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Kreg Drill Bit and Collar. Rule of Thumb Settings for Jig and Drill Bit Depth. When both materials to be joined are at least 3/4″ thick, the following general rules apply. Set the Kreg Jig Drill Bit Collar Position Chart Cad jig Kreg Jig Drill Bit Depth Chart Example and the drill bit collar for the thickness of wood you are drilling into. Kreg Jig K3 and K4 Settings Chart. Pocket-Hole Jigs ® Kreg Joining Solutions make it easier than you've ever imagined to turn your DIY and woodworking dreams into reality by creating rock-solid assemblies and long-lasting repairs. HD stepped drill bit Refine by Compatible With: HD stepped drill bit Heavy-Duty Bit Refine by Compatible With: Heavy-Duty Bit K3 Refine by. Mar 08,  · Set your drill bit collar to the correct depth. Line the pocket hole drill bit up with the specifications indicated on the base of the jig. The step (the place on the bit where it narrows to a point) should be even with the notch that corresponds to the thickness of your board%(52).

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