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We offer both single rider kayak rack plans wood zip and tandem kayak versions. But I must add that I did have some of the framing material on hand. Rated 2. Large Screen TVs. This includes twin Perkins diesels with all the instrumentation and most of the electrical components. You need to make a wire lattice within the lumber structure and fix it in space that you have in your garden space. I also had a trailer.

Built by Charles Newbold — It took approx two years It was powered by a Mercruiser V6 HP. I also built the trailer to handle this boat. In building, the cost savings are not the benefit. The real benefit is the recreation and educational aspects. I have no idea of the actual hull costs for my Little Hunk but sure enjoyed the experience. Court Robinson — Orillia, Ontario, Canada. I really enjoyed building that boat. Built by George Redden — I kept a detailed record of time and material during construction.

I always thought building it was exciting, entertaining fun and never work, so if I charge for the entertainment I had, maybe the boat was free??? Plus the many, nice compliments I get are priceless. George Redden — Staunton, VA. I kept no detailed records pertaining to money or time. I enjoyed building it and take great pride in it then and now. My Malahini elicits compliments everywhere it travels. One great advantage is the lighter weight over fiberglass.

This fall it will be going fishing in Canada. Tow vehicle is a mid size SUV. Another advantage, the money outlay is spread out over time. No work was done at night. The major costs in Aust. So you can see that the timber, epoxy, fibreglass, paint, chandlery, anchor, all safety gear and registration and insurance was less than half the total cost. By the way, when we turned the hull off of the form we weighed it. It was kg lbs.

Performance: Top speed with full fuel tanks, and carrying two adults and two children is 67 kph 42mph. I used marine fir plywood, glass tape, epoxy throughout, designed and built my own steering, and used all of your hardware. It took about 2 weeks to completely build it but time was spread over 4 months due to very little free time.

The boat and engines are the same as I had when I grew up in the time period. The Glen-L plans were excellent and am planning to build another Glen-L design this winter. I also just finished a Mercury Mark 6 restoration that will soon be tested on this boat.

Bob Spiess — Griswold, CT. The work went fairly quickly until we turned the hull, and then at a crawl after that. Other events intervened between when I started the project and when I finished it, so it would be difficult for me to give much of an estimate of the total time it took. Also, I struggled at times just trying to decipher the instructions.

But it was a rewarding project, and people who see the boat are amazed that I built it myself. Nick Adams — Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada. Most of the work was completed in the final 11 months. We used wood from a traditional lumber yard quality stuff! We used Mahogany for combing boards, hatch boards, and some of the more visible cockpit boards.

We never could afford any teak. The bulk of the boat was built of quality Douglas Fir as that was the cheapest wood that was recommended in the plans.

The motor is a NEW Mercury 2. It will have painted topsides but varnished decks. My guess as to time is more than hours at this point. Robert Carr, Brooklyn, NY. Built by Alan Close — I have bought new in most cases but taken my time to shop around before purchasing.

I have also tried to support Glen-L. Some scrounging is involved and I am doing everything, i. John Gondek — Parkersburg. For convenience, reliability and performance reasons I chose to purchase a brand new, factory built marine engine Indmar with a new transmission as well. Those who choose to scrounge a junk yard engine and rebuild it themselves can do so for FAR less than purchasing new.

Another area of some notable expense is the trailer. Again, I chose to go the top of the line route buying a brand new, all aluminum trailer. The third item of significant expense is the upholstery. This includes every single nickel that went into the project. My bookkeeping philosophy was if I spent the money and it was related to building the boat, then I counted it.

Every nail, screw, staple, piece of sandpaper, new blade for the table saw, etc. I hope this helps. Garry Stout — Odessa, FL.

There is a digital compass, a digital depth-finder, and other fancy gold plated gauges Faria that were more expensive than may really be required. I used a chromed rudder, strut and stuffing box.

