registered User.

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