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Knife Making Supplies - Best prices, selection and service. Visit us Today!  Maple Burl Knife Block - Double Dyed - Stabilized -# - " x " x ". SKU: HM-MB-B-# $ Out of stock. Add to Compare. Maple Burl Knife Block - Double Dyed - Stabilized -# - 1" x " x 5". SKU: HM-MB-B-# $ Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Thuya Burl Blocks # - " x " x " - Knife Handle Material. SKU: HM-TB-B-# $ Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Maple Burl Knife Block - Double Dyed - Stabilized -# - " x " x ". SKU: HM-MB-B-# $ Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Thuya. WUESTHOF Knife blocks светлое дерево ( WUS).  Начислим ON-бонусов: 40 ₽? Принимаем к оплате: Наличие•Доставка •Оплата.  Вы можете купить Подставка под ножи WUESTHOF Knife blocks светлое дерево ( WUS) в интернет-магазине, а также уточнить наличие в ближайшем пункте выдачи ОНЛАЙН www.Woodworking Air Cleaner , где купить товар будет удобнее всего: В Москве, Румянцево, Красногорске, Химках, Солнечногорске, Сходне, Зеленограде, Долгопрудном, Лобне, Мытищах, Королеве, Щёлково, Пушкино, Балашихе, Реутове, Железнодорожном, Люберцах, Жуковском, Раменском, Воскресенске, Троицке, Подольске, Щербинке, Видном, Домодедово, Одинцово, Электростали, Ногинске, Коломне. Интернет-магазин деревянных ножей - Geekroom. Официальный интернет магазин производителя. Здесь можно купить - керамбиты, тычковые, штык, охотничьи, бабочки все это и многое другое. Доставка по всей России.  Деревянные автоматы Деревянные ножи Деревянные пистолеты Аксессуары Сувенирные наборы Игрушечные топоры Игрушечные винтовки. Главная.

A minor defect or two may be present that you will have to work around. It has been kiln dried and surfaced on two sides with wax sealed kjife. This fine grained Swiss hardwood is exception to work. There is much more wood in our warehouse than on our website. Contact us and tell us what you're looking for. Our state of the art facility is over 15, sq. Cart 0. Blog Customer Creations. New inventory added every day! Filter Results items. Quick View. Snakewood Bookmatch Knife Scales.

Piratinera guianensis, Snakewood, is also known as Letter wood, Speckled wood, and Leopard wood. Its Latin name literally means Guiana sea pirate. Considered by experts to be the World's rarest commercially available species, Snakewood is difficult to work dry wood can still check if it is heated while sanding.

Despite its difficulty in knife wood blocks 40, it is a beautiful wood that has rich brown, red and black knife wood blocks 40 a traditional Viper pattern. This is undoubtedly where it acquired the name Snakewood. The Snakewood tree is small and slender growing only up to wold foot in diameter and feet tall.

There is a varying amount of figure in each tree so each log can produce very different grades of lumber. Uses include: violin bows, parasols, canes, pens, bottle stoppers, umbrella handles, pool cues, fishing pole blocms and more!

Primarily found in Suriname. Species: Snakewood. Species: Pear. Quartersawn Kingwood Knife Scales. This set of knife scales has nice colors and figure! Kiln dried and ready to use! Species: Kingwood. On Sale S This high quality, classic exotic wood has nice rich grain that looks similar to Brazilian Rosewood! These bookmatched sets wwood dry and ready to use. They're ideal for your knives or knife wood blocks 40 small crafting projects.

You'll receive one bookmatched set! Species: Rosewood; Bolivian. These wonderful knife scales have been kiln dried and may have figure! These are nice clean scales. Save your money and buy them while you can! Species: Maple; Western Big Leaf. High quality, clean blanks that take a high knife wood blocks 40 with lots of luster! Air dried for 1 year, wax sealed, and contain residual moisture. Species: Knife wood blocks 40. An elegant fruitwood from Northern Europe, Pear wood has fine, closed grain and is easy to work.

This knife blank is kiln dried and ready to use. It is truly an amazing wood with unique depth and iridescence coupled with warm golden brown colors and occasional dark streaks. As it is open grained, use a grain sealer for a high gloss finish that will show off any curly grain.

Species: Hawaiian Koa. Pink Blocs Knife Scales. Dry and ready to use, this stunning material has vibrant pink knife wood blocks 40 golden color with some curly grain in select pieces.

There is a bark incursion on one piece. Species: Pink Ivory. They are kiln dried and ready to use! Take advantage of this wonderful product! Species: Purpleheart. This bookmatched set has classic Padauk colors with the possibility of some colorful striping.

Clean, dry, and ready to use, these thick blanks are also good for jewelry, inlay, intarsia, and other knife wood blocks 40, fine articles! Item contains ONE set of knife scales. Species: Padauk. There is a small pin knot on the corner edge. This piece has some light curly grain. Bookmatched Camatillo Blofks Scales. This beautiful Camatillo has been equilibrium air dried since There are strong violet colors.

Ships to USA only due to Cites regulations. Species: Camatillo. Some of these pieces are completely wax sealed while others are not. There may be pin holes, surface checks, and other natural characteristics knife wood blocks 40 each piece.

See the additional info on each piece for specifics. Very dark. This craft blank have been surfaced on two sides and may have a slight rough edge. Natural defects such as a minor check and numerous bark blocls with voids may be present. You knife wood blocks 40 be able to work with the natural properties of this wood. These would be ideal for use with crushed minerals. Kiln dried and surfaced on two sides, this Maple is great for pistol grips or other small projects.

You'll find an occasional surface knife wood blocks 40 or rough corner edge. We are unable to hand pick pieces. This listing is for one piece. Can't find that perfect piece of wood?

Visit Our Showroom Our state of the art facility is over 15, lbocks. Don't Be Board! Stay Connected Sign up to be knife wood blocks 40 first to know about products and specials from Cook Woods!

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Custom, handmade wood knives lend character and a personal touch to a tool that has been a staple for thousands of years. Cook Woods provides many choices in hardwood knife blanks! Attractive grain and durability are critical in custom knives, so we provide knife scales and knife blanks in many exotic woods, cut to pre. All of our knife-handle blanks are sold as individual pieces. AFRICAN BLACKWOOD: BLACK PALM: BLACK EBONY (GABON) BIRDSEYE MAPLE: ONLINE SALE AfrBlab Select " x " x 6" 1 lb. 0 in stock $ each Now $BP-Knife 1" x " x 5" lbs. 25 in stock $ each: G-Knife 1" x " x 5" lbs. 2 in stock $ ea: G-Knife-S Select 1" x. Shop for wood knife block at Bed Bath & Beyond. Buy top selling products like Henckels Assure Piece Knife Block Set and Cuisinart® Classic™ Stainless Steel Piece Knife Block .

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