Sides and deck were stained, covered with 3 coats of epoxy then the 10 coats of 2-part poly, sanded and sanded and sanded and then the final spray coats. All hardware was stainless steel. Other items make up the rest.

All these number are approximate. There would be lots of ways to cut costs and still have a very nice boat. Everything is either completed or already purchased. I scrounged heavily for everything. And of course lots of Glen-L epoxy. The boat ran great—way better than I expected.

John Wilmot — Edgewater, MD. The boat is one of the favorites of all the people I meet on the lake. After it was done I added so many extras. July I used nice mahogany for trim work, inner and outer keel and side supports. All plywood was marine grade Okume to keep it light in weight. Built by Mike Hadfield — My first attempt at building one of your designs was the 12 foot skiff, stitch and glue method. I used exterior grade ply rather than marine grade to keep costs down in case I messed up.

It took about 3 weeks to complete, taking into account moving it in and out of the garage we have small garages over here , but in reality with enough space you could almost start it Friday night and have it in the water for Monday! Mike Hadfield, Cornwall, UK. There was a bit of waste in bad paint, redone deck, etc. But the end result was worth the effort. Also, please understand, this is a complete package that I just sold. Well here is the number…. Although the finished result is more of a work of art than a working pleasure boat, this may not be the best ad for your site.

It might be an example of an extreme though. I have built many, many projects in my career, but the Wood Shoe Rack Bench Plans thing I can say about this, is it has been a joy to build from start, to finish. I have never had the feeling it was a drudge or a tough thing to do.

And to add to that, I never expected to ever ride in it… If I do get even one quick ride, that will be a few moments of ecstasy. Built by Mark Bronkalla — My cost numbers are a bit dated as they are from when I built my Riviera. I did a fair amount of scrounging and searching to hold to that price. There were also a few things I bought at the time and never used that are not included in the budget.

At one point I had a bag with all of the receipts in it, but I was not as careful about putting everything in there that I could have. I have a budget page with some of the numbers filled in at: Not complete, but it does give folks an idea of some of the major cost items and quantities e. Mark Bronkalla — Waukesha, WI, www. I want to make use of this opportunity in commenting you on your website, it is a great resource and contained a wealth of knowledge.

I am already dreaming about my next project and would this initiative of providing an estimate of total cost of different boat designs be just what I need to compel me into some action. Regards, Francois Theron — Australia. Built by JR Holder — I used your kits for the epoxy and other stitch and glue materials. I purchased Honduran Mohogany for the lumber and British marine plywood. The outside of the boat was painted with green gelcoat and the mahogany was finished with Sea Fin Teak oil.

These costs are slightly higher than most because they are delivered to Fairbanks AK. J R Holder. The boat sails great under sail and 5HP motor did not try rowing yet. When using the mast, make sure you properly secure the base of the mast to your bow knee with a stop washer. This Diy Wood Kayak Rack Plans Free was a nice experience for me and I feel confident in building my next boat! Last year the Saboteer, approximate cost using the best materials, epoxy etc. Building the Saboteer over the jig was the most gratifying.

The boat really handles well, I just got off the river an hour ago and had more than a couple people come up and ask me about the boat including the sheriff who was out on safety patrol.

All said it looked like a wonderful design. Built by John Crill — From you I bought the plans and the hardware kit for the sliding seat. I bought marine ply from a supplier in England I live in France but the marine ply is cheaper and better, no voids, in England and also the epoxy.

All the mahogany came from a local staircase manufacturer who sells a tightly paced skip of imperfect wood 10feet by 4 feet by 3 feet for about dollars or about 1. A real bargain. All of the wood is hardwood, some is slightly warped but most of it is only imperfect for making staircases — fine for cutting into narrow strips for boatbuilding and laminating. I bought the sculls at a car boot sale garage sale for 30 dollars.

