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Just slide the kreg jig k4 vs k4ms model piece ,odel the jig and clamp it down with one hand. With the Kreg Jr that process is quicker because of the guide that comes with it. I learned how strong the pocket screws were when I moved dozens of sheets of drywall with my DIY panel carriers. The k4ma will hold the work pieces together. Seems to kreg jig k4 vs k4ms model that with the Mini it would be pretty easy to measure carefully once and then build your own guide for the setting the collar, no? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Special screws were developed for the new jig that are larger and have a 3 special coatings to resist corrosion.

With each new model there are small but well thought out improvements made and the K5 is no exception. The K5 now has additional side tables. The side tables or "support wings" as some people call them help to keep your work piece stable. The side tables can also be used for storage when not in use which is a nice little touch.

The dust port should connect to any standard shop vacuum. One gripe about the dust port is its positioning on the jig. The K5 also has an adjustable work piece stop that allows you to position each work piece in exactly the same position as the previous one, perfect for making repeated drill holes on lots of boards.

However, the K5 goes one step beyond that with a fully built-in clamping process. Faster, simpler and ridiculously seamless is all I can say about that. With this built-in gem, you are nearing automation in your home improvement projects. This, combined with the changed position of the clamp lever seriously cuts your time spent per project. In all other regards, K4 and K5 are practically the same. These were made to serve you for years without any flimsiness or risk of breaking down easily.

As far as functionality goes, both of them stick to the same features:. In other words, you can use both of them for medium-scale projects, and possibly for some more substantial home improvement aspirations you might have. All you have to do is get one of the face clamps that supplement your basic pocket-hole tool. These face clamps actually support materials slightly thinner than the designated thickness support.

Both the K4 and K5 also come in a Master System bundle. These are versatile, full DIY kits that include the base jig and a staggering amount of accessories. Master System kits differ depending on your preferences, but generally, you can have:. The choice is up to you, though! A great way to supplement the classic K4 capabilities. Dust collection shroud comes in handy, as K5 is better at dusting off. An extensive kit that makes full use of K5's extended features and project scope.

Costs a bit, so get it only if you'll go for larger projects. Kreg K5 is not a must, as the K4 is also more than great for medium-scale to somewhat high-scale projects around the house. That said, the newer jig from the brand introduces several improvements that will make your DIY life more convenient. If you want to do your projects faster, seamlessly and have less clutter with your accessories, the K5 is a sensible purchase.

Have you used both of these jigs? What were your impressions? Let me know in the comments below! Now the topmost Kreg Jig model has become motorized and so, more convenient. Today, you can get cheaper or the most expensive jigs produced by Kreg.

R3 and K4 are precisely in the middle of the game in terms of their features, specifications, and prices. If you are new to woodworking crafts and want to learn about the drilling pocket holes, then R3 is the perfect choice for you. R3 is a blessing for a beginner. It has a small size and is versatile. And most importantly, it is very convenient to finish any Kreg Jig K4 Vs K4ms Spec minor repair jobs such as corner bookshelf or countertops. If you are a professional woodworking artist and know how to use a drill and lumber already, try this fantastic product.

K4 is more considerable than the R3. It can help you to drill through the piles of wood quickly, without compromising its accuracy. Either you are a hobbyist or a professional, this jig is a perfect match for you.

Both are small and portable in size, which makes them super convenient to use. R3 is so tiny that it will fit even in your palm. It looks like a toy and not a tool. So, it is crucial to keep it away from the reach of small children. K4 is a bit larger than the Kreg Jig R3.

For the sake of drilling pocket holes only, these machines are perfect. Choose beauty over the beast. In the category of clamping, K4 wins the race. You just have to use a clamp to secure the Kreg Jig directly to the piece you are drilling.

While working with the K4, you can clamp it to the surface you want to drill and also use the onboard clamp to secure the workpiece. It gives double protection and perfect accuracy to your project before drilling the holes. Thus, K4 is a more reliable attachment. Kreg Jig R3 has two drilling holes, while K4 has Kreg Pocket Hole Drill Jig Quest three drilling holes. R3 can run up to 1.

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