For much of the build I used polyurethane glue as it is pretty tough and simpler to use than epoxy, but everything is epoxy coated and the boat also has a layer of fine glass roving. I modified the deck design by lengthening it both ends and glassing in a bulkhead to make waterproof caissons. Best regards, John Crill, France. Working on the Riviera now and keeping track of expenses. SystemThree epoxy and fiberglass sheathing. Engine is a 15 hp Mercury bigfoot with power tilt and electric start.

I painted the boat with several coats of Polyurethane floor and porch enamel. Also installed a fishfinder with speedometer and temperature. The actual build time would have been longer for most people as I am a retired carpenter and have a large shop full of good tools.

This also is the 5th boat I have built. Clark Johnson — Laurel, MT. My Dad has passed away and since I am now retired, I decided to attempt to build the same boat, on my own. I struggled from time to time but I finally finished the project. The boat turned out pretty nice and it performs very much like the original. Mike Aronson — Holland, MI. The boat is all epoxy encapsulated mahogany and Marine Mahogany Ply. BTW I never could have done this without all the info available on your site.

I could have spent less if I had not used mahogany for my stringers, sheers and chines. Or more if I wanted to double plank the deck with mahogany and go for new controls, motor, etc. Built by Larry Madison — In response to your request, I am getting close to the end of my Squirt build.

I already had my outboard motor from another boat. Thanks for all you do to encourage and support us. Built by Rich Stabler — I built the Squirt that you have on your web site.

When it comes time to visit the DMV office they will ask you to place a value and on it and you can show you have paid the tax along the way. A simple break down for ours was as follows. I did manage to keep costs down by using quite a lot of reclaimed timber and offcuts from work, and was able to get my marine ply at near trade prices, even so I was amazed at how cheap it worked out in the end! Graham Knight — Shepperton, England. I used Philippines mahogany for the framing and plywood, bought a new steering assembly but the motor controls I was able to purchase used.

Someone with more experience may save a couple hundred dollars as I did ruin a sheet or two of plywood! Paul McMillan — Ontario, Canada. Built by Don Wood — I built a Squirt using the kit. The total cost including 9. The motor was purchased from Small outboard.

Great planing boat and have had a great time running up and down the Delaware River. Love your products. Would like to build the Zip for my next boat. Don Wood — New Jersey. Bottom and boot top painted and sides ready for stain and varnish. Have steering wheel, steering system, throttle, and other misc. Have some mahogany in stock, but will need a little more to complete interior, seating, and deck.

Will need cutwater and other hardware, rubrail, windshield, and upholestry. Great fun and therapy for what ails you. I hope to create a show piece….. Gerald Hurst — Jacksonville, NC. I used stainless fittings everywhere I could. See my detailed spreadsheet for the breakdown. Bill Edmundson — Pelham, AL. I think the argument that it is cheaper to build a boat misses the point of the exercise—I certainly could have gotten a very nice used boat of this size or larger for half of what I will spend on this boat.

Mahogany frames, marine plywood and okume decking, I used your nails and screws and West System epoxy. This price does not include engine or steering gear. No motor. But I must add that I did have some of the framing material on hand.

Pete Ahlqvist — Wanless, Manitoba, Canada. We have already started our next project the Tunnel King from Glen-L. David Blanchard — Brockford, Ontario, Canada. I epoxied the interior and exterior and fiberglassed the exterior seams. Built by Bill Hodgdon — It was significantly modified for a round stern and a folding hardtop.

The design changes took time to plan, but no cost. The top rail is wooden, shaped to look like rope took time, no cost. I hand-made the six fenders and bow pudding took lotsa time, little cost. I used quality marine plywood, not home depot exterior ply. It was fiber glassed inside and out using epoxy resin. It has full navigation lights, bilge pump, hand pump bellows air whistle, and other little details.

It was further modified for electric power. It safely runs for over 6 hours on a charge. Great little boat! I have built over a dozen boats now. I hit a few unexpected expenses when I began adding on a few features that were not part of the original design. Pretend Play.

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